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Trivia / Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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  • Breakthrough Hit: For Ubisoft Milan, which until then had primarily worked on low-profile handheld and "casual" games aswell as support roles on Ubisoft's bigger titles. The success of Mario + Rabbids caused the number of job applications to increase by 10 times as much and launched plans to expand the studio.
  • Cut Song: The Phantom was actually supposed to have 3 acts to his song, each of which would play during phase transitions, but the second one was cut out of the game. It can be listened to here.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "The Roomba" for Beep-0, due to him looking like and moving across the ground like one.
    • Even though Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was developed by Ubisoft, the game is occasionally referred to as "Mario X-Com" because of the very similar gameplay mechanics.
    • The Great Mighty Boo for the Phantom, since he was compared to The Great Mighty Poo in the best ways possible
    • In a more meta-sense, director Davide Soliani is occasionally referred to as "Crying Ubisoft Man", due to the tears of joy he had when Miyamoto praised his work during the game's reveal.
  • Hey, It's That Sound!: The game borrows a few iconic sound effects, such as the Banana sound effect from Donkey Kong Country in the Rabbid Kong boss battle.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: While her actual introduction still fits her being "The Badass Princess", her Let's Get Dangerous! scene in the pre-release trailers isn't in the actual game.
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  • Name's the Same: Rabbid Luigi... does not make Top Ten List videos on Youtube.
  • No Dub for You: In regards to the scientist in the intro and the Phantom, this is the first Raving Rabbids production with full voiced dialogue to NOT be dubbed in the Rabbids' native French (for those not keeping track, the previous Rabbids productions with full voiced dialogue prior to this game were Rabbids Go Home and Rabbids Invasion).
  • Saved from Development Hell: A crossover between Mario and the Rabbids had been on the table at Ubisoft since the Wii era, but nothing came out of it until now. All that really came out of it was that it was supposed to be a subversive, self-aware take on Super Mario Bros. The only known piece of concept art dates back to 2010, depicting the Rabbids stealing Bowser and Mario chasing after them.
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  • So My Kids Can Watch: A variant. Because the game takes heavy inspiration from X-COM, the director of the franchise has said that despite not working on the game, he's looking forward to it as an "XCOM game" he can finally share with his daughters.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Beep-0's original name was "Tuttorio".
    • The Phantom's song was initially going to have rap version and metal versions for different stages of the battle, in addition to opera, but it was later decided that it didn't work that well.
  • Working Title: When Grant Kirkhope was brought in to work as the game's composer, the title was named Rabbids Battle Kingdom to hide the significant inclusion of the Mario franchise.

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