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The Comic Book Character

  • Crazy Awesome: In X-Force, the Age of Apocalypse version of Nightcrawler kills AOA!Blob (who's a literal Fat Bastard in this continuity) by teleporting a SHARK inside his stomach causing him to be eaten alive from the inside out. YMMV may vary, but the sheer audacity of the act and the delighted expression on AOA!Nightcrawlers face puts it into this territory for most readers.
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  • Dork Age: Poor Kurt went through a massive one after his return from Excalibur in the late 90s. First, he got turned into a priest with basically no built up. Fans found this pretty strange, but at least the ensuing mini series was well received for the most part. But then he fell into the hands of "writer" Chuck Austen and was subjected to some really, REALLY unpopular retcons in regards to his heritage. After the infamous Draco storyline no one (except Chris Claremont who just flat our ignored everything written during Austens run) really seemed to know what do with him. He was less frequently featured when Pixie (also a teleporter and supposedly much better at it than him) got introduced to the X-Men. Then he was outright killed during the Second Coming storyline and didn't return to the comics for almost five years (although his darker and edgier counterpart Kurt Darkhölme from Age of Apocalypse found his way to the 616 universe during that time). Thankfully when he finally did return in Amazing X-Men, Jason Aaron managed to turn Azazel into a character fans actually enjoyed (by making him a pretty cool hell pirate) as well as bringing Kurt's characterization back on track. He has been with the main X-Men team ever since.
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  • Strangled by the Red String: Most fans seem to think that his romance with Rachel Summers in X-Men: Gold comes out of nowhere. Not helped by the fact that they barely interact or spend any significant time together.

The film

  • Award Snub: Jake Gyllenhaal's performance was completely glossed over in the Best Actor category, while the film itself was eventually expected to earn a Best Picture nomination after being cited by various guild awards (including the Producers Guild of America) even if it only got a Best Original Screenplay nomination.
  • Complete Monster: Louis "Lou" Bloom is what is known as a "Nightcrawler," a reporter who prowls the nights for the most gruesome footage he can gather. Louis is also a total sociopath who opens the film by attacking and perhaps murdering a security guard for his watch. Once he discovers the money in reporting, Louis devotes himself wholeheartedly to the endeavor. He blackmails his boss into sleeping with him once his position is secure, knowing that she needs his footage. Lou sabotages the brakes of a van belonging to a rival so he can film said rival dying on a stretcher. Lou later reports gang violence as a home invasion so he can create a panic-laden story of urban crime creeping into the suburbs, and later engineers a confrontation with the police in a crowded diner so he can film the resulting carnage as gang members, police and innocent civilians die. Finally, Lou follows a car chase and when one of the gang members crashes, Lou lies to his assistant Rick that the gangster is dead, causing Rick to be shot dead by the gangster once he goes over to film the body; the motive was Rick wanted more of the profits. A media sensation with his new company of Video Production News, Lou covers his lack of humanity with a seemingly friendly mask, all the while promising his new employees he'd never ask any of them to do something he wouldn't do himself.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: In a movie where everybody is just either corrupt or a morally gray individual jumping off the slippery slope it can be pretty hard to find a character to root for.
  • Expectation Lowerer: In some ways Lou is almost an Escapist Character; his "job" is a pretty exciting and adrenaline packed one, but he's such a reprehensible person the audience cannot help but feel a bit better about themselves watching him in action.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Rick. He really tries to be a good assistant to Louis, but he's coldly admonished for even the slightest slip-ups, he's paid pocket change compared to what Louis makes for each crime scene they film, and he's forced to sleep in a garage for most of the film. And at the climax, Louis gets him killed for an incredibly petty reason. He does continue to go along with Louis's schemes even when given opportunities to back out, however, especially when he's offered more money, but when he actually does try to back out, he's too scared to stand up to him. Ultimately, his greed and desperation dig him in deeper, and his cowardice and fear prevent him from getting out.
  • Memetic Mutation: The inevitable jokes about the other Nightcrawler.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: A trailer for the film ends with us seeing Bloom utter the phrase "If you want to win the lottery, you need to make the money to buy a ticket" multiple times. Some of these are said directly into the camera, implying a case of No Fourth Wall, while another is stated while Lou is in an agitated state. In the film itself, he says it once at the beginning in a relatively calm manner.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Louis's Establishing Character Moment is trespassing on private property to steal scrap metal and mugging the security guard for his wristwatch, setting him firmly in Villain Protagonist territory.
    • Louis begins to cause accidents that he can then film, starting with sabotaging Joe's van to eliminate his competition in a car crash, followed by letting the capture of the two gangsters escalate into a gunfight, and tricking Rick into getting shot so Louis wouldn't have to pay him.
  • Narm: The scene in which Lou screams and breaks his mirror can get a little over the top for some people.


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