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The film

  • When Lou is speaking with Nina in the empty news studio, he looks toward the cityscape backdrop behind the desk and says in awe, "On TV, it looks so real..." complete with a lip-quiver. It's so obviously fake that you can't help but laugh.
  • When Lou brings his first shots to Nina and Channel 6, they hook his camera up to the computer. The first thing they see? Lou messing around with the camera, trying to get it working. He sounds downright sheepish as he mutters, "You can skip past this part."
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  • While it gets grimmer in hindsight, Lou suddenly threatening to fire Rick for spilling gas on his car is, on first viewing, hilariously petty.
  • "No bike has thirty-seven gears."
  • Nina dismissing Frank's ethical objections by telling him that his job is to write the "Tweet of the Day" and "getting Deb to turn sideways during the weather forecast".

The X-Men character

  • When Kurt guest-stars in an issue of Crystar, Crystal Warrior, he is accidentally sent to Crystar's magical realm of Crystallium — specifically, to the bad guys' headquarters, in a volcano. They assume he's an actual demon, sent by their mystical boss, and bend over backwards to welcome him. Meanwhile, Kurt's reaction to the volcano is "Phew! Is that what brimstone smells like? No wonder my friends complain when I teleport!"


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