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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has the Mario characters team up with their Rabbid counterparts to fight a bunch of other Rabbids. The jokes practically write themselves!

E3 trailer

  • Mario's first contact with Rabbid Peach has her splat on the ground like a Saturday morning cartoon character. She turns and swings her hair teasingly to Mario, complete with romantic music as she struts over, only...
  • Rabbid Luigi (not to be confused with the YouTube creator in any instance mentioned) is introduced falling face-first to the ground between Mario and Rabbid Peach, screaming the Rabbid scream all the way to impact. Rabbid Peach is not amused, complete with thumbs-down animation. Keep in mind the trailer is just half a minute in from these two moments alone.
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  • Mario rolling onto his back to launch Rabbid Peach over a wall the enemy Rabbids are hiding behind is not funny. Rabbid Peach nonchalantly shooting their target is not funny. Rabbid Peach snapping several selfies mid-flight before shooting her target nonchalantly is likely to slay you from sheer absurdity.
  • Mario and his two Rabbids find the real Peach pinned by two hostile Rabbids, and Mario proceeds to be Mario. Peach sees this, then sees her Rabbid counterpart, and decides she's had enough before shooting her aggressors off of her.
    • Near the end, the gang all bring out their weapons, except Rabbid Luigi, who brings out a banana. Cue Rabbid Kong.
    • Mario meets Rabbid Mario, who literally proceeds to strut while grunting the Mario theme. Mario chuckles approvingly.

Main Story

  • One of the things that falls past Beep-0 when he first arrives at the Mushroom Kingdom is a bored-looking Rabbid who is sitting on a toilet and holding a newspaper.
    • Another is Rabbid Mario frozen in a block of ice.
      • A third is three rabbids, each riding a paintbrush, one of whom nearly knocks poor Spawny out, followed by a falling ice-cream and an on fire and exploding washing machine.
  • The Rabbid Peach has a tendency to constantly take selfies, even while she's in danger.
  • Rabbid Peach throws Rabbid Luigi at a talking sunflower. Why? Because on top of having a bad attitude for the Rabbids, for all your work in 1-2, it spat out a single coin. Not only did Rabbid Peach throw it back nigh immediately, but threw rocks at it and finishing with tossing Rabbid Luigi. No one sasses Rabbid Peach.
  • While Pirabbid Plant is slamming her around with its vines, Rabbid Peach pauses her freakout to take a selfie.
    • The best part? The Pirabbid Plant pauses its thrashing of her to pose for the selfie.
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  • Rabbid Kong's attack when a hero Rabbid gets too close to him in his boss fight is to grab the character, shake them a bit, and scratch its ass with them before throwing them to the ground. (With a Mario character, he simply roars before slamming them on the ground.)
  • After defeating the first boss and causing Rabbid Kong to fall off the tower, Rabbid Peach decides to take several selfies with her and the falling boss. During said selfies, Rabbid Kong inexplicably appears right next to Rabbid Peach and smiles right before continuing his fall.
    • Afterwards, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi are looking at the phone and laughing at the photos. Luigi tries to get a look too, but the Rabbids won't let him. For the rest of the scene, Luigi can be seen repeatedly sliding up behind the Rabbids and ducking away before they notice him.
    • And then there's the reason Kong's falling in the first place. When you beat the battle, he climbs up this tower of blocks, including a very slender stick. As the group runs up, Rabbid Peach starts poking at it. Mario tries to get her to stop, but Rabbid Luigi laughs, and with an absolutely enormous shit-eating grin, she pushes it out from the stack.
  • Due to the vast majority of the foreign objects being commonly found household objects supersized, it’s possible to find some pretty weird scenery, especially in the Sherbet Desert where a Banzai Bill has underwear over its head and it’s clearly uncomfortable as a result.
  • At the beginning of 2-3, Bowser Jr. attacks Mario & his team and gloats about how, when he makes his army, no one is going to be the boss of him. Cue a phone call from Bowser and Junior reassuring his father that he did all his chores.
  • After the miniboss fight in 2-5, Rabbid Mario (who is frozen in a block of ice with only his tongue sticking out) manages to knock himself out of the gate with only his tongue.
  • A meta example: Kingdom Battle is often compared to the new XCOM games. As it turns out, Kingdom Battle came out out the exact same day as XCOM 2's expansion, War of the Chosen. They were even announced at the same E3!
  • After Spawny falls out of the Clown Car in world 2-8, Junior warns Mario to stay away from him, adding: "I've got things to do and daddy issues to repress!"
  • Upon defeating the boss of world 2, Icicle Golem, the Rabbid who helped in the fight takes its head and places it on the ground so that Peach can run up to it and kick it like a football back into the massive freezer from whence it came. She manages to kick it so hard, it almost knocks the massive, house-sized freezer to the ground.
  • If Rabbid Peach is the Rabbid chosen to help fight the Icicle Golem, there is an extended scene after the fight where she is very dismissive of Peach. Mario facepalming also deserves mention.
  • Much of World 3 consists of Mario & his team being lead to find the "Relics of Goodness" by a mysterious messenger who claims they are the key to waking a friendly spirit known as Tom Phan. Except it is very obvious it is Bowser Jr. tricking the party into a trap. And in-spite of the times when he has to correct himself (in an e-mail, no less) or happily mentions the dangers they'll be facing, the heroes still fall for it.
  • The introduction of the Valkyries in World 3. They shoot a heart around the team...and then it's revealed that their gatling guns come from their chests.
  • Beep-0 trying to convince Toad and Toadette to go do something indoors so they don't get lost again. They decide they should, after exploring some more. Mario's facepalm says it all.
  • Before Spawny combines the Gramophone, Boo Balloon and a Rabbid into the Phantom, the Rabbid can be seen excitedly pulling on the tongue of the balloon.
  • The boss of World 3, Phantom, is an opera-singing Rabbid who sings a song dissing Mario between each phase. One might be reminded of a G-rated version of the Great Mighty Poo.
  • Near the end of the game, Bowser Jr. learns that his dad is on his way home early. In his panic, he accidentally tosses his cellphone into some nearby lava and incinerates it.
  • Being frozen only freezes your head in a perfect cube of ice. Not only does it look ridiculous, but it adds a fittingly nonsensical explanation for how you can be burnt and frozen at the same time.
  • To get the Moon Gate open in World 3, it needs to be a full moon. How do they make it happen? Simple, they turn the hands on the clock tower backwards so that the moon rises back up into the sky. This line exemplifies this moment:
    Beep-0: Sounds like the type of nonsensical Rabbidese logic the Mushroom Kingdom is overrun with...
  • The introduction to the Hopper enemies. After a brief display of their new abilities and a title card ("Team Jumping Jerks"), one of them actually falls over the edge of the battlefield, forcing the other two to rescue him.
  • Shielded enemies can't be hit from the front. Obviously, that's not the funny part. What is? If you flank them and aim, they raise their hands in surrender.
  • The introduction of the Lava Queen: flirting with Mario.
  • The last regular challenge, "Battle Royal", requires you to defeat 30 enemies, which includes many of the game's tougher enemies and all of the mid bosses but Bowser Jr. Who's the very last opponent? A Garden Ziggy.
  • Losing gives us some funny moments to alleviate some of the frustration, particularly from the Rabbids, which ranges from straight up collapsing for Rabbid Yoshi, choking on a toothpick from Rabbid Mario, and a straight up Rage Quit from Rabbid Peach, who even tosses her wig towards the group.
  • In the descriptions of the characters, Peach is described as "a defender in a dress" rather than "a damsel in distress". Also, she's armed with an extremely powerful and extremely deadly shotgun. This is the kind, pretty Princess who usually ends up captured, but apparently Peach has had enough of being kidnapped for the time being.

Donkey Kong Adventure

  • This DLC has you play as Donkey Kong, Rabbid Peach and a Rabbid version of...Cranky Kong. The gameplay trailer even shows him whacking Beep-0 with his cane.
  • After Donkey Kong meets Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Cranky's introduction has him walk onto the screen. Very, very, slowly. And then once he finally is entirely offscreen, he immediately eschews his alleged old man stamina by doing a dramatic jump pose for his splash screen.
  • Rabbid Kong survived his fall. He also gained some strength thanks to some contaminated bananas. Which causes him to just punch Rabbid Peach into the sand. When he leaves, she angrily just pops out of the ground. Like a daisy!
  • Our introduction to Side-Eye shows him as a cruel and greedy warlord who taunts his minions with food before taking it away. But when he realizes he has to actually fight, he immediately runs and hides. His intro splash screen even shows him hiding behind a cover block!
  • When you open a chest in a bonus room, Rabbid Peach will steal Rabbid Cranky's cane and use it as a selfie stick. Rabbid Cranky will start yelling at her, only to suddenly lean in and pose for the picture at the last second.
  • After getting both of the keys to the big gate and returning to said gate, Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky start to unlock it. All well and good, except Rabbid Cranky's lock is upside down. After a few seconds of watching him fail to put in the key, Donkey Kong simply lifts Rabbid Cranky and holds him upside down, which lets him successfully unlock his side of the door.
  • After falling into the dungeon, Rabbid Peach starts moonbathing. Then when Beep-0 points out that there's no wi-fi, she checks her phone, panics, and runs offscreen while Rabbid Cranky laughs at her. She then slowly walks back onscreen while crying, and faceplants.
  • If you get a Game Over, Cranky Rabbid starts reprimanding Donkey Kong, who then punches him to somewhere off-screen which he and Rabbid Peach laugh over.
  • On Rabbid Cranky's Team Info page, Rabbid Peach pokes him on the shoulder from offscreen, causing him glance over in that direction and grumble angrily to himself as he turns back. Immediately afterward, Rabbid Peach sticks her phone behind Rabbid Cranky and takes a flash photograph of him, and he immediately turns around and scolds her for bothering him.


  • A Youtuber, who had previously taken the screen name rabbidluigi (under the impression that the crossover was so absurd that not even Crack Fic would ever find it), was found by the groups working on the game. Both the Youtuber and the various companies involved decided to run with it.
I've been playing the copy [of the game] that Ubisoft sent me, along with the merchandise of... myself.


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