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The 2009 movie

  • Old Man Mole and Frisbee disagree on Frisbee's choice of engine to install in JP's car for the Redline Race, which is too heavy for JP to finish in first place with. When Mole tells JP to talk some sense into the engineer, JP instead geeks out over the engine!
  • A quick shot of a family watching the race on TV, in a completely different art style for no reason, ending in a Smash to Black Beat for extra audience disorientation.
    • The dub adds on to this by giving the lady a rather left-field comment:
    "Violence is the only thing that gets me hot anymore!"
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  • "Fuck this, they're too fast."
  • Miki and Todoroki's interview, which just consists of several seconds of awkward silence, and then
    "GORI-RIDER YOU MOTHERF*BEEP*" *scene change*
    • It's arguably funnier in Gratuitous English in the original Japanese:
  • Miki and Todoroki hitches a ride behind the tunneling Gori-Rider to avoid the minefield, then decides to surface since they're faster on land. As they surface Miki is overjoyed they're in the lead...completely unaware that they came out in the middle of the minefield they were trying to avoid.
  • Gori-Rider upon realizing that he has Dug Too Deep.
    "Where the hell am I?"
  • Shinkai's complete derailing of JP and Sonoshee's romantic moment in the restaurant.
  • The first time Roboworld attempts to use their Kill Sat lasers on the racers. Nothing happens, and we are given a shot of the lasers after having been sabotaged - and tagged with grafitti - by Lynchman and Jonny Boya.
  • JP triggering a gold nitro so he can skim his car across water at high speed.
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  • The President of Roboworld's incredulous reaction to the Redline Mothership making use of technology that only works in theory.
  • When giving info on the Redline racers, the first one is of Sonoshee with the only shot of her being centered on her ass. Then she complains about this — and we get a blatant view of her topless and eating cherries for no particular reason.
  • The tertiary plot of Planet Supergrass dealing with Roboworld to set up the racetrack is less like an underground rebel sabotaging a dictatorial state's military power and more like a 6 year old girl dicking with an old man. Not entirely helped by the fact that the Princess does treat it like a joke through and through.
  • Frisbee calls JP an idiot for popping a steamlight, which can kill a normal human under normal circumstances, into an engine that is only designed to take 3 Gold nitros (and already popped two). Pops then chimes in that JP can do it, only for Frisbee to yell at him "Really!?". We then find out Pops is completely shitfaced from booze at this point.
    Pops: "I don't know!"

The 1999 PC game

  • At the start of the second mission, Liddy warns you about how the Orgone Accumulators are Made of Explodium. He's not kidding.
    "When they blow, they tend to make a mess."

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