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We'll see stories of the magazine's original characters in other material.
With the cancellation of the magazine and this being Star Wars, characters like Jovan, Swain, Reann, Mizel, MaDall, the Garbis family, and so on, have enough information to go off of them to make another story about them. For example, Jovan and Swain could show up in a Kallus novel/comic, we could get something that explores random rebel cells throughout the Galaxy, et cetera. Senator Tural has already showed up in Annual, so it's not a far-out possibility.
  • Maybe we could see something about Reann and Mizel in the aftermath of "Zero Hour".

The missing older brother of Zeb's friend is the Mercenary.

Zeb's childhood friend is the Mercenary.

Zeb and Kallus (now part of the Rebellion) will go on a mission together to rescue more Lasat refuges.
Only they'll run into the Lasat Mercenary as well.

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