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Nightmare Fuel / The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

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  • The Abominations in general are pretty horrific. They appear every other full moon and, if they aren't killed in time, they'll be free to roam the earth. Oh, and they're Nigh Invulnerable unless you attack them with their weakness.
    • The Beast can control animal carcasses and it can use them to cover its body or control them separately.
    • The Calamity Tree. It has the ability to manipulate chance, including rolling a drink bottle under a brake pedal to kill a driver and trying to open a massive sinkhole to collapse a hospital.
    • The Figure is the most vicious monster in any Adventure Zone to date. Its first scene shows it's humanoid enough to walk into a bar unchallenged, where it then proceeds to mangle multiple patrons with its claws and fangs. It's the most graphic scene Griffin's described to date and two people die in it, mangled badly enough they can't be identified. Even worse, unlike the other Abominations, its shown It Can Think and it can take the memory of those it kills, allowing it to impersonate its victims through shapeshifting. It uses this ability to set a trap for the Pine Guard and to pose as Boyd and manipulate Ned.
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  • The end of Episode 19. Ned returns home to find it broken into and the inner sanctum filled with his most valuable possessions stolen (including Aubrey's family's pendant and George Clooney's Oscar). This is chilling enough. However, Ned also finds a note from Boyd saying it's for his take of their failed heist but adds he's not quite even with Ned yet.
  • And then came Episode 26. The whole fourth arc has been ramping up the Paranoia Fuel to begin with, introducing The Figure, a Face Stealer abomination whose entire purpose seems to be stirring up fear, distrust, and violence in Kepler. Moments after Ned realizes it took the form of his ex-partner, he sees *himself* on television, revealing the existence of monsters and urging the townsfolk to attack Sylvain. With just the tiniest of supernatural nudges, the real nightmare fuel comes from how easy it can be to whip up mob violence like this in real life.
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  • You thought 26 was bad? 27 reveals that the shapeshifter's true form is a mass of body parts with no rhyme or reason like something out of AKIRA. Not to mention when the Abomination confronts Ned, the forms it takes are described as being filled with holes, presumably because it's missing the orb that Ned took from the hotel that it operates out of.

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