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Aubrey is part-Sylvan.
Probably a couple generations removed, consider the logistics.

There’s a lot to suggest she’s directly connected to Sylvain. She felt a call coming from the Heart of Sylvain while near it, Heathcliff said she was “filled with the light of Sylvain”, and she could see the gate to Sylvain from the get-go. Aside from that, Sylvain is the only source of magic we know of (aside from wherever Minerva comes from), and by the Law of Conservation of Detail, there’s a fair possibility that they’re connected. Maybe one of Aubrey’s grandparents was a Sylvan who was exiled to Earth and had children; children that looked human, but retained some dormant magic powers.

Aubrey's Flamebright Pendant is a fragment of the Heart of Sylvain

Aubrey being part-Sylph would certainly explain a lot, but considering the scale that Griffin likes to work on in his storytelling, this makes the most sense as the way he would incorporate the Flamebright Pendant and Aubrey's powers into the larger world of the story.

  • Confirmed in episode 28.

Minerva is an abomination

Or rather, Minerva’s people become the abominations. We see that Aqualung’s true form is similar to Minerva, being a glowing, roughly humanoid silhouette. In its final moments, it peacefully accepts death with a nod to Ned. Duck’s (and by extension, Minerva’s and Beacon’s) entire mission seems to be hunting abominations despite none of them having a previously established connection to the Pine Guard. Also, the origin and source of the abominations is a mystery to the Sylvans and the Pine Guard.

Perhaps some of Minerva’s people somehow become abominations and wind up on Earth. So, Minerva’s people select a Chosen One to kill abominations and release them from their monstrous curse.

  • Jossed. Episode 16 reveals that Minerva is from Miralaviniax Orbital Body 5, a world which was destroyed by abominations that came out of portals, just like they do on Earth.

One of the minor characters is going to be Davenport-ed

That is, they'll go from being a joke character to being important to the plot, likely with a tragic backstory.

I think Jake Coolice or Dani are the most likely candidates.

The missing piece of the Sylvain crystal is under the Lodge's hot springs.
This seems so obvious that it's almost not worth mentioning, but it hasn't been brought up in the show yet. Most of the sylphs seem to depend on that particular location. Barclay suggested the energy is coming from the earth; he might not know the truth, or might be attempting to cover the truth through Exact Words.

  • Jossed. Episode 30 states that the Sylvans are getting energy from H2Whoa: That Was Fun! now. It is doubtful H2Whoa: That was Fun! has a crystal under it.

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