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  • Arc Fatigue:
    • Some readers found the Fleet Logs a chore to go through due to there being just so many ship girls' backstory and thoughts to cover. This was slightly mitigated by interspersing Suzukaze's voyage in between.
    • Some readers have also taken issue with the extended breather arc that follows the Stolen Fleet arc; while there was a fair bit of Character Development going on, plot progression slowed greatly.
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  • Archive Panic: with nearly 400 chapters and over 4 million words, the story has become such that potential new readers are more often than not intimidated by just how lengthy the story is to want to pick it up, though it hasn't stopped a select few from doing so anyway.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise:
    • Crossing over with Too Bleak, Stopped Caring. Quite a few prospective readers basically got turned off by something that happens in the very first chapter, Damon hacking Murakumo with his nano-blade, causing them to drop the fic on the spot as nothing more than a power/wish fulfillment fantasy.
    • For readers that did manage to get past that first hurdle, the extensive amount of infantry action that occurs before the girls finally get their rigging and still continues even after that has proven to be another stumbling block. That is of course if the rather questionable setting, questionable/tedious/dry writing, questionable dialogue, and just Damon's behavior and attitude in general haven't already turned off those that did get past the first hurdle.
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  • Author's Saving Throw: Certain things that President Blackwood said in chapter 250, such as how he had dedicated his post-war presidency into finding out who really started the war in the first place, reeks of this trope, especially when one considers it as a response or even a counter-attack against a big point of criticism that was leveled at the fic's premise only a few months prior. As noted in the first entry of Critical Research Failure, it is highly implausible, if not outright impossible for Iran to have started the war due to not having nuclear weapons in reality. The cementing process began when his successor, Eagle Clinton, lets the human members of the Combined Fleet know why Blackwood was really going somewhere with what he said, because Iran in this fic also has no nuclear weapons, giving one the impression that this revelation was directly targeted at that point of criticism. The nail is finally driven into the coffin when the active members of ST6, on orders of Clinton, sneak into Iran to find the truth about the nukings, and find out just how Iran got fingered as the instigator for WWIII: They discover hidden silos from which the missiles originated from, as well as irrefutable evidence that Iran really doesn't have any nuclear arms, as the silos, and presumably the missiles that once resided in them, actually belonged to the AAHW, who somehow managed to construct the damn things in Iran with the nation none the wiser.
  • Broken Base:
    • Whether the story should have just stayed as a small-scale Fallout-style post-apocalyptic adventure, instead of making the Genre Shifts to the more complex thing it is now.
    • Whether the Abyssals needed to show up at all or human-borne malice and obstruction was sufficient conflict to go around.
    • Whether Damon's death and later resurrection were necessary.
    • Whether the more exotic and fantastical elements (well, apart from the whole Necessary Weasel of ships reincarnating as humans that comes with the territory of being a KanColle fanfic) that appear later are needed or just make things more confusing.
    • Whether elements from other series and works make the story just that bit more interesting, or if they have the exact opposite effect, due to the impression that anything and everything is being added in with no regard to consistency, quality, or how it even fits into the world.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Iran engaging the US in war is highly debatable, given the rather complex history both countries have with each other, not to mention the delicate issue of Iran having anything nuclear-related.
      • This error appears to have been acknowledged in later chapters. President Blackwood himself thought that Iran launching the first strike was very fishy, as Iran in this universe also had no nuclear weapons. His final words during the climax of the Stolen Fleet arc, which his personal notes later recovered reinforced, indicated that he was making efforts to find out who was really responsible for starting World War III.
    • Some of the mentioned travel times, like the 7-hour drive from Houston, Texas, to Mobile, Alabama, are real. However, from the post-apocalyptic world that Damon has described, it should take much longer due to the lack of maintenance and degradation of the national highway infrastructure, as well the likelihood of vehicle wrecks littering the roads.
    • Chapter 1: Unless the bullpup M14 Damon's using had been modified for left-handed ejection, he wouldn't be able to shoot it from his left side if the eject port is still on the right side because the casings would be hitting him.
      • Damon tells Murakumo that he's immune to radiation. Being "immune to radiation" is something of a misnomer, as being resistant to radiation is the more likely scenario. On the note of radiation, it would still take thousands of years to completely clear a continent of radiation, much less two - there are still dangerous hotspots around Pripyat ever since the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
    • Chapter 2: Damon says that his mother "passed the radiation off to [him] through heavy genetic mutations". Radiation doesn't pass from mother to child that way - cancer is the more likely result OR the mother looses the fetus.
    • Chapter 4: Not having time to give a "full course on basic firing etiquette" because Damon personally thinks "about 90% of it is sheer bullshit anyway" is a full-on failure on gun safety etiquette of the person who is supposed to be teaching someone who has never fired a gun before, be it small arms or naval cannons. While it could be handwaved that since Murakumo is a ship girl and could handle the recoil of an AK-47 with little issue, as a beginner she should had been started off with a pistol before moving upwards to heavier firearms.
      • The Russian Mi-24 is an attack helicopter, and while it can carry 2,400 kg (5,291 lb) of cargo on an external sling, there's still a limit as to "transporting heavy stuff like vehicles and large debris". Actual cargo transport helicopters, like the Mi-26 cargo helicopter or the Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion, on the other hand, are designed for and capable of transporting vehicles and heavy objects.
    • Chapter 5: The guns on USS Alabama could never still be operational due to being decommissioned, meaning that her combat capabilities have been removed. Add in the fact that parts of her interior have been removed to make room for visitors after she became a museum ship, such as a large portion of the barbette in her number two turret being cut out.
    • Chapter 6: Murakumo should've known that the "weird dots and dashes" Alabama trying to contact her with was Morse code, as it was how ships communicated with each other long before the advent of satellite communications. In fact, the anime shows Ooyodo communicating with ship girls that have been sent out via radio with Morse code.
    • Chapter 7: While Damon does have a point in that naval battles took a long time, Murakumo claiming to be programmed to "end conflicts and destroy opponents as quickly as possible" would be a failure on her programmers. Naval warfare took the better part of days or months, not minutes, and there's no way to "complete an objective as efficiently as possible", much less with "one shot". History  Midway went on for four days, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands lasted three days, it took two weeks before Wake Island was an IJN victory, while the Guadalcanal Campaign lasted over six months. 21st century naval warfare would still take more than several hours, even with modern technologies such as missiles and satellite connections.
      • Montgomery appearing to be in somewhat better condition because of never having "suffered earthquakes" marginally makes some sense, due to earthquakes not occurring often in Alabama compared to more active areas, like the Ring of Fire. Not suffering "aftershocks of any kind from the nukes", on the other hand, is inaccurate as the type of nukes Damon describes are the real world types that can level entire cities and the shock wave from said nukes would still cause substantial damages.
      • There is no way to tell how many contacts there are in an area by "frequency of audio frequencies", since a frequency is the rate of occurrence of a certain action. Much less "gunshot frequencies", as a person could be carrying various types of firearms, each one having different rates of fire and whether they're automatic, semi-automatic, bolt action, and so forth.
      • Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama is roughly seven miles southeast of Montgomery Regional Airport, at least a 15-minute drive if the roads were still in decent conditions. As Damon and Murakumo made that trip by foot, it would've actually taken them more than two hours, not 30 minutes. Later on, walking from the airport to Downtown Montgomery requires two to three hours of travel time, short of the two maintaining a jogging pace.
      • A .50 caliber round from a DSR-50 anti-material rifle will not send a body flinging back twenty feet, as that would've also sent Damon flying back twenty feet. Short of Damon finding a modified magazine, real world DSR-50 rifle magazines hold up to three bullets, not five - the DSR-1 rifle does have a 5-round magazine but the caliber is different. Not to mention, ballistics computers don't quite work that way.
      • The bandit boy is more likely to drop his rifle out of shock and suffer shrapnel injuries rather than Damon being able to actually shoot it out of his hand with a handgun.
      • Tagging a person through computer-like means as a person of interest, plausible. Murakumo "profiling" the bandit leader by visuals alone? Not without additional information.
      • Damon wouldn't be able to run across a telephone line due to the slack (running still wouldn't be possible even if the line was tensioned), so slacklining across it is more likely. And that's only if neither the insulators or cables have degraded by then, never mind being spotted by the bandits at street level.
    • Chapter 8: Traveling from Houston to Mobile to Montgomery in three days is... debatable. Almost seven hours on Interstate 10 eastbound from Houston to Mobile, and then almost three hours on Interstate 65 northbound from Mobile to Montgomery at highway speed, and that's only if the roads are in drivable conditions.
      • .22 caliber bullets aren't designed for sniping - while it can be used in hunting, it's limited to small-game and they're also primarily designed for recreational, early firearms training, and pest control. The effective range of .22 Long Rifle bullets is typically up to 459 feet (140 meters), velocity ranges from 1,100 feet/second (340 meters/second) at the slowest to over 1,400 ft/s (430 m/s), the bullet itself has a rounded shape, and once past 459 feet it starts dropping. Bullets used in sniper rifles such as the 7.2x39 mm or the 14.5x114mm are sharply tapered, with higher velocities from 2,396 ft/s (730.3 m/s) to 3,300 ft/s (1,000 m/s), and effective ranges from 1,969 feet (600 meters) to 7,546 feet (2,300 meters). Sniping from 400 to 500 meters (1,312 feet to 1,640 feet) with a .22 means that the bullet would've hit the ground long before it could ever hit Damon, much less have enough energy to break the front windshield. Even a .22-250 Remington wouldn't be sufficient enough, because they aren't designed for sniping either.
      • While drivers typically go on interchanges to switch from highway to highway, there are the occasional routes that requires exiting on to surface streets in order to do so. Baptist Medical Center South isn't just near US Route 82 - the highway runs east-west just south of it.
      • Damon couldn't had survived taking a .45 ACP "right between the lungs", because the heart is between the lungs.
      • Nuclear weapons can't destroy satellites directly, unless they were directly targeting said satellites. However, if a nuclear weapon was detonated in atmosphere, there is a possibility of the EMP generated to disable satellites within the vicinity of detonation, but not every satellite.
    • Chapter 9: "Freeway 231" that junctions with Interstate 85 in Alabama is US Route 231.
      • It is not possible for good drivers to know "whether or not it's safe to continue drivin' on a collapsin' highway" just by feeling it, even though it is possible to "feel the condition of the road they're drivin' on". Looking ahead to see the condition of the roads is a common advice given to drivers, but even roads that appear perfectly fine may have hidden dangers, like unexpected sinkholes breaking open underneath without warning.
    • Chapter 10: If the Ural truck that Damon is driving is something like a military-style Ural-4320, then it is not possible for it to be going 100 miles per hour, as its top speed is between 47 mph (82 km/h) and 51 mph (75 km/h), depending on the engine. Also, swerving in a Ural truck at high speeds is ill advised, as A) they are large trucks, B) the roads will be littered with various debris, and C) Damon is more likely to loose control of it.
      • Drivers don't "take a left" or "take a right" when transitioning from highway to highway - they transition onto the cardinal direction of the highway they pick. "Taking a left onto Interstate 75" from US Route 80 would've been more "Going onto the interchange for Interstate 75".
      • "Highway 74" is State Route 74 as per the Alabama Department of Transportation, whereas officially it's US Route 278. As Damon is traveling northbound in I-75, he would've gotten onto the off-ramp that exited onto State Route 74. Being "just off the ramp" wouldn't allow Damon a clear view of Mercer University for sniping, as the elevation in that area isn't high enough for a "perfect vantage point overlooking" the grounds.
      • There is no such thing as "civilian assault rifle". Civilian grade of assault rifles that aren't as powerful as the ones used by armed forces personnel, on the other hand, do exist.
    • Chapter 11: It's highly unlikely that the nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and glycerin would still be available in the science rooms, much less be still usable after 20 years, as the decomposition would've change them completely and have completely different reactions if mixed. Also, nitroglycerin would require to a stabilizer to be an effective and safe to use explosive.
      • It's about a 40-minute walk from Mercer University to the Grand Opera House, not fifteen minutes.
      • Damon says "Murphy's Law", when it would be more accurate to use Finagle's Law.
      • Using night vision to see better in the direction of the flashlights, Damon would've been blinded instead due to the increased lumens.
      • Damon holding his Glock 37 in the pistol-and-knife stance would more than likely result in a snapped wrist, partly due to the fact that the Glock 37 uses .45 GAP rounds, which means a gun using that caliber of ammunition isn't designed to be fired with one hand.
      • The design of a karambit blade is more for slicing than stabbing like most straight blades, so it's unlikely for Damon to be able to sink it into a skull.
      • Damon wouldn't last long using one of the dead bodies as a Bulletproof Human Shield.
      • Murakumo should've known what a shotgun was, considering that they've been in existence since the mid 1700s and have been used in war.
    • Chapter 12: Even blinded, the girl who took the brunt of the damage from the nail-bomb would've still been able to immediately try to pull out the nails, given the human reflex/reaction to promptly move one's arms and hands up to shield the face. In regards to the nails having "sliced down into her eyeballs", puncturing is the more accurate term and would definitely not "[disconnect] the lens away" from the rest of her eyes, as the nails would've simply punched right through the lens of the human eye.
      • Amatsukaze wouldn't be able to shoot "the pilot cleanly out of the helicopter" with a sawed-off shotgun.
      • Using a rocket launcher against the MH-6 Little Bird makes more sense than using the DSR-50 rifle. On that note, a DSR-50 doing enough damage to the MH-6's rotor assembly would have to depend on the type of .50 BMG cartridge used, as well the amount of damage done to the assembly.
      • Finding boxes of "perfectly good C-4" underneath trash in a post-apocalyptic world is questionable. While C-4 is a stable explosive, its indefinite shelf life can only be true if it is stored properly and kept from extreme heat.
    • Chapter 27: An M60 machine gun, in a ball-turret mount under the nose of a Huey chopper, is incorrectly depicted as a .50 BMG machine gun.
    • Chapter 31: The Controller of Chicago is introduced as "Benjamin Korotayev". In reality, "Benjamin" should have been written as either "Veniamin" or "Venyamin", instead of the Anglicized form.
    • Chapter 40: There appears to have been a mix-up between the Bofors 40mm L/60 auto-cannon and one of the two gatling guns available for the AC-130 gunship, as the auto-cannon is incorrectly depicted as having a much higher rate of fire (1000RPM) than it actually does (120RPM).
    • Chapter 75: A Lamborghini Aventador is depicted as having more than 2 seats (Damon ends up taking four of the destroyer girls as passengers). This same error had been made once before in Naraku no Hana, where's Losira's Aventador is also depicted as having more than 2 seats, and unlike the Ferrari LaFerrari that they'd picked up, which was explicitly stated in the previous chapter to have been modified to have 5 seats from its standard 2-seat arrangement in the previous chapter, there's no mention of any modifications done on this hyper-bull.
  • Dancing Bear: Let's face it, unless you're a hardcore KanColle fan, you know about this story not because of anything that happens in it but because it is incomprehensibly long (as in formerly the longest single piece of fiction ever). Not unlike The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest, who it dethroned for the title.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In chapter 8, Damon remarks that EMP "probably doesn't even exist nowadays anyway." Long story short, it does.
    • In chapter 70, Damon says the way Yuudachi salutes him makes him feel like General Shepherd. In chapter 206, Blackwood tries to kill Damon the same way as Shepherd did to Ghost and Roach.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In chapter 77, while preparing to infiltrate a casino, Damon thinks the PAYDAY 2 soundtrack would be appropriate. Just over two months after the chapter was originally posted, Overkill introduced the Golden Grin Casino heist.
    • This fic: first chapter released in August 2014. Damon hacks Murakumo by stabbing her in the head. February 2016: XCOM 2 released, where you can Skulljack... aka hack someone by stabbing them in the head.
    • In Kongou's fleet log, she complains about not being blonde. While a depiction of Kongou with blonde hair predates Kantai Collection by 4 years, it wouldn't be until her Warship Girls incarnation's debut that there was a shipgirl game with a blonde Kongou.
    • Chapter 190, published April 17, 2016. In it, !Samidare is depicted to have the protocols of all Shiratsuyu-Class destroyers in the form of revolving energy swirls, one for each of the girls in the class. At the time, Yamakaze was the final Shiratsuyu-Class yet to be implemented into the game, and the only energy swirl whose color did not correspond to each of the existing Shiratsuyu-Class destroyers was green. Come Yamakaze on November 18, she's depicted with green hair and green eyes.
    • when the American ship girls are introduced into the story, the carrier Yorktown's nickname amongst them is "Yorkie". When Saratoga was implemented into KanColle, her 9 o'clock hourly notification has her mistaking someone at base with Yorktown, and she, too, calls her "Yorkie".
      • Yorktown's "Red Dead Revolvers" ability is essentially the Dead Eye ability, from the Red Dead series, and while it's named after Red Dead Revolver, its depiction is very similar to how it worked in Red Dead Redemption. Of note is that she only uses this ability when going Guns Akimbo with her S&W Model 500 revolvers. Two years later, October 26, 2018, saw the release of the prequel, Red Dead Redemption II, and that game's player character, Arthur Morgan, can gain the ability to dual-wield sidearms as well as use Dead Eye. John Marston himself can also go Guns Akimbo and use Dead Eye once the player takes control of him following Arthur's passing.
    • both Sandman (Admiral Kevinson) and !Samidare refer to Damon as "Serval", causing a few readers to think that this is a reference to Kemono Friends, which the author claims was unintentional, because he'd given Damon this callsign before he himself found out about the anime.
  • Iron Woobie: Like him or hate him, it's hard to deny that Damon has suffered a lot, though he hardly ever admits it or lets it beat him.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • For some, Damon hacking Murakumo with his nano-knife, then Mercy Killing a fatally-irradiated baby shortly afterwards are insurmountable obstacles to the reading of this fic.
    • We've been getting steady doses of how bad the Coalition can be, but chapter 66 presents an all-new low in their treatment of the ship girls in their hands, such as making Ayanami a quadruple amputee.
  • Never Live It Down: If someone has issues with this fic, the hacking of shipgirls will almost certainly be something they bring up.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: Readers expecting a more traditional KanColle story will have to wait. Though it starts out pretty intensely, it's infantry actions for the most part, with the girls' ship weapons only showing up in chapter 15. And those expecting The Usual Adversaries, the Abyssals, to make their appearance rather than having Damon and co. merely face muggle malice should be prepared to wait even longer.
  • Squick: The author certainly does not hold back with the gore and violence in some of the more graphic scenes in this fic.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: in addition to the popular problems that readers have with the story listed above, another one is the fact that the story deviates too strongly from the game, hell, even from the usual archetypes seen in the English Kantai Collection fanfic community. The emphasis on infantry combat during the early parts of the story, the heavily altered nature of ship girls and the fact that the Abyssals aren't even the main enemy throughout the early parts of the story too, the extremely graphic nature and atmosphere of the story, and the story's eventual turn to include magical elements on top of everything all make for a Kantai Collection fanfiction that seems so deviant from the usual examples of English Kantai Collection fanfics that many usual readers of these fics find it hard to believe that it's even intended to be a Kantai Collection fanfic in the first place. As this reviewer puts it quite aptly:
    Nippon Kagaku: My only problem with this piece of fanfiction – and it’s a serious one – is that this is not a Kantai Collection fanfiction...I came here to read a Kantai Collection fanfiction, [but] what I got is a post-apolcalyptic shooting-game fanfic with completely irrevelant characters (the Fleet Girls) thrown in...But as it is right now, if I ignore the whole “Fleet Girls” part of your story, I could give it a 7.5/10 to 8/10. If I do take the Fleet Girls into consideration, however, it would be a massive failure. Really, replace your “Damon” with Soap McTavish in Power Armor, replace your Fleet Girls with Sentry Bots and call this a Call of Duty/Fallout New Vegas crossover. It would be much more fitting. (10/12/14, review for ch.36)
  • Too Bleak, Stopped Caring: In addition to what's mentioned above, even after getting past Damon's behaviour, it often gets revealed that no one has clean hands. The bandits, Coalition, Inner Circle and neo-Nazis are obvious villains, but even "good" factions that Damon works with aren't above things like hostage-taking, sinister experiments, and You Have Outlived Your Usefulness. This can make it hard to root for anyone.


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