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"I've been cancelled more times than a Whitney Houston comeback tour."
The man himself, on how he copes with losing a show.

Quote from the New York Times:

"To fans of the WB's recently canceled Angel, the writer Tim Minear is known affectionately as The Tim Reaper: the master of the fatal plot twist." (The cited article can be found here.)

Also known for shows on FOX that get cancelled very quickly. In the space of five years, he produced Firefly (11 episodes aired), Wonderfalls (4 episodes aired), The Inside (6 episodes aired), and Drive (2007) (4 episodes aired). Then he became a consulting producer on Dollhouse, which actually got two seasons before it got canned. He then produced the critically beloved Terriers for FX, which attracted fewer viewers than the average high-school play. He worked on The Chicago Code, which was canceled by FOX after its 13 episode first season. He broke the curse with American Horror Story, on which he worked as an executive producer and which is a bona fide hit for FX. He's currently creator/showrunner of 9-1-1.

To his credit, he at least maintains a sense of humor about his bad luck: in addition to the article quote above, his Twitter handle is @CancelledAgain.

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