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Heartwarming / The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

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  • After Aubrey breaks down in front of Janelle and asks her if she can take the magic away from her before she accidentally hurts someone, Janelle softens and talks Aubrey through her breakdown. She apologizes to Aubrey for not giving her as much instruction as she should and assauges Aubrey's fears.
  • How quickly the group take to Billy despite him starting as a minion to the Calamity Tree. Not only do they save his life but they also take care of him, including helping him disguise himself and leaving him money for pizza while out on the job.
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  • In Episode 25, Ned tries bargaining with Boyd to convince him to take his Cryptonomica car and keep most of what he stole, in exchange for the Flamebright Pendant and not having to hand over the Shade of Tree statue. Though Ned admits he still cares about things like George Clooney's Oscar, he wants Aubrey's family heirloom and to not have to betray Mama more.
  • In general, Ned's adamance that even though he's a coward and a thief, he would never intend for anyone to get hurt because of him.
    • In Episode 27, despite it being a flashback with a Foregone Conclusion, he doesn't hesitate to chase after Boyd to stop him from hurting Aubrey and Clint spends a luck point so Ned can drag both Aubrey and her father to safety rather than leave one behind.
    • In Episode 28, Clint is given a hard choice: he can tackle a feral Dani to prevent her from attacking the people around the gate and prevent her from getting shot but he has to choose who will take the bullet instead. Seeing that Ned wouldn't sacrifice anyone else, Ned takes it.
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  • In Episode 28, Minerva giving Duck a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech after he says he's just an ordinary dude. She reassures him that even while they were apart and even before they even met, he was always something.

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