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Villians from the TV series such as Pythor or Chen will either be in the background or appear in the stinger.
Much like the Incredibles, what better way is there to say "AS THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES" by having Pythor lead the Serpentine for an invasion or something.
  • Jossed.

The VAs from the TV show will provide background voices.
  • Jossed.

The TV show models will show up as a Mythology Gag somewhere.
  • The trailer DOES show TV!Cole in an early bit of the trailer. But whether that will be expanded upon (either by the others showing up somewhere or they do something plot important) is as of yet unknown.
    • Jossed.

Jay's Parents and Nya created the Mecha used by the ninja.
They are Gadgeteer Geniuses who could whip them up.

Garmadon will be redeemed.
The TV show did such a good job with his arc that it'd be a shame to waste it.
  • Confirmed, to an extent. He stays monstrous and reconnects with his son, but he and his wife are seen to still have conflict.

Garmadon does actually love and care for Lloyd but hides it behind a veneer of not caring so no one can use it against him, and so Lloyd can defeat him later.
Because, again, the TV show did such a good job with his arc.
  • Not really. Garmadon is just oblivious and sidelined by his love for villainy.

The TV!Ninjas will do something in the plot
If the basis of the Lego Movie is "A kid plays with his playset" then the fact he has two different models of the same character could be used for Plot reasons. Especially if the two have different backstories/powers.
  • Jossed. This is a new version altogether.

The Weekend Whip will play somewhere.
It's the TV theme song. Come on.
  • The Fold has confirmed that their music did make it into the movie! iTunes also has a page for a "Lego Ninjago Movie edition" of "The Weekend Whip" (though the sample doesn't sound that much different than how the song sounded during the show's first two seasons).
    • Confirmed, it's Lloyd's ringtone.

Garmadon's new Adaptational Villainy regarding his son is because of Finn misinterpreting his personality

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will cameo.
The Lego Batman Movie reached out of its source material for characters, and seeing as Lego has access to the most well known Father/Son and Villain/Hero pair...
  • Jossed, this film is the first LEGO Movie to have no crossover elements, unless you consider the GPL Tech minifigure to be from the LEGO Batman Movie world.

If Zane ever does stop smiling, it'll come with his rebirth as the Titanium Ninja.
Rule Of Funny/Symbolism/Cool.
  • Jossed; later previews show normal Zane making other expressions.

Garmadon is an escapee from the The LEGO Batman Movie Phantom Zone
The Phantom Zone mostly held Big Bad level villains and it's implied that Garmadon is only a recent threat that has returned, what better way to explain his return and disappearance in Lloyd's life than by tying it to the LEGO Batman Movie?

Characters from other Lego sets will appear.
Considering Finn's apparent love for Lego crossovers, this seems likely. Possible candidates include:

Garmadon is Brainwashed and Crazy and the person behind it also erased everyone's memories of his true nature.
Garmadon used to be more like his TV series self when Lloyd was younger but for whatever reason, they needed father and son at odds and what better way to do that than not only removing Garmadon from Lloyd's life but erasing their relationship entirely? Eventually one of two outcomes will happen.
  • Lloyd will start to regain his memories of his father's true nature and blue-screen over it because of all of the mixed emotions that would swell up in him. Then once he realizes he's been wrong the entire time, he ends up at odds with his teammates who refuse to believe that the Garmadon they remember could ever have been the father Lloyd now remembers him being. Lloyd manages to break the brainwashing but ends up captured by them just as he completes the process, fully believing that he failed to save his father and that his teammates won't come after him since he betrayed them. Garmadon and the rest of the Ninjas will be forced into an Enemy Mine for Lloyd's sake and through a Heroic Sacrifice of some kind to save his son, Garmadon redeems himself in everyone's eyes.
  • Garmadon will start to break out of his brainwashing on his own, ultimately shattering it entirely when they try to kill Lloyd. For bonus points, this moment will happen when Lloyd is at Rock Bottom and they taunt him with "No One Can Save You Now!" due to having preventing the rest of the Ninjas from reaching wherever they're holding Lloyd right before striking the final blow. Then Garmadon bursts in Just in Time to block said final blow and father and son end up fighting together.
    • After they're is dealt with, Garmadon is put on an extremely long regime of community service to make up for everything he did while brainwashed. But he doesn't care because for the first time in a long time, he and his son are on the same side.
    • As far as canon, nope, jossed.
      • Well, Garmadon did say that he was bitten by a spider-bitten snake. If we agree that this snake is sort of a movie version of The Great Devourer, then the spider that bit the snake becomes the movie's version of The Overlord, the Ultimate Evil and Greater-Scope Villain of the TV show.

This Lloyd and the green ninja from The LEGO Movie are separate characters.
This explains their different appearances, as well as the fact that a kid in the Ninjago City set has a green ninja t-shirt based on the set/show version.
  • That would also explain why in the short Enter the Ninjago, Lloyd doesn't sound like he does in The Lego Ninjago Movie (or the TV show, for that matter).

Garmadon's evil plan will be called "Garmageddon".
Because it would be very disappointing if the pun wasn't used.
  • Sadly jossed.

The female general of Garmadon's army will end up being the Big Bad.
With Garmadon seemingly teaming up with his son and the two of them getting to know each other, he's probably more like a decoy villain. Whereas Meowthra itself acts as a destructive Kaiju that appears to be chasing a laser pointer, which could be the so-called 'ultimate weapon'. Hence the real villain must be the one controlling the laser pointer. The movie minifigures' description hints at Garmadon being a Bad Boss to his subordinates, with the female general being noted as "cooking something up against [him]". The second trailer also depicts her as knocking Lloyd off the roof and causing him to lose his arm. A Freeze-Frame Bonus shows her expression as a very wide and manic smile that might be somewhat suspect.
  • Jossed. Doesn't mean she isn't a significant threat, though.

The movie will contain some discussion between faithfulness vs. putting your own spin when creating fanfiction.
An Irish TV spot includes a fleeting shot of live-action Jackie Chan, possibly talking to Finn, implying that the viewers will again visit the human world at some point. Maybe that scene has such a discussion?
  • Jossed. This is a framing device from the beginning that makes no pretenses about the LEGO world being imagination. Everybody in-story stays in their reality.

The characters are so different from their TV counterparts because the story is being told by Jackie Chan's live-action character
It's implied that (presumably) Finn is being bullied and goes to this man to talk to him. He has likely told the man about what each of the characters are like but only in a vague sense. So the most description the man got was stuff like "This is Nya, she's the ninja of water and is super cool" and the man filled in the blanks on their personalities.

Not wanting to nitpick the man, Finn kept a sort of "yes and" approach to the story and built off of the inaccurate personalities.

Garmadon's volcano lair is actually a baking soda volcano

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