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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Hardly anyone knows about these comics and hardly any stores (at least in America) carry them. The comics are often scanned onto the Internet, but about a few comics from towards the end of the magazine's lifetime (which makes it even harder, because now the magazine is no longer in circulation) have yet to be released online.
  • No Export for You: At first. Originally, the comics were released only in the U.K., with scans from Tumblr being the only reason why they're known (and even then, a majority of the fandom is still unaware of the magazine's existence as well). Only recently has the magazine begun to be localized in America, but since it seems that the advertising team was aiming for concurrent stories and information with the show (the earlier comics are Season 1-centric, while as of this writing, Season 2 is over), it is unlikely that the magazines will continue to be localized anyway.
    • And now with the magazine's cancellation in late 2016/early 2017, localization is a lost effort now. And it seems that the magazine is still continuing to be published in German, which makes it even less accessible.
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    • However, as IDW Publishing has gotten around to exporting the junior graphic novel of The Force Awakens, it has been suggested that IDW could do the same for these comic strips.
  • Recycled Script: Since the comics can't go too in-depth without invoking information that would raise Fridge Logic as to why it is never brought up in the show, the stories can be pretty limited. For example, "Kallus' hunt" and "No Sympathy" involve Kallus catching a former friend of his gone rogue, and "Ocean Rescue" and "A Second Chance" involve Sabine rescuing a friend from Imperial clutches to pay back her debt to them for saving her life in the past.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "The Thune Cargo" was originally called "Cargo on Camson", and of course, was going to take place on Camson, the world where the crew dropped off Senator Tural in "Senate Perspective". The Story Group suggested that the setting be changed to Thune to tie in with Adventures in Wild Space.
  • Word of God:
    • When asked about how "Kallus' hunt" and "No Sympathy" conveniently tied in with Kallus' Character Development in Season 3 of the actual show, Fisher tweeted that he never knew what was going to happen to Kallus in the future at the time he wrote those comics. This suggests that the comics are written to be canon-compliant rather than entries that can be treated as their own separate entities like most EU works due to not being let in on top secret information by the Lucasfilm Story Group. Though considering the comics revealed that part of Sabine's backstory involves going on the run while trapped on Mandalore after escaping the Academy and having a bad experience with water, as well as Zeb suspiciously going into detail about a Lasat he never saw again seem to suggest that Fisher and the other writers at least know some details that we don't know.
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  • Word of Saint Paul: The comics can be considered this. They don't seem to be considered on the same level of consideration given to most of the other EU works, but it does exist, as the Lucasfilm Story Group does indeed look through the comics for continuity's sake and a couple of details from the comics have been carried over to other material (such as an issue in Marvel Star Wars). But nothing major is explored in the comic that explicitly affects the show and can be treated as almost something like optional canon.

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