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Potential Rabbid-Fused bosses
  • Daisy
  • Waluigi
  • Rosalina
  • Wario
  • Birdo
  • Bob-omb
  • Hammer Bros
  • Sprixies
  • Toadette
  • Cranky Kong
  • Lanky Kong
  • Ashley
  • Tibby's Mom/Mamarin (Hey, Rhythm Heaven is canonically part of the Mario 'verse.)
    • Confirmed for Wario & Waluigi, jossed for everyone else
      • Although we do get Rabbid Cranky in the DLC as a playable character.

Potential Final Bosses
  • Bowser, who finally came back from vacation.
  • Barranco III, the sole explicitly evil Rabbid.
  • Xenson and Charles, who sent the Rabbids to Mario's world to get them out of theirs, and are hellbent on keeping them out.
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  • Lapinibernatus, for the same reasons. Also might be revealed to be the one who created Beep-0.
  • Rayman, who somehow also winds up in Mario's world and, upon seeing the Mario cast acting friendly with the creatures he had long since given up trying to combat, completely snaps.
    • Semi-confirmed for the first guess: It is indeed Bowser, but he's been fused/possessed by the Megabug and isn't in control of his actions.

Bowser will turn into a Rabbid hybrid
It's been said that Bowser is on vacation, but whoever said that he'll return to steal the spotlight and somehow turn into a Rabbid? I believe this was also said in the leak.
  • Partly Jossed. Bowser does get merged with a creature, but it isn't a Rabbid.

Rayman will appear in some form
Whether he has a role in the storyline or just makes a few cameos here and there, it would be awesome to see the guy whose series spawned the Raving Rabbids and their own series in the first place.
  • Jossed.

The final boss is something completely different
Though Ubisoft's been hiding it, there are clues that something else is responsible for the game's events. Notably There are recurring mentions of something called a "Megabug". These mentions include:
  • A section of one cutscene where Beep-O mentions Rabbids being under the control of the Megabug.
  • The weapon descriptions are organized based on the area where the weapon is and provide a hint for how to obtain it. The Lava Pit descriptions mention a Mech (probably alluding to Bowser Jr. being the sub-boss there) and mention the Megabug in the description for the penultimate weapons.
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  • One of the co-op maps is seemingly based on the Megabug and the map looks like the techno effects shown throughout the rest of the game (like when an enemy is defeated or even the background of the title).

Thus, it appears that Bowser Jr. will either be a secondary antagonist or he'll get hijacked after being defeated. What this means for the possiblity of Bowser being turned into a Rabbid or Bowser even being in this game is unclear.

  • Confirmed. Jr. gets hijacked by his own Papa...who is also Brainwashed and Crazy due to Spawny, who was absorbed into the aforementioned Megabug. The name of Bowser's new form is Megadragon Bowser.

The playable Rabbids are trying to act like the characters they're based on.

The Super Scope 6?
  • Will the Super Scope 6 appear in this game as a secret weapon or as part of a DLC pack? It would only make perfect sense as it is the very first gun-type weapon that Mario has used in his franchise's history.

The Megabug was based on Solaris from Sonic 2006
  • The Megabug is a Physical God that wants to consume the Mario + Rabbids universes and is a completely silent Eldritch Abomination with it's true form being a giant creature with 4 wings that are larger than it's body and the body is in a smaller place with a face and a tail looking thing. Additionally while Mephiles couldn't possess people, he was made to be a copy of Shadow through Shapeshifting and both are the biggest Knight of Cerebus in the franchise. While there's no statement as of right now what it's based on, Ubisoft will reveal that the Megabug was based on Solaris.

The story expansion will involve the inventor from the opening.

DLC Characters / Sequel?
  • The fact that this game has been positively received for its potential means that they simply can't just stop at having only 8 playable characters. Will there be a sequel or an expansion that features additional characters? If so, then who would be most likely to make the cut?
    • Confirmed. Donkey Kong and a New Campaign has been announced as DLC for Spring 2018.
With the Title being a Success, this could lead into more Nintendo/Ubisoft Crossovers and such
]Imagine Link and Ezio in the same game.

The story expansion will star the Broodals as the villains.
  • The idea of the Rabbids, a bunch of crazy rabbits, fighting the Broodals, an other bunch of crazy rabbits, is so crazy it just might work.
  • There's four of them (unless you count Madame Broode) and there are four worlds in the main game. So one per world.
  • If Ubisoft decides to add a fifth world (which could be the Moon), there are two ways this could go (plus a nod to Rabbids Go Home's goal of going to the Moon) :
    • The four original worlds are where you fight the usual four Broodals while the fifth one is where you fight Madame Broode.
    • The Broodals are mid-bosses in each world while Madame Broode is the boss of each world. With the fifth world having either a fight will all four Broodals at once, the RoboBrood or both plus Madame Broode.
      • Jossed: the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC has Rabbid Kong as the final boss, and the Broodals don't show up.

A Space Chapter (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • There's a lot of promising and undeniable potential in making a Adventure Campaign set in space. For starters, there would be another splinter of space-faring renegade rabbids, probably controlled by a new megabug, that's rampaging around a large sector of space, looking for an unobtanium material or stealing stars to become stronger. And one of the major characters in the story will be Rosalina who will lend her powers and the Comet Observatory to help the new party to travel across the cosmos and stop the renegades wherever they find them.

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