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Trivia / Know Your Meme

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  • Fan Nickname: "Know Your Fetish" and "Know Your Trump", phrases that users jokingly throw around to make fun of the site's wide amount of articles covering fetish and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, respectively. "Know Your Controversy" is also popular in regards to the number of articles covering online scandals.
  • Old Shame: No one on the website looks back on the whole incident with the "Cringeworthy" page with kindness and will make you sorry if you say anything positive about it or anything that happened during the whole debacle.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • The "Cringeworthy" page is soon locked several months after it had opened due to a number of factors:
      • Too much Flame Bait was being posted.
      • The material was beginning to get very Squick-y.
      • Some users were using the gallery as an excuse to attack people. (This actually led to the gallery being temporarily closed for a while once before the permanent closing, as the users began continuously making fun of a Deviantart user and his artwork.)
      • A drawing of Hercules with the proportions of a beach ball underwent unexpected Memetic Mutation, leading to the gallery being flooded with images featuring the "Herculoon" (or "Circules") in various situations.note  All these factors led to the gallery becoming the very thing it was supposed to describe, and led to the situation spiraling out of control until the exhausted moderators finally locked the gallery for good.
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    • Following the Cringeworthy image gallery incident, the Ruined Childhood, Childhood Enhanced, and Alternate Universe page were locked due to the revised image gallery policy.


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