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All Magic roundabout characters represent the 7 deadly sins

Since I saw the lazy town one, I'll give it a shot

Dougal - Gluttony. He seemed to like eating things like sugary sweets

Dylan - Sloth. He just likes sleeping

Ermintrude - Pride. Ermintrude seemed like she is the important one here.

Brain - Greed. Stones are his favourite things but he cares about his friends.

Zebedee - Envy. Dont worry he is not jealous but he likes changing things to trick or save the characters.


Florence - Lust. She's a girl and Most female characters are lustful

Zeebad - Wrath. He wanted to do a new ice age

Florence will be the main character and will search for her parents in a New TMR MOVIE.

a new Magic Roundabout movie will be a crossover film similiar to SCOOB!.

The new TMR movie will be Darker and Edgier.

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