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Heartwarming / Ambience: A Fleet Symphony

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  • The Akatsuki-class' logs have a few.
    • Hibiki's logs note that she served as a translator for high-ranking officers in the Russian military and for their staff and politicians that fled to the US to escape the purge following the nuclear detonations. By chance, the controller of Chicago, Benjamin Korotayev, visited the base where she was stationed one day, and revealed himself to be the grandson of a Red Fleet sailor that had served aboard her when she was Verniy. He said that under normal conditions he would have liked to take her to visit his grandfather's grave.
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    • Ikazuchi's logs note that shortly after her initial activation for testing, she was taken to where the late Shunsaku Kudo was buried so she could pay respects. It just so happened that it was on the exact same day that then-living Sir Samuel Falle, who had served aboard HMS Encounter during the Battle of the Java Sea and one of 442 Royal Navy sailors rescued by Captain Kudo after the loss of his ship, was also visiting the captain's grave. She learned that day that Captain Kudo would have taken this noble deed to his grave had Sir Falle not spoken up, and Sir Falle knelt and bowed to her in gratitude for her rescue of him.
  • After her initial activation, Murasame was brought to see the monument that had been erected for her crew, an experience that brought her to tears that people cared despite her previous life's early demise.
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  • Naganami's log, where Shimakaze badgered her into opening up and brought her around to get to know the rest of the fleet. It pulled her out of her funk and sense of isolation, particularly since none of her Yuugumo-class sisters were around then, meaning without Shimakaze's efforts she would not have had anywhere to belong to. All the more so that the Shimakaze as of her initial activation would have been too haughty to go that distance for anyone.
  • Benjamin and Haruna's conversation in chapter 272, where he promises to have the fleet keep an eye out for her missing sisters.

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