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The leader of the Mafia was the pimped out guy in JP's flashback.
Both wore rings, were rich, and had two beautiful women (and I swear they look the same). This may have actually been stated, for all I know and I missed it... there was a lot going on in the movie.
  • It wasn't stated, but the Mafia guy (Inuki) does kind of look like a much older version of the flashback guy.
  • This would also let the scene at the end where JP sees the guy make sense; Inuki was corrupted by greed over the years and lost sight of the true meaning of racing, but after he was killed his spirit saw JP at the tracks and realized JP was right all along, and gives JP the thumbs up as an approval before moving on to the big racetrack in the sky.
The Redline Race is actually a coordinated and precise attack on Roboworld
Especially after seeing all of the illegal weaponry that Roboworld had stockpiled, it seems that other governments, ruling bodies etc knew about them and used the race as a method of sabotage/attack effectively destroying their most dangerous military capabilities. Plus the Redline Committees flag ship seems to be controlled by Soingrass.

Blue Line is the preliminary to Yellow Line, which is the preliminary to Red Line
Not sure if it's been outright stated, but people make reference to Blue Line, such as the TV reporters claiming Miki and Todoroki to be Blue Line champs. I assume blue line is the stage before yellow like. As we know, there were 8 yellow lines, with the winner of each all participating in Red Line, so i think it's safe to assume the Yellow Lines are composed of winners of the various Blue Lines.

Frisbee always wanted to see JP win
While Frisbee wanted the money badly, he did always wanted to see JP win. Even in the Yellow Line, he didn't press the detonator until JP was far ahead of Sonoshee, even at gunpoint. He wanted to wait until JP was definitively the winner before going through with his deal with Inuki. While he is slightly annoyed at JP's insistence at winning instead of following the deal, he does want to see his partner win. In the Redline however, JP never got that definitive win, so Frisbee wanted to hold off blowing up the car until he saw it.

Sweet JP and Sonoshee are dead.
At the end of the race when the car blows up, JP and Sonoshee are catapulted from the Trans-Am in the explosion. This wouldn't be unusual given the show's loose constraints on reality - except:
  • Neither racer has a scratch on them
  • They're shimmering and floating in midair
  • they don't speak to anyone (besides each other) before the movie concludes.
  • JP also has a vision right before they explode.
Sonoshee and JP died in the explosion and it's their spirits that finish the race before drifting into the afterlife. They still won; REDLINE has no rules beyond staying on the track, so death is no disqualification.
  • JP had already been seen surviving three major crashes with almost no harm done to himself. Plus, the reactions of the viewers, the other racers, and JP's friends, would be VERY odd if they had just seem them being splattered all over the place. As for the how they were floating like that, remember that they are in the ship of a magical space princess who doesn't seem to care much about the laws of physics.

Machinehead and Sonoshee are father and daughter.
It's subtle, but it's there. During the Oasis Club scene Sonoshee does mention that she was expecting company, and when Machinehead makes his entrance she visibly waves her hand at him. She also mentions that her dad was a racer, and that he gifted her the steamlight, which would explain why Machinehead knew that Sonoshee had one later in the movie. Another moment that adds to the theory, is that when Sonoshee's car gets totalled by artillerty fire, both JP and Machinehead react with great worry.
  • Though this does bring up the question of why they have two different last names if they're father and daughter. Sonoshee's last name being McLaren and Machinehead's being Tetsujin.
    • An easy explanation would be that Sonoshee either changed her name or is usina an alias, to make it completely on her own and avoid riding on her dad's fame.
    • Tetsujin, if I remember, translates to "ironman" or something. It's likely that it, along with Machinehead's "Name" is actually just his stage name. Sonoshee is likely using her actual name, since her "racing name" is apparently "Cherryboy Hunter". Machinehead's name probably originated the same way (him having cybernetics in his head) except he chose to embrace it instead.
      • "Cherryboy Hunter" seems to be s nickname given to her by the press that apparently caught on, much to Sonoshee's disliking.
    • That could also explain why Machinehead was so hostile to JP in the final leg of the race, he couldn't outright say it but he was angry at seeing his dear daughter in the arms of an unworthy loser (an attitude that was changed once JP managed to win the Redline). Also, after a rewatch I noticed when the Transam is side to side with the Godwing, Sonoshee gives Machinehead a very shy side glance and a smile. Machinehead immediately says "You are here!" which JP assumes was reffering to him, but Machinehead was actually talking to Sonoshee and proceeds to ask if she is going to dare to use the Steamlight, something that catches JP completely by surprise.

JP isn't human.
He survives two crashes and an explosion without a scratch and has oddly shaped ears. It's entirely possible he's not actually human, but simply a VERY human looking rubber-forehead alien. Alternatively he could be a half-human hybrid of some kind.
  • Possible, as he has pointed, elven-like ears while the only two semi-confirmed humans (Miki and Todoroki) have round ears. Given that the Superboins are also aliens (magic ones no less), JP could very well just be an alien who happen to look human.

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