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The original series
"Come in, number three, you're time is up."
  • Whenever Dougal gets outsmarted by either Brian or Ermintrude (or both).
  • In the episode "Chimney Sweep", Mr. Rusty tells Zebedee that his chimney needs sweeping.
    Zebedee: Sweep it then!
    Mr. Rusty: Yes, well, easier said than done in this day and age. You don't see a lot of chimney sweeps about for some reason, do you?
    [Zebedee goes down the chimney and emerges absolutely covered in soot]
    Zebedee: Uh, you're right.
    Mr. Rusty: [Laughing] You look a proper caution!
  • In the episode "Watch the Birdie", Zebedee wants a photograph taken of all of their friends, and repeatedly adds "Just in case..." Everyone questions why and Dougal has this to say:
    Dougal: Perhaps they're writing [Zebedee] out of the series. (chuckling) Like they do, if you're not careful...
  • In the episode "The Orchestra", Brian refuses to play the harp because he's stuck on it.
    Narrator: Ermintrude was all for carrying on without the harp. So Zebedee said they'd better.
    Zebedee: Ignore all harp cues!
    [Dougal bangs on his drum and breaks it]
    Ermintrude: And drum cues!
    Dougal: How humiliating.
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  • In the episode "TV Announcer", each of the gang practices being an announcer in front of a fake TV. When Brian's turn comes, he is too small to stick his head out of the television set, and this exchange occurs:
    Brian: Uh... I should like to give you a short talk... on the behavior and loveliness of the common or garden snail... err— anyone got a pair of steps?
    Narrator: Dylan laughed. And so did Dougal.
    Brian: (annoyed) I think you're all rotten...
  • Dougal being swept away on the kite Ermintrude is flying in "Ermintrude's Folly"
    • To push it further, the unintentional drug references that Dougal makes, in regards to his disbelief over Ermintrude's kite flying.
    Dougal: I'm afraid she's been affected by those poppies she's been eating. It's either that or the pansies, I don't know which is worse... I think her moon-jumping days are over anyway, if she ever did it... which I doubt.
  • Dougal taking a ride on a magic carpet in the episode "Magic Carpet".
  • In the 1974 Christmas episode "Letter to Father Christmas", this little part when Dougal was writing his letter to Father Christmas where he wrote "Dear Fatty" to start off.
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  • In Nigel Planer's re-narration of "Road Signs", as Dougal puts his warning sign on the post, he snickers and says "Beware of low-flying cows."

The 2005 film

  • Ermintrude's opera concert suddenly becomes a rock concert in the beginning.
    • Dylan getting whacked by Ermintrude's tail when he begins to drift off to sleep which prompts him to go from making a simple guitar tune to strumming the guitar strings like a rock star would.
    • Also in the scene when Dylan sings the cover of "You Really Got Me", Ermintrude sings along and dances with him which makes Brian slightly jealous.
  • After Zeebad has escaped his prison (courtesy of Dougal), he finds a figurine called Soldier Sam that was catapulted from the roundabout and animates it to life. He gives it command to march, and Sam does so, with "Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine" playing in the background. Sam stops his march and spins his baton, but loses control, causing him to fall over. Just as Zeebad facepalms in the background, Sam is about to get up, but is hit on the head by his baton, making him fall down again.
  • This bit after Ermintrude knocks Sam out before rescuing Dougal from Zeebad's lair.
    Dougal: No! Leave me alone, you evil fiend!
    Ermintrude: What are you talking about? It's me, Ermintrude.
    Dougal: Could you come back in five minutes? I was starting to enjoy myself.
    Ermintrude: Oh, come on, Dougal!
  • Brian's attempt to stand up to the combined skeleton by charging at him, albeit at a very slow speed, much to the amusement of the combined skeleton.
    Brian: I've got a better idea. Let's jump him! (he immediately charges, but slowly) Chaaaaaa......aaaaaaa... ...aaaarge! (the combined skeleton laughs) It was just a thought. How about... (he turns around) run away!

The CGI series

  • The majority of "Dougal's Bad Smell Day" where everyone tries to catch Dougal to give him a bath, but they fail.
    • Dougal hiding in a rubbish bin from everyone almost works as he moves around and away from the sensor of the smell detector, when Florence realises his trick and she sternly orders him to come out. When she starts Counting to Three, Dougal bursts out of the bin (whilst scattering rubbish all over Florence) and scampers out of sight before we see a rather unamused Florence covered with rubbish, with a bone in her mouth and a empty can in her hand, making her look like a clown.
    • When Dylan doses off to sleep and completely forgets to pull the rope in order to drop the cage on Dougal when he comes to eat the cake. After he left, Ermintrude comes up directly on the spot where the cage is hanging, shouting out to Dylan to pull the rope. This causes Dylan to wake up and pull the rope, accidentally dropping the cage on Ermintrude.
  • This moment in "Look Back in Gaga" after Mr. Grimsdale crashed into the bandstand as he was unable to steer his motorbike due to it going backwards, hurling food everywhere where a pineapple lands directly on Dougal's head, much to Florence's amusement.
  • In "Dylan's Wake Up Call", when Brian accidentally startles Dougal, making him jump in the air and land on him. Dougal snaps at Brian for making him jump before calling him an "bivalve" and leaves. Brian looks up the word in the dictionary and becomes insulted when he finds out the definition.
    Brian: Bivalve, eh? Better pop along to the library and look that one up. [Later, as he reads in the dictionary] Let's see now. Bivalve, biva- ah! Here we are. Any of a number of shelled creatures that live in seas such as... [Cue an Death Glare before he storms out of his house] I AM NOT AN OYSTER!
  • In "Can't Sing, Won't Sing", when Ermintrude tells the usually irritated Dougal that she is going to be singing at the concert for charity "Save the cows" and even sings at the high note which Dougal winces and mutters under his breath: "Save the dogs, more like."
    • This moment after Dougal has stolen Ermintrude's lucky tiara and begins to bury it, hoping that the concert will be cancelled until Zebedee not only magically switches Dougal and Ermintrude's voices around, but teleports him on the bandstand. When Dougal speaks with Ermintrude's voice, the audience laughs at him.
  • In "Dougal's Darling", Dougal's attempt to woo a female dog that looks like him by reading a poem fails when it was about gravels, as the poem was written by none other than Brian, who loves gravels.
  • The Running Gag in "Higgledy Piggledy" where Dylan ends up hit in the head with a potato whenever someone hits the potato with their stick too hard. This happened to him twice when Mr. Rusty was going to hit his potato into the piggling hole, and for the third time when Dougal deliberately strikes the potato away from the hole, just to let Ermintrude win.
  • In "The Flying Carpet", because Dougal refuses to give up his pies to the flying carpet, there's the Failure Montage when Florence tries to give the carpet something else other than pies, but it rejects them.
  • In "Mirror, Mirror", Dougal posing as the Magic Mirror and humiliates the vain and arrogant Ermintrude (who is unaware of this since she was distracted whilst Dougal and Mr. Grimsdale swap her mirror) by giving some insults as Mr. Rusty, Mr. Grimsdale and Dylan laugh in amusement is just hilarious.
  • In "Windbag!", when Dougal is scaring off the magpies, one magpie flies off after being startled by Dougal and when it was distracted, it crashes head first in a tree which really sells the moment.

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