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  • Kate was originally going to have gone undercover as a prostitute, Become The Mask, and gotten addicted to cocaine—all before she was even introduced. It was decided that this might be a bit much.
  • Kate was also supposed to have an important story arc in the second half of season 2, but Elisabeth Röhm got cast on Law & Order. She initially planned to do both shows but the constant flying back and forth drained her too much, so Kate disappears after "Epiphany". The Pylea arc was written to replace her planned storyline.
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  • Kate's arc would have eventually led to her becoming a full-fledged Hero Antagonist / Anti-Villain, opposing Angel and vampires in general as a result of her bitterness over her father's death (and Angel bringing her into awareness of the supernatural), rather than their moving reconciliation in "Epiphany". This would have led to her becoming Holtz's key disciple, having an uncomfortable father-daughter dynamic - as opposed to the semi-romantic, semi-familial overtones that Justine (who was created to absorb that part of Kate's arc in the greater narrative) had with Holtz. No word on whether Kate would have continued to serve a role from there or been written out like Justine was.
  • A pretty sad What Could Have Been from this show: You know Cordelia's pathetic death by coma? Instead, she was supposed to wake up and kill Jasmine at some point.
  • According to Tim Minear, the original plan for season four was to have Cordelia be the Big Bad, culminating in her fighting Angel. Charisma Carpenter's pregnany meant that the arc had to be reworked.
    • It's also possible that had Carpenter not left, Cordelia would have filled Harmony's role in season five.
  • Joss originally planned for Whistler (whom we saw in "Becoming") to appear to be a main character. When the actor's schedule didn't work out, he created Doyle.
  • There was also talk of Doyle coming back in Season Three or Four as a villain. Glenn Quinn's death quashed this. In season five, however, antagonist Lindsey pretends to be Doyle, so they got some mileage out of that one at least.
  • The Groosalugg was supposed to come back in Season Four.
  • Ben Edlund originally pitched Bad Horse of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog fame as an Angel villain. His reasoning was supposedly that; since horses on TV are usually nice, a bad horse would be really scary. Joss felt the idea was too silly to fit into Angel's universe. Then they did a puppet episode (which Edlund also wrote...).
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  • After the series ended, there was a lot of talk about a series of made-for TV movies with the characters, but no one wanted to fund them.
  • When Buffy ended, Nicholas Brendon offered to move to Angel, but Whedon didn't feel that Xander would fit well into Angel's life and Spike was shunted over to Angel instead.
  • David Greenwalt, one of Angel's executive producers, wanted the main character of his own show Profit to reappear as a Wolfram and Hart employee. But due to rights issues and conflicts with Adrian Pasdar's schedule, the idea was scrapped.
  • Giles was going to have a guest spot in "A Hole in the World" but it would have been too expensive to get Anthony Stewart Head to fly from England - and so Drogyn was created to fill the role instead.
    • Considering this, it's possible (but unconfirmed) that Giles was also originally supposed to be the one Angel killed as part of his initiation into the Circle Of Black Thorn in "Power Play", a role Drogyn ended up playing in that episode. This seems especially possible since Angel DOES end up killing Giles in the Buffy Season 8 comic, in the same manner as he killed Drogyn no less.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar was meant to make more guest appearances as Buffy in season five:
    • "You're Welcome" was supposed to feature her rather than Cordelia - and you can see the end of "Damage" foreshadowing a Buffy appearance. She had to cancel at the last minute, due to a death in her family.
    • She was asked to appear in the second-last episode "Power Play". However she was busy filming The Grudge at the time.
    • She offered to star in "Not Fade Away", but was turned down - due to producers not wanting Buffy to overshadow the rest of the cast.
  • Dawn was to star in "The Girl in Question" but Michelle Trachtenberg was unavailable - so the part was rewritten for Andrew Wells instead. Contrary to popular belief, Sarah Michelle Gellar was not meant to appear in the episode; the plan was always for Angel and Spike to only see her from far away. And the Season 8 comics revealed that it was an impostor dancing with the Immortal.
  • The character of Jhiera, the demon in "She" was considered to become a recurring character. "The Ring" bringing up her demonic species (the Vigories of Oden Tal) was likely a reference to establish her as a part of the greater tapestry. But ultimately, this didn't happen.
  • Morena Baccarin was originally scheduled to play Jasmine. She lost out to fellow Firefly castmate Gina Torres.
  • Had the show got a sixth season:
    • Illyria would have been split into Illyria and Fred, with Amy Acker playing both roles in tandem. This is the reason for the statement that Fred's soul was destroyed by Illyria's possession, which comes off as just being pointlessly cruel in the final version. Fred eventually did return in the post-finale comic series Angel and Faith, and she now shares a body with Illyria, as previously planned had there been a sixth season of the TV show. Plus, the Fang Gang would have summoned Willow to perform the seperation spell.
    • Oz would have returned, most likely to help Nina with her werewolfism. Seth Green has said he was never approached about that idea, the story is up for debate.
    • The writers were allegedly planning for Spike and Angel to hook up at some point. There's a throwaway line in "Power Play" that mentioned they did at one point, so I guess we sorta got that.
    • Gunn would have become a vampire.
    • Wesley would have been brought back.


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