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The Anime

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment
  • Crazy Awesome: The entire Redline race is full of competitors that can best be described as this.
    • One reviewer summed it up as this: "as if the cast of Top Gear raced through minefields on the North Korean border or the cast of the Cannonball Run took on Darth Vader." Or if the Wacky Racers took on The Flood.
  • Heartwarming Moments: After J.P. and Sonoshee win the Red Line, all the other racers just hang back with smiles on their faces. Even newly-dethroned ex-champion Machinehead has nothing but good will and congratulations, clearly caring more about the race than actually winning.
  • Memetic Mutation: SEVEN YEARS! HANDDRAWN!
    • Hijacking your post right in the mi-UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ
  • Spiritual Licensee: REDLINE is an intergalactic Blood Sport racing league. Host to racers from across the cosmos, a humble humanoid racer eschews the Vehicular Combat of his competitors in favor of his wits and speed, all while the mob threatens to rig the race. In other words, this is pod racing.
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  • Superlative Dubbing: The English cast loved the movie and had the time of their lives recording the dub, while working with a localized script that was brave enough to translate a line like "We'll never catch up to them" to "Fuck this. They're too fast". Special praise in particular to Dave Mallow and Spike Spencer, who perfectly emulate the cadence of racing commentators. Plus, James Shimoji wrote most of REDLINE's songs with English lyrics, which lends a more English-friendly atmosphere to REDLINE than most other anime.
  • This Is Your Premise on Drugs: Described by some as Wacky Races or F-Zero GX on crack.
    • When Kwenton Bellette reviewed it for Twitch Film, he said it was Speed Racer on crack.
    • Youtube user "Steak" describes it as ,"It's like Speed Racer, Space Dandy, and Jet Set Radio Future had a giant cocaine induced 3 way with acid."

The Video Game

  • Nightmare Fuel:
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  • Scrappy Mechanic: All of the games cutscenes are in-engine, and, infuriatingly, your character can still be damaged and killed during a cutscene even though you can't move or do anything to fight back. Why anyone thought this was a good idea is a mystery, especially considering the game does have a God Mode cheat, so you can't just say the engine wouldn't allow it.
  • That One Boss: multiple examples:
    • The Prototype Templar Tank in level 3 is quite a step up from Rant. It doesn't use it's BFG (a blue blob of energy that basically one-shots anything) but still has dual Hitscan lasers, and a ton of hp on each "side", so much you will likely use up all your ammo, although fortunately there are two pick-ups that completely refill your weapons. Occasionally the tank will get stuck trying to turn, allowing you to wail on it if you get really close, but usually gets free after a couple of seconds.
    • Borik. He's supposed to be a Mirror Match (same car, same hp, same weapons) but clearly has much more hp than your car (if you try just ramming into him and shooting, your car will always explode long before his even has the windows broken.) As if this weren't bad enough, midway through the fight you learn he informed some of the Red Sixers, who join in and start attacking,thankfully, Liddy eventually comes in help in the Company Tank you recovered back in level 3
    • The High Priest (codenamed "Archmagus") in the Templar Sanctum. He can Teleport Spam and has an electric attack which does about 80 damage a hit. Thankfully, if you still have the Gauss cannon, it's pretty good vs him.
    • The Leper boss (codenamed Golem) He's not as bad as the Templar boss, but is still hard due to having to fight him in a cramped control room with little room to dodge (his only gun does quite a bit of damage), and a few Mooks in the area with him.
    • the rematch with Rant as the Final Boss. Take the Templar Tank fight, only give the player just a few crappy, and badly damaged, vehicles to fight him with (with only a couple pickups in the area). Even after you destroy the tank you (spoiler: have to fight Rant again on foot, Who has Taken A Level In Badass since the level one fight.

  • That One Level: "Boom". Right after the starting cutscene where you sell the serum from the previous level to some people, you find out they have put a Time Bomb on your car, as well as making all the doors impossible to open, thus, your only hope is to make it to a Company garage and have them cut you out before the bomb explodes. Not only is the level pretty hard, including having to successfully drive across two narrow bridges at high speed (the time limit is tight enough that you don't really have time to slow down and line up your car), but, if you take too long due to crashing and/or getting into fights, it might be straight up impossible to make it to the end in whatever time you have left over forcing you to restart the level.


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