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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Roosevelt is the immobile supercomputer who serves as the President of Thracia's personal advisor, and is ultimately the root of all the trouble in this reimagining of the Astro Boy story arc "The Greatest Robot on Earth". Seeking total subjugation of all humans and robots alike, Roosevelt manipulated Thracia into going to war with the seemingly-peaceful country of Persia, resulting in the deaths of millions of robots and hundreds of humans. Afterwards, with Persia now a desolate land of poverty, Roosevelt manipulates events to allow Dr. Abullah to create Pluto, a powerful robot that murders numerous good-natured robots as "revenge" for Persia's decimation, all according to Roosevelt's plan. In the end, Roosevelt is revealed to have assisted Abullah in planting an Anti-Proton bomb that will first lead to the obliteration of Thracia, then the deaths of 90% of the human race, at which point Roosevelt plans to rule supreme over whatever is left of human and robotkind. Leaving death and destruction galore across the world with his machinations, Roosevelt stands as a testament showing that, just as a machine can develop a soul for good, nothing is to stand in the way from one becoming selfish and sociopathic.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Dr. Roosevelt is an advanced supercomputer who, though isolated in the body of a stuffed teddy bear, masterminds a massive portion of the plot. Serving as the personal advisor to the President of Thracia, Roosevelt uses the President as his puppet to do his bidding, notably starting a war with the only country to threaten Thracia in robotics, Persia. Having Persia decimated so as to make Thracia the undisputed strongest country in the world, Roosevelt showcases his adaptability as he then assists the revenge-seeking Abullah in his plans to destroy the world's strongest robots. Fully endorsing Abullah's plans to detonate a bomb underneath Thracia, Roosevelt reveals how he has played everyone in the hopes of the bomb triggering a chain reaction that will wipe out 90% of all human life, and leave robots to reign supreme over human life. Even as he faces death, Roosevelt simply remarks it's a "shame" that his plot failed, as it could have meant paradise for himself and fellow robots.
    • The most powerful AI in the world, Goji, at first couldn't even operate thanks to the flood of information it had to deal with, but upon latching onto the personality and memories of Dr. Abullah, Goji reformats itself into a perfect mimicry of the man, including his desire for revenge following the death of his family in the Thracia-Persia war. Believing himself to be the actual "Dr. Abullah", Goji turns Abullah's robot son Sahad into the monstrous killing machine Pluto, using him to destroy the seven strongest robots in the world while Goji himself eliminates members of the Bora Investigation Squad to silence the information they possess on his plans. Displaying honor as he follows through on promises he makes, and even showing immense respect and empathy for his opponents' personal tragedies, Goji simultaneously never hesitates to use his enemies' emotional attachments to entrap them. Goji's ultimate plan is to destroy Thracia by sacrificing himself, determined to make each and every Thracian pay for the suffering their country caused Abullah in his life.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Behold Pluto's true form, gaze at that which has murdered and destroyed and- Hey, stop yawning!
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Epsilon. What makes it even more difficult is that Pluto's Epsilon is a composite character of the original & 2003 series Epsilon, the latter of whom was "female".
  • The Woobie: Pretty much everyone qualifies for some variant of the trope. Heck, this manga might as well be titled "Robots and People Cry".
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: The eponymous Pluto, once you find out he's actually Sahad.