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  • Accidental Aesop:
    • "The Blue Nooby Booby" has the Noobs try to protect an endangered bird species and in the process, made the episode feel more like a quasi-documentary that covered the importance of protecting endangered animals as well as a hidden message on environmental conservation.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Many haters of Kevin Reynolds ended up feeling sorry for him when Shope made the decision to use Kevin as a replacement gerbil and severely humiliate him in class so she would not get an F on her science project. A lot of these haters believed that this Shope's actions towards Kevin were extremely cruel and were happy to see Shope get an F on her project in the end with her flunking seen as a good comeuppance.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: This show has a lot of characters whose backstories are very obscure and rarely touched upon, leaving that and their interactions with each other entirely open to fan interpretation
    • Tyler: Concerning Tyler's family, his dad has never appeared and was never mentioned. Was his father a deadbeat who never took care of Tyler or his mother? Or has he divorced Tyler's mom while leaving her with custody of Tyler? Or had he died before the series begins?
    • Kevin: His behavior is left open to interpretation.
    • Shope: Why is Shope trying so hard to please her parents? Is she doing it out of fear of being sent to boarding school? Or is it that her parents expect her to be like them?
    • Roach: His mom and dad look vastly different from what he looks like. Was this due to him being adopted by them? Or is it due to the lifestyle he is exposed to by them? Zenblock claimed that it was due to the latter question as he states that Roach's short stature is due to the small fancy food that he was eating a lot with his parents.
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    • Memnock and Zenblock: They are arguably the most complex characters in the whole series due to the fact that they are aliens serving a government that is also mysterious and is just bent on taking down the virus and not focusing on politics, economy, or war. Their families are never seen or mentioned in the series although Memnock does mention his mom in a Cartoon Network exclusive clip. The question that arises from this is what exactly made them be seen together for most of their screen time. Are they brothers who are twins due to their appearances and similar sounding names and if they aren't related do they happen to look and act similar by coincidence?
  • Americans Hate Tingle: In America, this show carries the stigma of being created by Scott Fellows, the same man behind Johnny Test, which led to many people hating it on that principle alone. Many assumed that since Supernoobs was made in Canada, it would be bad on that basis alone, due to the negative reputation of Canadian animation (never mind that Fellows is American). It is, however, somewhat popular in foreign countries such as England, Turkey, and the Philippines and episodes of the series have been released there before the U.S. And since the series has been renewed for season 2 in 2018, those countries (along with the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Asia Pacific) will continue to make it so. The U.S., however (unless you subscribe to Hulu), isn't so lucky... Or are they?
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  • Anvilicious: This show drops several anvils in several episodes.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Tyler as he is one of the noobs but people have noticed him to be the most moral member of the group but some people hate him just because he is one of the Noobs as well as his underdeveloped romance with Amy Anderson.
    • Roach also counts. Some fans think that he is a good source of comic relief and a good powerhouse for the team while others dislike him for sometimes participating in many of the antics that the Noobs get themselves into.
  • Broken Base: A majority of viewers have hated the show for featuring low quality flash animation, overexposure of the Noobs, underexposure of the alien characters, and having cliche plots in the majority of its episodes. However there are small pockets of fans who support the show and some of them include haters of Johnny Test who agree that Supernoobs had more likable characters, a good premise, clever parental bonuses, and a better use of animation.
  • Cliché Storm: The show has been criticized for using a lot of typical stock plots that other cartoons use, including its own. This mainly applies to episodes that don't have virus fights in them.
  • Creator's Pet: Kevin serves as this in the show out of all the noobs. He got the main focus in many of the episodes because many of these episode plots of basically his fault in causing such as being stuck in the form of a dog and accidentally pressing a button that almost destroyed earth.
  • Designated Hero: All six of the main characters. Really
    • The Noobs are the shows protagonists and they are supposed to be Earth's only defense against the virus, yet many of their actions are not really heroic at all. They have all used their battle balls for selfish gain in several episodes, constantly behave like brats, and their mischief has caused as much trouble towards Cornbury as the virus itself.
    • Memnock and Zenblock too. They are virus warriors who are sworn to defend the universe from the virus, yet a lot of their screen time either has them arguing and fighting with each other over silly and stupid things, or has them take the Idiot Ball and explore Earth's cultures all while acting extremely childish. Their mistake of accidentally recruiting the Noobs when they were only twelve, obviously shows that they are not really bright.
    • Parodied with The Incredibly Amazing Man and even acknowledged by the main characters in universe. Being a blatant superman parody and saving the city is only part of his resume but he is very destructive towards the town and constantly wrecks buildings. He is also very arrogant and narcissistic and only cares about making money and even went as far as clogging up city traffic but building his superhero HQ in the streets.
  • Designated Villain:
    • Queen Beeanca and her soldiers. The only reason why they were considered the antagonists in "License To Noob" was because they pressed a button that almost destroyed Princess Parsa's planet and attacked the Noobs but they only did that because they fell victim to an apparent swink eye outbreak which blinded them and caused them to hit the destruct button by accident and mistake the Noobs for hostile intruders.
    • Rovu. He is a virus warrior, meaning that he is technically a hero but his only action that is considered villainous is his bullying towards Memnock and Zenblock.
    • Mr. Wertz was this in "Parent Teacher Noob" due to the fact that he got suspicious about Memnock and Zenblock being aliens and trying to expose them. However, the "designated" part got thrown out the window in later episodes after he tried to take over Cornbury with mind control goggles.
    • The delivery truck and its driver from "Noobsitters" as the only reason why they were antagonists was just because the Noobs were unintentionally interfering with the driver's deliveries by slowing down his truck with their bicycles through riding them in the middle of the street.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Memnock and Zenblock. Even though they are main characters, they got pushed into secondary roles hard and given the fact that the Noobs had accumulated a hatedom, viewers found Memnock and Zenblock more entertaining to watch. They are liked because of their very cool alien designs and childish antics.
  • Fanon:
    • Its widely assumed by fans that the reason why Tyler's dad never made an appearance on the show was because he walked out on his wife and son years ago. Some fans have said as proof of this that Tyler's dad is never mentioned on the show.
    • Memnock and Zenblock are believed to be twin brothers by many fans, taking into evidence their similar appearances, their rhyming names, their polar opposite personalities, and the fact that they have carried over the rhyming theme for the names of their human disguises,.
  • Idiot Plot: "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" is where all six of the main characters seemed to have lost a ton of IQ in the episode. Particularly Memnock and Zenblock as they feuded and moved out of their house for stupid and silly reasons even though they were obviously uncomfortable with living together but they could have just explained these problems to the Noobs directly and they even engaged in the same behaviors that caused them to feud in the houses of the Noobs which tired the Noobs out. Zenblock is even dumber in that episode through his decision to fart at mem and insult him, which caused the feud to start spiraling out of control. The Noobs have also made very dumb moves in that episode too as they have cooked up harebrained and ridiculous schemes to get Mem and Zen to reconcile with one such scheme filled with ho yay without even taking a moment to think through about why Mem and Zen were feuding in the first place. This episodes plot would have been over in just three minutes had Mem and Zen explained what their problems were.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Believe it or not, Kevin Reynolds can be seen as one. This is mainly due to the fact that out of all the Noobs, he's the one who falls victim to most of the slapstick. This is especially seen in "How To Care For Your Noob" as you can't help but feel sorry for him when Shope forced Kevin to turn into a gerbil so she wouldn't flunk her science project and she made him do a lot of humiliating things in gerbil form.
  • Misblamed:
    • A meta-example of this is used concerning how people viewed the show. Many of the show's detractors, especially those in the States, use this show as an example to prove their claims that all Canadian animation is bad. However they fail to acknowledge that its creator, Scott Fellows, is American.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Count Venamus crosses it within the first couple minutes after his début in " The Noobs Meet Count Venamus" as what he does as his first act of evil is serve poisoned food at the New Virus Warriors Convention in hopes that the food would cause havoc with those who have eaten it to be infected with the virus. Of course no one was killed and the six protagonists were able to stop the disaster, the crime Venamus committed is still considered to be nasty
      • Venamus proves that he has indeed crossed the MEH in "Count Noob-A-Nus" when the protagonists try to redeem Venamus by showing the joys of Earth, which he seemed to enjoy after he surrendered but what does he do to repay them for their kindness? By tricking Mem and Zen into opening his prison pod, shoving them into the pod, trying to murder Mem and Zen by launching the prison pod into space and then attempting to kill the Noobs again but his MEH moment towards Mem and Zen comes back to bits him when that same pod comes back and lands on top of him.
    • Mr. Wertz was clearly an antagonist of the show but this was originally because of his paranoia towards Mem and Zen. However, Mr. Wertz crosses it in "Noob Colored Glasses" when he invents a set of goggles that control the minds of anyone who wears them and he uses the goggles to try to enslave all of Cornbury.
    • The Virus Creator has been said to be a very nasty villain who has created the virus for apparently sinister and vile reasons but his point of no return came in " A Noob World Order" when its revealed that the virus that he created has taken over an entire planet and has forced its survivors to flee and take refuge on Earth. The very fact that The Virus Creator's actions have sometimes forced some members of the Benevolent Alliance to use planet destroying blasteroids to stop the virus and prevent it from stopping its spread is considered to be very nasty as well.
  • The Scrappy:
    • The Noobs are seen as scrappies because they are sometimes seen as selfish and bratty children who sometimes do things that are not superhero-like. Kevin in general is seen as the main scrappy of the Noobs due to his selfish behavior and having the least amount of Character Development out of all the Noobs.
    • Mr Wertz, due to the fact that he is a Karma Houdini. He has done things would have got him fired, arrested and thrown in jail such as inventing goggles to control all the citizens of Cornbury and modifying the virus underneath the school.
    • Amy Anderson as she is something regulated to a stereotypical Damsel in Distress and doesn't get a lot of screen time. Tyler's romance with her does not show much development and is shown in only a couple episodes.
  • Seasonal Rot: While Super Noobs was deemed to be low in quality and hated by many from the start, it began to become even more hated by season 2. That season addressed some of the criticisms aimed at the show by giving Mem and Zen more screentime and focus and giving Kevin more karma for his bad behavior but more problems sprouted in turn. The show continued to use cliches and Kevin and Roach continued to hog up episodes. “Noob 4 Mayor” was especially hated due to the entire main cast being hamfisted into the plot. The show even started teaching bad morals more often as “Noobs Day Off” was an example where it teaches that skipping school was okay.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Most people will tell you that it's certainly better than Scott Fellows' other cartoon, but nothing impressive.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: This show has made the same mistake that its predecessor, Johnny Test made in terms of having its main titular characters take up the majority of screen time. The Noobs are basically the trope of this show as they have hogged up a lot of the main plots of the episode while they shoved Memnock and Zenblock into the roles of secondary characters despite the fact that the shows intro advertised them as main characters.
  • Squick:
    • The food that Count Venamus served and contaminated with the virus in "The Noobs Meet Count Venamus" looks pretty disgusting as it somewhat looks like purple gelatin with a bunch of loose hair and junk on it.
    • The swink eye infection as portrayed in "License To Noob". Those who got infected with it had green infectious substances all over their eyes and in one scene, Zenblock's eyes were seen dripping with such substance when he took over the pirate eyepatches he was using to cover them up.
    • The scene where Mr. Wertz ingested the virus laced potion that he created in "Noob Go Viral". Watching the Noobs ingest the other virus laced potions in Mr. Wertz's underground lab in order to escape is also somewhat disgusting.
  • Strangled by the Red String: The relationship between Tyler and Amy is considered to be half baked as their relationship was seldom mentioned and was only focused on for a few episodes and it didn't get any mention in the season one finale.
  • Tainted by the Preview: Johnny Test haters assumed the show was bad as soon as they heard it had the same creator.
  • The Woobie: Memnock and Zenblock are also woobies because they can be seen as the most unluckiest characters in the show mostly due to constantly being the victims of whatever messes the Noobs cause. A perfect example of this can be seen in the episode "License To Noob" as it featured Memnock and Zenblock in multiple woobie moments such as falling victim to a contagious and bad swink eye infection, getting framed and ticketed for galactic traffic offenses, and their ship gets wrecked and destroyed by the Noobs although its shown in perfect condition by its next appearance. The moments where Zenblock appears to be sobbing after a mishap with boiling tea while blinded can make audiences sympathize with his frustration. "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" is also considered to be a woobie episode for them.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Memnock and Zenblock as they were likable characters who got put in some boring episode subplots and have a borderline lack of A Day in the Limelight episodes. They were given more focus and screentime in season 2 though.
    • Any of the Noob's parents also count too as they basically got pushed aside to be only used when necessary with Kevin's parents being the biggest suspects.
    • The leaders of the Benevolent Alliance (General Blorgon, Hedies, and Tecknut) only appear in a handful of episodes despite their importance in the show's main plot and are rarely seen in combat. Many viewed felt that more could have been done with them. Some felt that these leaders should have intervened at Memnock and Zenblock's feud in episode 26 and forced them to reconcile but that never happened and the Noobs were left to clean up the whole mess.
    • This is what the alien characters in the show get in general as the show overly focused more on the human character's, pushing the alien characters to fill in secondary roles.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Some episodes have wasted plots that would have stood out otherwise. " A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" is one such episode with Memnock and Zenblock only ending their feud after being surprised by the Noobs and not by any action that either of them took. They were not even seen apologizing to each other for their role in the feud.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: The title itself and the proliferation of "noobs" in episode title is pretty much signifying this trope on its attempt to possibly attract younger audiences.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: This show has a rating of TV-Y7-FV rating in the U.S. However the main premise involves kids being accidentally dragged into an intergalactic war that they have to fight through. Their are also multiple references concerning very dark topics like war, murder, genocide, and bioterrorism. Memnock and Zenblock in particular are implied to be suffering from PTSD (as evidenced by their terrible sleeping habits like sleepfighting). If it wasn't for the very light and comedic tone and setting of the show, the age rating would have been set higher.


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