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  • Alas, Poor Villain
    • As we see in "Assessment", while Aresko and Grint may be the bumbling Those Two Bad Guys, they did genuinely believe they were doing a good job, like their curriculum in the academy. With Dunum being a Smug Snake and Potalla being a stoic hardass, it's kind of hard to not root for our commandant and taskmaster instead, and maybe wince when the rebels waltz through the Imperial Complex without a scratch. Even after they start picking up the slack after Dunum loses his chance, it still isn't enough. Not helped with Roemling's Awesome Art making Aresko and Grint look actually pretty Adorkable.
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    • Readers pitied Kallus when he arrested one of his former friends, one of his students, and said student's friend without remorse. Ended up going into Harsher in Hindsight later on in the main show.
  • Awesome Art: Roemling's and Widermann's art fit well with the tone.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Sort of. The Seventh Sister without her mask was first revealed in one of the informal sections of the magazine in one of the Summer of 2015 issues.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jovan has a bit of a taking for some Kallus fans, mostly for storytelling purposes. His comic implies that Kallus had a Friendless Background, and Fanon thinks that he was the social butterfly to Kallus's Grumpy Bear. Considering that Swain, another Kallus-related character, hasn't had much of a following, it can be assumed that it's also because Jovan's comic was released early on (and thus there was more interest and awareness) during the magazine's run, though Swain is getting more note as time goes on. In fact, these comics get a lot of love from Kallus fans for delving into more of his character that the actual show doesn't depict.
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    • Reann has gotten some interest as well, with people enjoying her interactions with Ezra and her personality.
    • To a lesser degree, some also like Mizel for similar reasons as why they like Reann, as well as his mentor-apprenticeship with Sato.
  • Epileptic Trees: Zeb going in-depth about a story from his past (taking up an entire page) has made people suspicious and theorize that the missing Lasat is the Mercenary that killed Kallus's team and will appear in the Rebels show itself.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Some people find Jovan to be a bit handsome. Must be those grey hairs.
  • Fanon:
    • Prior to the latter half of Season 2, a printing error stating that Chopper was from Lasan (it was actually supposed to be listed under Zeb's entry, of course) has led to a few headcanons, such as the Irony of Zeb and Chopper's relationship.
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    • Jovan being chatty while Kallus is a Grumpy Bear.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • Sato being a fatherly mentor to Mizel suddenly makes sense when it is revealed in "Iron Squadron" that he's been trying to get in contact with his orphaned nephew, Mart, after Sato's brother died, and ends up becoming his guardian.
    • Janard helped Sabine escape Mandalore. In light of reveals from "Trials of the Darksaber", considering Sabine's family had disowned her and abandoned her shortly before she went on the run, Janard and his actions really must've meant a lot to Sabine at the time and still.
    • Despite the Harsher in Hindsight listed below, now that Season 3 has come and past, Swain would be proud of Kallus for taking the right path in the end.
      • Even more so in the Rebels finale when Pryce asks Kallus how could he throw away everything he's ever worked for not unlike how he himself asked the same to Swain years ago. And like Swain, Kallus answers that fighting for the Empire would surely mean working alongside like-minded people, meaning that him working with terrible people that walk all over other people means he would be one too, and that's not a Empire worth protecting.
    • Ketsu sparing Jarret against Black Sun orders because reconciling with Sabine has bettered her moral standards and giving Sabine intel on breaking Ojo out of Black Sun imprisonment becomes this because Forces of Destiny reveals that she eventually leaves Black Sun because she disagrees with how they run things, and she ends up taking up Sabine's offer to join the Rebellion—a new family.
    • Sabine and Ahsoka's team-up in "Ocean Rescue" becomes this when the series finale has them leave together to find Ezra after the war. And hopefully, this time they'll find what they're looking for and bring him home.
  • Harsher in Hindsight
    • Kallus arrests Swain and Jovan, both rogue officers he has a past with. We never get to see what happens to them, only getting an offhand comment that the former will be tortured and the latter will be stuck in an Imperial cell, both likely to die at some point. In both confrontations, he basically tells both of them that he does this in the name of duty. Come "The Honorable Ones", where it turns out his first team was killed off and almost everything he's done is for his loyalty to the Empire. The ending that shows him alone and starting to feel bad about it doesn't help.
      • Even worse when in Season 3, which is at least one year after he arrested Swain and two years after he arrested Jovan, he now helps rebel sympathizers get to the Rebellion, and he himself has gone through a Heel–Face Turn, becoming a Fulcrum informant. And it suggests that part of it is because he wants to make it up to them, even if they may be already be dead.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Wedge being a Big Brother Mentor of sorts to Mart in "A Youth Unpromising" becomes a bit amusing in that their voice actors' most well-known roles are being Butt Monkeys in the comedy genre.
  • Tear Jerker:
    Kallus: I don't feel I can call you "friend" anymore.
    Jovan: After all I did for you and for all we went through together, that's a very short-sighted choice. It's a shame you can't see what I've seen.
    Kallus: I'll tell you what I see; a man who's betrayed everything he worked for and everyone who ever knew him. Because he felt he was better than that.
    Jovan: You simply misunderstand me, Kallus. I merely learned the system and played it to my advantage. Isn't that what the Empire is about - gaining wealth and power to secure one's own future?
    Kallus: The Empire is about protecting the galaxy from chaos and tyranny by bringing order to the masses!
    • The same thing happens in "No Sympathy", this time with his disillusioned student that's trying to join the Rebellion. It sounds like Kallus might only see rebels as almost barbaric and fighting with no purpose despite the odds stacked against them, almost certainly because he's seen firsthand what the worst of the Rebellion is; the Onderon Partisans.
    Kallus: You were one of the brighter prospects I saw and now you've squandered everything. And for what? A life of ultimate misery. I don't see the attraction.
    Swain: That's hardly a surprise, is it? After everything I saw happen on Lothal when Tarkin arrived, there was hardly any choice. Ordinary citizens were being punished for the things they hadn't done. That's not an organization I wanted to serve and protect, and I still can't believe you still do.
    (after defeating her and the other rebel sympathizers)
    Kallus: This is why the rebels won't win. A lack of resolve and an unwillingness to give everything to win. There can never be any sympathy for them.
    • What's even worse is that both of these comics become Harsher in Hindsight / Dramatic Irony thanks to Season 3 of Rebels. Kallus will forever live with the guilt of having arrested them (and probably executed by the Empire, which he probably doesn't know about either until Season 3) and that Kallus will never get to reconcile with them after having parted ways with them on negative terms.
    • The ending of "The fake Jedi", as Yeleb lays dying, he explains to Kanan that he only wanted to help people by posing as a Jedi.
    Yeleb: I brought this... upon myself. Please forgive me... I only wanted... to do good...
    Kanan: You did good and your actions were worthy of any Jedi.
    Yeleb: Thank you... (dies)
    • Ketsu beating up Jarret in front of his family and revealing the Awful Truth to them, with him, his wife, and their son begging her to spare him. She goes through with it, only because reconciling with Sabine has taught her that she is better than she lets on and that she should keep that mentality.
    • "Sons of the Sky" is about not only Wedge and Hobbie dealing with Rake's death... but also how Rake's family is dealing with their eldest son's death.
    • Sabine and Mart mourning Sato and paying their respects to him at his grave on Yavin 4, while Sabine remembers how Sato told her of his own Dark and Troubled Past, which helped teach her to seek closure with her loved ones because he couldn't.
    • The Downer Ending of "The Ballad of 264", poor 264 turns on the Empire and tries to join the Ghost crew of his own accord. Only for the little droid to end up left behind. Though Zeb did give him one last look before he escaped, so theirs some hope he might be rescued eventually.

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