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Quotes / Ambience: A Fleet Symphony

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Damon: Let me put it this way. Food is one of the best ways to leave an impression on a human being, since it's an essential part of human life, or just life in general. You have to have food to live. It doesn't have to be great food - as long as you acquire the necessary nutrients to sustain your body, the kind of food shouldn't matter. But for us humans, it does. Nobody wants to be stuck eating shit out of a can for the rest of their lives. For a lot of people, food is what defines them - either as individuals or as their cultural identities. Obviously the importance of food differs from person to person, but it's always a core element of what it means to be human. You're not an exception either, Murakumo. You might have a mechanical interior and have a more durable body than normal humans, but in the end you still have human tendencies and characteristics. You've enjoyed this food as much as I have. Maybe one day in the future you'll think back to this night and remember the first time you've had food like this. That's what I'm trying to go for - to allow people the ability to think reminisce and replicate the good times of the past, a past that was denied to them all because a handful of retarded fuckers decided it was time to push a big red motherfucking button on the control panel.

Damon: As a few bad guys once said, all it takes to change history is the will of a single person. I'm not a prophet...but imagine what a whole fleet can change.

Losira: Fuck, you're such a fuckin' party shitter.
Damon: You call this a party?
Losira: With rainbow lights and an expensive-ass sports car, it fuckin' might as well be.

Ooi: I didn't want to be reconstructed as a ship girl, Damon. I didn't want to be...resurrected, I guess, for lack of a better term...because I anticipated something like this happening, a time when I would end up losing my friends and family all over again. The last time, it was my friends and comrades who fought with me in the war...the Second World War, that is, is what you Americans would call it. As soon as I was constructed as a ship girl, as soon as I understood what I was, what I'd become, and what this second life would potentially mean, I hated it immediately. Even if it means I've become "human"...or as close to it, anyway...being given life again just to experience what it's like to lose all of your friends a second time...why even live.
Damon: I'll tell you why you should live. It's so that you know what it's like findin' another family to make your own.
Ooi: And have them all die too? Again?
Damon: But this time, your next family won't be killed so easily. But only if I'm able to get 'em back.

Blackwood: Mr. Polchow, I do not think you wish to understand what you are getting yourself into here. But if you insist, you leave me no choice but to tell you that there are only two ways this can end: your ascent to heaven, or your descent to hell, whichever you believe in.
(Damon raises his Daemonbane revolver at Blackwood)
Sanford: Long story short, it's when a ship girl gets so stressed, she subconsciously tells all her cells to explode! The resulting explosion theoretically could be stronger than the nuke they dropped on Nagasaki!
Damon: You just HAD to go with that analogy, didn't you, you fuck!?

Hyuuga: War isn't a picnic, you know, Ise.
Ise: Yeah, but it's not a TV drama, either!
Hyuuga: Since when did you learn about TV dramas?
Ise: Lauren-san introduced me to Korean dramas, remember?
Hyuuga: Ugh.

Damon: I dunno, somehow my preconception of a 'tsundere' is a bit different from myself...
Kawakaze: That's because you can't really judge yourself. But to me, it's pretty clear, and you should ask other girls to see if they agree.
Damon: Yeah, uh, no thanks. Nagato's already busy convincing the whole fuckin' fleet that I'm gay, I don't need everyone to go around callin' me a fuckin' tsundere now.
Kawakaze: Aww, you're just shy.
Damon: I beg to differ.
Kawakaze: Then in your own opinion, if you're not a tsundere, what are you?
Kawakaze: Oh, you.

Damon: Sorry, I'm still not used to the fact that I've got a fuckin' god for a cousin.
Jeannie: While you have been having relationships with several demi-gods at once? Does not compute.

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