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Webcomic / Marry Me (Bobby Crosby)
aka: Marry Me

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This is the story of three people and a sign.

Marry Me is a Romantic Comedy webcomic created and written by Bobby Crosby (+EV, Last Blood) and illustrated by Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar (No Pink Ponies). It depicts the life of Stasia, a pop-idol of some renown who fills whatever arena she sings in. On the personal front, though, it's less of a sunshine story. Stasia's love life has turned out less than satisfactory, and she is not eager to get back into the dating scene again. Depressed and unenthusiastic, she prepares for her last show of the year.

Enter Guy. Or in fact, enter Parker, dragging Guy with her by his ear. Parker is a die-hard Stasia fan and has brought along a sign that she is intent on getting Stasia's autograph on. Guy can't understand the appeal of her music (or any other parts of her). As the show progresses, nature calls to Parker. Unfortunately, this may make her miss the big moment, but she makes Guy swear to present the sign if she doesn't make it back in time. Being a nice guy, he does. He probably shouldn't have.

A film adaptation of the webcomic starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma was released on February 11, 2022 by Universal Pictures simultaneously in theatres and on Peacock.

The comic is currently complete. A mirror can be found here.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Accidental Marriage: This is pretty much the entire point of the plot. A guy is dragged to a concert by his lesbian friend who adores the singer and has a sign that reads "Marry Me." She asks him to hold up the sign for her while she goes to the bathroom. Guess what the singer does next? In this case the hapless guy actually does decide to ride it out, and ends up genuinely falling in love with her. Also, toward the end they find out that they aren't actually married. They decide to get married for real, anyway.
  • Best Woman: The tomboyish lesbian friend of the male lead is his best "man" in the epilogue.
  • Fever Dream Episode: The second arc is about (and entitled) when Parker met Guy. Parker, doing a babysitting job, is told by her temporary charges that their uncle Guy is upstairs, sicker than an entire pack of effluent dogs. Guy is clearly having a good time with this, because although he's fully awake, he's nowhere near lucid; when he inevitably manages to escape Parker's attention with the boys, he comes to the conclusion that they need hamburgers, and treats their fast food order with all the grave urgency of a black ops mission.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: Guy actually met Stasia on a movie set some time before the comic's official start. He has no memory of this because he was delirious with a fever, and to her he was just some weird extra in a gorilla suit.
  • Good Samaritan: Stasia is an avid giver to charity and cancer research.
  • I Drank What?: Averted when the characters ask what they're drinking before they consume it. It turns out to be blood. They drink it anyway. It turns out that they had already drank it before, since Parker is training for a vampire marathon.
  • Incompatible Orientation: The straight pop star Stasia is adored by her lesbian fangirl Parker, who doesn't stand a chance. At an inopportune moment during a concert, Parker hands off her 'marry me' sign to Guy, her male, heterosexual best friend. Stasia is still emotionally unstable from her last breakup, and ends up accepting Guy's "proposal".
  • Magical Defibrillator: Parker manages to revive a clinically-dead homeless man with fifty-three applications of a defibrillator without retiring the blanket that was covering him.
  • Marriage Before Romance: Pop-idol who doesn't want to go back into the dating scene impulsively accepts a marriage proposal by sign and gets married to him on stage that minute. But the guy who was holding the sign didn't especially want to get married to her - it wasn't even his sign. Eventually, they fall in love.
  • Missing Mom: Stasia and Jenny's mom has been gone for years.
  • No One Could Survive That!: Turtle, who dived into an icy river, got shocked by an electric eel, and then was buried her mother's wedding dress.
  • One-Steve Limit:
    • Pointedly averted, discussed and enforced with Parker's "homeless dad", who shares a name with Denny. When he finds out, Denny rants about how the limit should be enforced, always. Then Stasia's dad offers Homeless Dad!Denny $10,000 to legally change his name to Bing.
    • Also despite Bodyguard!Denny's objections Jenny's baby was named after Parker.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic:
    • One of the News Commentators thinks the entire thing is a publicity stunt. Though, to give him credit, he does bring up some good points for it, despite them all just being coincidences. Really, REALLY, convenient coincidences.
    • Also, Guy is too realistic of a pirate for audiences to connect with. Don't ask.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: During the concert Stasia gets raised by wires. She thinks "Don't drop me, Gary!" (the guy who runs the wires). As she is being lifted Parker also shouts out "Don't drop her Gary!"
  • Uncle Pennybags: Stasia is a wealthy celebrity sensation, who also donates a large amount of her money regularly to various charitable organizations, and visits needy places in Africa on a whim.
  • Wacky Marriage Proposal: This is the entire basis of the comic — a lesbian fan of the rock idol female lead was holding up a sign that read "Marry Me" at a concert. She needed to sneak off to go to the bathroom, so she had her male friend hold up the sign, hoping to get it autographed. Said idol saw the sign and capriciously accepted his "proposal" for complicated personal reasons. A priest happened to be in the audience, and had them wed on stage. Plot Ensues.

Alternative Title(s): Marry Me