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  • Americans Hate Tingle: In a site-vs-site way rather than in terms of countries. "30 year old Boomer" found quite a bit of purchase on 4chan and imageboards in general, and had a warm reception in other sites as well. KYM's userbase, however, did not find it nearly as humorous, considering it another overdone Wojak that's cracking a joke that isn't even funny to begin with. Every time it's frontpaged, it usually gets downvoted into oblivion or barely breaking even, and users from the popular to the unpopular universally complain about it.
Don: The boomer meme seems to be a hit everywhere else. Not sure why it isn't welcome here.
  • Broken Base:
    • When the site saw a rise in individual articles pertaining to well known internet fetishes, there were some users wondering if the creation of the individual pages was necessary when the general "Internet Paraphilia" page already existed, and others defending the pages by stating that said fetishes have a significantly large enough presence in places like online art communities to justify individualized articles.
    • When Joel of the streaming group Vinesauce got a page on the site, he later voiced his displeasure at the article by saying it was "really shitty." Users on the site who are fans of Joel tried to then apologize for the quality of the article, while others said that, while Joel has every right to voice his displeasure, the way in which he was voicing said displeasure came off as needlessly hostile towards the site itself (even some of the site's own mods felt Joel wasn't handling the situation well, with one mod pointing out that Joel sent an email to the admins that was nothing but complaining with no suggestions on how to fix the article).
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    • Many articles pertaining to feminism, or general social justice activities. The admins understandably want to stay neutral, but a number of comments from either side seem to want to start a Flame War.
    • An article regarding "controversies" relating to the game Fire Emblem Fates has been met with many different responses. Some simply don't care about the entire thing, some think the controversy is a big enough deal to try and resurrect a certain specific subset of the userbase that's been rather controversial on the site since late 2014, while some others mock the latter group for things like creating strawman arguments and for generally blowing the entire subject in question way out of proportion.
    • Controversies themselves have become a major point of contention, primarily between the moderators and users. Those in support of controversy-related entries cite how KnowYourMeme is meant to catalog notable internet phenomenon, of which controversies are a part. Those against the articles, however, describe them as forced and as a sign of Network Decay (as the site's name is "KnowYourMeme") and point out the correlation between the increase in controversy-related articles and a steady drop in site visitation.
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    • The website's reaction image gallery was later closed after too many users ignored a rule stating that reaction images relating to a movie/tv show/video game/meme that had an entry on the website (such as Pokémon or Ed, Edd n Eddy) should be put in the appropriate entry rather than the reaction image gallery. Some users understood the reasoning behind the gallery's closing and owned up to any rule-breaking they had caused. Others thought it was Disproportionate Retribution and accused the mods of making a mountain out of a molehill. Similar debates also exist to some extent with the Ruined Childhood gallery and other popular galleries that closed as well.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • The Fine Bros React videos often get put on the front page, even though the community keeps downvoting them. Also counts as Acceptable Targets.
    • For articles on Advice Animals, most of the time, the content will make the front page (even with little spread outside of Reddit) and will irritate the community, and if an article of the sort is confirmed, users are annoyed even more. Some Advice Animals are not subject to this treatment, but most of them are.
    • Twitter hashtag movements and a majority of Reddit memes. They get added every other week, but are almost never substantial enough to be confirmed and the community (and the internet in general) despises them.
    • Donald Trump. It's certainly Not Hyperbole to say that a new page is created literally every time the man does something noteworthy, to the point where numerous Trump-related articles can pop up in a single day. Everyone, even the site's right-wing users, have grown exasperated about it.
    • The video app TikTok and the memes its community produces are arguably even more despised than the above-mentioned Reddit and Twitter memes combined, especially since said memes rarely last for more than a week. And yet in spite of these factors, the staff frontpages TikTok memes almost daily. As one might expect, many users are sick of the constant barrage of TikTok frontpages, to the point where the site's propensity to frontpage the app's memes has become a meme in and of itself among frequent users.
  • Critical Research Failure: In the episode about "The Lying Down Game", they discussed how memes can undergo a sort of convergent evolution, comparing a photo fad in Britain of people lying down in strange places to a different, Korean photo fad of people playing dead in reference to Crayon Shin-chan. They compared this type of thing to how the flying squirrel and sugar glider evolved separately on separate continents, one as a marsupial and one as a mammal. It could possibly be excused by how they focus in the study of memes and not much else.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The Bad Luck Brian image macro has become the community's poster child for a legitimate meme that's been ignored by the mods in favor of fads or Forced Memes. The profile image of BLB itself lampshades it! Impressive, considering BLB was initially utterly hated by the community.
    • Super Robo Jesus is considered to be the Memetic Badass of Deadpooled Memes because of how the article is So Bad, It's Good.
    • Deadpool is treated by the community as the site's unofficial mascot.
    • DON, so much so he himself became a meme.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • Due to the Vocal Minority opinion on feminism or social justice topics, a number of commenters have little tolerance for the social justice spheres on Tumblr and other such sites (read above on Acceptable Targets).
  • Friendly Fandoms: Due to their focus on memes, the site gets a lot of overlap with the various Imageboards, Imgur, and other such sites. This Very Wiki being among them. Tumblr seems to be on-and-off, but due to certain events which will not be mentioned further, it's leaning more towards the "off" side.
  • Growing the Beard: There's usually a substantial increase in quality before an article is confirmed.
  • Internet Backdraft: In late 2017, the site implemented a feature where users with ad-blocking software would be greeted with this popup. Not only was this seen as unnecessarily intrusive, especially since it showed up each time a new page was opened, even in the same tab, rather than on the first time one visited the site during a browsing session, but it was also seen as an empty gesture that did nothing to alleviate the site's infamously bad ads. This reached a point where users began posting tutorials on how to block the popup itself using the Unblock Origin extension, similarly to the more notorious "Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10" debacle from a few years prior.
  • Memetic Mutation: While the site attests that it only documents memes and doesn't create them, the community has developed a number of in-jokes over the years:
    • Goat-tanExplanation 
    • Super Robo JesusExplanation 
    • KnowYourMeme is a softcore porn siteExplanation 
    • KnowYourFetish/KnowYourControversyExplanation 
  • Network Decay: People in the comments have been concerned that the site is starting to drift too much into a news site, especially in relation to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the United States election, or into a fads website displaying every trend on Reddit, Tumblr, and hashtags that trend on Twitter. For a more literal example, many on the userbase have pointed out the drastic decline of many older users in recent months, a commonly-made point being that it might relate to all the previously stated points.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Twitter fads and hashtag movements eventually began replacing Advice Animals as the run-of-mill "meme" of the week, to the point some users expressed less hatred toward the few AAs that did appear.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Any meme that manages to get itself un-deadpooled has achieved this. Bad Luck Brian and Marauder Shields are two good examples.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Deadpooled memes, though some get enough popularity to be un-deadpooled. The only real exception is the page on Deadpool himself, a well-renowned page that continues to be deadpooled if only for the sake of a meta joke.
    • For a non-deadpooled sort, there's what the userbase calls "thing-I-don't-like exploitables", among other less polite names, referring to the seemingly endless variations on the same "two panels of a generally peaceful 'I will never get upset' setup, third easily-editable panel with a bad opinion, fourth panel of a violent reaction to it" format. Each one gets a more tired, and more vitriolic reaction than the last due to how utterly predictable they are, and because they're found to be little more than a bad tool to take strawman-esque potshots at a position some uncreative individual dislikes.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: After KYM changed hands from Rocketboom to Cheezburger, a good portion of the userbase reacted negatively.
  • True Art Is Ancient: Good luck getting a meme confirmed if it's still the same week it became popular.


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