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  • Acceptable Targets:

  • Critical Research Failure: He incorrectly assumes that Stein from Soul Eater who appears in Meet n Fuck: Nintendo Christmas is an OC of one of the game's creators.
    • In his reaction to the Pirates of the Caribbean Kingdom Hearts III trailer when the different Kingdom Hearts collections begin being shown, he guessed that it was going to be an announcement of them being brought to the Nintendo Switch...despite the fact that this trailer was shown during the PlayStation E3 conference.

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  • Growing the Beard: Chris' videos had a noticable jump in quality starting around Late 2014/Early 2015.

  • Harsher in Hindsight: Chris using a Louis C.K. clip in Top 10 Worst Fighting Games can come off as much more awkward nowadays following Louis admitting to sexually harassing women, especially since the clip he used was of Louis pretending to masturbate while talking about women...

  • Never Live It Down: Chris states in Top 10N Game Overs that his viewers will never let him forget that he used a jumpscare in his Cyber Chase review.

  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The jumpscare at the end of Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase.
    • The bizarre, possibly-spam bot channel shown at the end of Smash Masters of YouTube. Even Chris is disturbed by it, specifically when discussing the video it has posted on police brutality.
    • Chris discussing how he may be leading the viewer into a false sense of security in Top 10N Game Overs.
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    • The deep-fried, deep-voice gag he pulls in both Mc Donalds Games and Super Smash Flash Series.
    • Chris sticking a pair of scissors under his eye, seen below under Squick.

  • Squick: This frame from McDonalds Games.

  • Tear Jerker: As he stated in his Top 5 Blind Game Purchases video, Chris was bullied in middle school and had bought the game Bully under the assumption that is was about bullying kids in an attempt to cope with the bullying he had experienced. Doubles as heartwarming as playing the game helped him deal with the experience in a healthy manner.
    • His explanation of how Suguru Kamoshida from Persona 5 made him feel in Top 10 Persona Bosses certainly counts as well.

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