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YMMV / The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

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  • Acceptable Targets: Rich, snobby people, as shown with Winthrop and Muffy. Even Duck, who tries to get along with everyone, can't help but take shots at Winthrop.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Some fans have interpreted Duck as a trans man: he has a strong preference a "nickname" his mother hates, which has been compared to a trans person rejecting their deadname and experiencing difficulties with their family.
    • Ned's relationship with Boyd. While Ned insists that Boyd dragged him into committing less savoury jobs (and thus ruined his life), some fans have taken Boyd's reaction to Ned's accusations to imply Ned may actually be in denial to how much of a willing participant he was in those jobs.
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    • Ned in general — was he really the Loveable Rogue who only stole for the fun of it he likes to paint himself, or was he just a Dirty Coward thief who was in denial about his own actions?
  • Author's Saving Throw: When Amnesty started, one of the bigger criticisms was that the series felt like it was more on the rails than Balance. With later arcs, players show greater input not only on the setting but also in the direction of story.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Aubrey. Some find her Adorkable breeziness and down-to-earth attitude endearing, others find her Cloudcuckoolander behaviour irritating — particularly her insistence that her rabbit's name is Dr. Harris Bonkers.
  • Contested Sequel: To Balance. There are those who dislike that the series moved away from Dungeons & Dragons, citing that the game is more on the rails, less engaging combat-wise, and is less funny than Balance. Others feel like appreciate Amnesty for feeling refreshingly different in setting and tone, arguing that the story is more cohesive and the group more invested in their characters and the game system than Balance.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Indrid Cold/Mothman is one notable example, with fanart of him flooding the internet and fans pairing him with every major character after episode 15 aired. Fans also tend to portray him as very attractive despite Griffin describing him as a gaunt and wrinkled figure with poor hygiene.
    • Billy, with many loving how attached the main characters are to him and finding his One-Word Vocabulary hilarious, as well as how he humanizes the Abominations.
  • Growing the Beard: Before being announced as Season 2, the first five episodes of Amnesty garnered polarizing fan opinions, particularly due to the main characters being separated for the first half of the arc, which many complained led to more railroading in order to get them together (in particular one infamous moment where Griffin decided that Travis had to get negative consequences even though he got the maximum possible roll). However, the second arc onward has been much better received and is viewed as the season finding its stride, and the series has steadily come into its own ever since.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: Pigeon asking to be let in on the monster hunting initially appears to be an Aborted Arc when Duck fails to follow up on it. Then she returns in Episode 28 and has joined with the Hornets to deal with monsters, leading her to accidentally kill Ned when he takes a bullet for a Brainwashed and Crazy Dani. Made worse by her introductory scene in episode 1, in which her jumpy nature and itchy trigger finger lead her to nearly killing Duck.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Boyd's scenes with Ned particularly after The Reveal that the Shapeshifter pulled a Kill and Replace on him.


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