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Quotes / The Magic Roundabout

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Dougal (while wrapped in a carpet): Oh, I feel like a sausage roll.

Brian (while Dougal's stuck in flight): Come in, number three, your time is up.

Florence (as Dougal flies away): Come back, Dougal!
Brian: I think he's in orbit.

Dougal (frustrated with a magic carpet): Oh, put me down, you demented Axminster, you!

Mr Rusty (over the phone): Which government did you want?
Dougal: How many governments have we got?!?

Dougal (when Mr Mchenry leaps on his sprinkler): What do you think you're doing?!? This is a private watering machine I'll have you know. Whatever next? I don't know; first vandalism, then mad gardeners.
Mr Mchenry (apologising): I got carried away.
Dougal: Someone oughta carry you away.

Dougal (during a bike race): Am I all right for Silverstone?

Dougal (waiting for Brian): Oh, come on, Lightning.

Dougal (when his filming attempts keep getting interrupted): I wonder if this ever happened to Eisenstein.

Dougal (making a 'police' enquiry): Were [the rustlers] armed?
Florence: Yes, two each.
Dougal: NO! I mean, did they have guns and knives and things?

Brian (after Dougal's caravan loses its wheels): Oohhh, you'll have to move that.
Dougal (incredulously): What? What?!? How can I move it? It's got no wheels.
Brian: Exactly. You've put a house in our greenbelt.
Dougal: Oh, I might've known that snail was in Town & Country Planning.