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  • The opening and closing theme, a guitar-filled delight for the ears that really pulls together the thematics of Kepler.
  • Pretty much any time an episode ends on a cliffhanger, almost exclusively due to how the ending theme pauses during the last line.

    Arc 1: The Beast 

Episode 3

  • Clint decides that Ned is going to pull a Car Fu stunt by driving at full speed at the possessed bobcat. Griffin points out that it's going to be very hard to avoid hurting Barclay, even specifically bringing up the "luck" mechanic with which he can avoid bad rolls - but despite Clint's history with the Random Number God, he rolls a near-perfect 11, and perfectly hits the bobcat while leaving Barclay unharmed.

    Arc 2: The Water 

Episode 7

  • Clint rolling a 13, once again averting his bad luck when it comes to dice rolls, on his Kick Some Ass roll, allowing Ned to perform the perfect 'Phoon on The Water.
    Clint: That’s not just a ‘Phoon, that’s a [deep breath] ‘PHOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!!!

Episode 11

  • Ned plays a major role in the final battle and confronts the monster head-on while Duck and Aubrey are out of commission. He delivers the killing blow by swimming upward through a column of water filled with rapidly swirling water park debris and shooting the core point-blank with his Narf gun.

Episode 12

  • The French onion soup that Duck and Ned have is so good it gives them experience points.

    Arc 3: The Calamity Tree 

Episode 13

  • Though this is also true for most episodes, Indrid's introduction, where he warns Duck about Leo's General Store being crushed.
    Indrid Cold: You might want to do something about that.

Episode 15

  • Ned's Lincoln Continental goes out in a blaze of glory to save a park ranger at the bottom of the mountain. When the funicular tram malfunctions and goes barreling down the tracks, endangering the way station at the bottom, Ned and Aubrey drive the Lincoln cross-country, racing the tram car down the mountain. Ned successfully drives onto the tracks in front of the tram, then jams the brakes on to slow it down. He and Aubrey then bail out of the car just before it sandwiches itself between the tram car and the tram's counterweight coming up the other way, totaling the Lincoln and stopping the runaway tram.

Episode 16

  • After recovering one of the goatmen and saving its life, Duck is subjected to a furious rant from Minerva about how he should be killing it in cold blood. Alone with a creature that tried to kill him not hours before, Duck's response is absolutely beautiful.
    Duck: You listen to me. I’m gonna save this weird goat, and then I’m gonna try to teach it English or some shit, and I can figure out what’s going on here. If you continue to push me to kill this thing, I will walk away from all of this. And if you need evidence that I am not kidding with you, look at the past fucking 20 years, Minerva. I’m gonna do this on my own terms. Now, unless you can hold a thread, I would ask that you leave me the fuck alone, and let. Me. Sew.

    Arc 4: The Figure 

Episode 27

  • Enraged at all the latest abomination has taken from him, Ned pulls a Shut Up, Hannibal! and blows it away with the Narf Blaster.

Episode 28

  • Aubrey, newly empowered with the Flamebright Pendant, saves Sylvane (at least temporarily) by restoring power to its magic crystal.
    Vincent: What are you?
    Aubrey: I'm bisexual.
  • From the same episode, Duck getting his Chosen One powers back, just in time to scale the radio telescope's dish and battle the abomination on top of it.

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