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Fridge Brilliance

  • If the information Swain and Cogon had were considered very important by Beneda and Senator Tural as well as Vader (as shown in the ending), then the intel they stole must've been the same or similar information Minister Tua knew and tried to barter back in "The Siege of Lothal" if it warranted Kallus reporting to Vader about it.
  • Strangely, Jovan is referred to as a lieutenant in his debut, but later as a commander in an Imperial document report regarding his escape incident. Either he was a 'lieutenant commander' like Ezra would later be (which was also a weird case, as he was referred to as 'lieutenant' rather than 'commander', possibly so to make it clear that Ezra wasn't a commander of equal rank to Sato), or due to belief that he was slacking off (in reality, doing his embezzlement), his superiors demoted him from commander to lieutenant, before discovering he was committing embezzlement almost immediately after. Jovan would still be more well known in the local garrison as a commander due to only having the rank of lieutenant for a short while before his arrest. There was a similar case in Lost Stars when Ciena accidentally addressed Piett as captain after his field promotion to admiral by Vader to replace Ozzel, as Ciena was not present in that scene and unaware of the promotion.
    • There's also the possibility that his rank as 'commander' is actually a position, and his true rank is 'lieutenant'.
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    • Alternatively, it might be a similar case of how Ezra was a 'lieutenant commander', but was referred to as 'lieutenant' instead of the entire title or 'commander'.
    • Interestingly, in a case of Schrödinger's Canon, Jovan's plaque and amount of code cylinders is a hybrid of the lieutenant rank and commander rank, which seems to further support the idea that he may have gone through a recent demotion.
  • Potalla didn't assess Minister Tua because she is a politician, not an Imperial soldier, and Potalla is there to assess the Imperial Military on Lothal. Though considering Tarkin already dislikes Tua when he meets her at the end of Season 1, Potalla assessing Tua would've just made things worse considering Potalla is similar to Tarkin in being apathetic and ruthless. Though then again, it's possible Potalla did meet with Tua offscreen during the events of the comic and what we saw in "Call To Action" between Tarkin & Tua is a result of Potalla's report.

Fridge Horror

  • In the episode "Through Imperial Eyes", if he didn't know before, then Kallus now knows that an officer committing treason is punishable by death. He probably knows now that Swain and Cogon were likely executed for treason after they were tortured for information.
  • Fridge Sadness: Kallus apparently being an initially failing student at the Imperial Academy but eventually became The Ace and The Perfectionist might point to a troubled background. Consider that he's from Coruscant; either his family was very uptight and had high expectations if they lived on the upper levels, or if he was from the lower levels, then the people he was surrounded with probably weren't too considerate of his well-being.
  • Fridge Sadness: Kallus makes sure to let Swain know he's very disgusted with her dumping her future in the Empire for the Rebellion. Considering his Dark and Troubled Past and him believing all rebels are Always Chaotic Evil like the Partisans, how likely is it that Kallus might've been imagining Swain — the girl who had been looking up to him as her rolemodel, who he surely knows of her idealism and sees his younger self in — as someone as terrible and ruthless as the rebels that killed his brothers-in-arms?
  • Even if Kallus was present during Potalla's assessment of the garrison, it would just make things the same or more worse than what had already happened.
    • Kallus stepping in to stop the Ghost crew's raid on the Imperial Complex and trying to make things better would've made Aresko and Grint still look like they're incapable of leading and handling things on their own.
    • Kallus not doing anything or being unable to stop the Ghost crew could've gotten him in worse trouble than just a talk down from Tarkin.
    • Kallus would've busted Aresko and Grint for framing Dunum, netting the duo and possibly even the rest of the garrison in more trouble.

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