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The original cast of Mother Goose Clubnote 

Sing a song, we'll all sing along, with the Mother Goose Club!

What do you get when you take six well-known nursery rhyme characters and modernize them? Why, Mother Goose Club, of course!

Mother Goose Club is a collection of educational content for preschoolers featuring six colorful characters from the Mother Goose world. Beloved by preschoolers and their caregivers and teachers worldwide, Mother Goose Club is a leading educational YouTube channel with billions of views. Also distributed on Netflix and on local PBS stations nation-wide, Mother Goose Club is the proud winner of four Midsouth Emmy® awards and 12 other industry awards.

Through song, rhyme, play and dance, Mother Goose Club’s characters – Baa Baa Sheep, Eep the Mouse, Little Bo Peep, Jack B. Nimble, Mary Quite Contrary and Teddy Bear – inspire viewers to interact with rhymes.

The brand's live-action content is produced in Nashville, Tennessee. There are also various animated segments featuring the cast, which, until 2017, were animated in ToonBoom Harmony.


2015 saw a significant Retool: Jack, Mary, Bo Peep, and Eep were all recast, and Teddy and Baa Baa got costume updates. Also, the cartoon content switched from 2D to CGI.

Mother Goose Club has a spinoff called Mother Goose Club Playhouse, which features real kids, not actors, singing nursery rhymes as well. And as of 2017, there are 10 soundtrack releases. There are also 5 Direct-to-DVD episodes, each of which last about 6 minutes.

Not to be confused with Mother Goose Treasury.

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