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Nagisa has special Keet-induced superpowers of luck.
Everything he wants seems to magically go his way. He was able to get Rei, who didn't even know how to swim, to join the swim team. He was able to save him with seemingly less hassle than Haru did for Makoto, even though Rei was the one drowning in the first place and we see a giant wave crashing on top of them. The wave was then never mentioned again. Finally, whenever he suggests some kind of arrangement for the others, it always goes exactly how he wanted no matter what the others do. For instance, he wanted to sleep in the same tent as Haru, and he wanted Rei to check the fridge, and that's what ends up happening even though they decided to leave it up to luck.
  • Or maybe he's a Keet precisely because he's so lucky. Maybe he's never had reason to be actually unhappy in his entire life, since he ends up getting whatever he wants.
    • As of season 2, we see that Nagisa definitely has has reason to be unhappy.
  • Also, the reason why Nagisa gets what he wants is probably because he's a pest about it until he gets it.
Rin is dead/a ghost.
He died shortly after returning to Australia for the first time. His ghost is haunting the members of his swim team, who feel responsible for his death.
Haruka is a selkie.
Or half-Selkie, at least. Perhaps his mother returned to sea, and that's why he seems to live alone? His obsession with water is due to longing for his home, and his trouble with relating to others comes of not being quite their species.
  • Wouldn't a kappa be more likely?
    • Nah, 'cos we've seen him lie down... his dish would empty, if he was a kappa, wouldn't it?
    • Also, kappas are polite. Haruka is...not.
  • Perhaps one of his parents is/was a mermaid/man who are either splash-style mermaids or became human through the little mermaid method. While Haruka didn't inherit the tail, he still has the love of water.
  • Or now that it's out, Haruka can be a mer-person from Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea. And unlike the merpeople there, Haruka found a way to live in the land just fine but soaks himself with water as an old habit to replenish is raiment.
Haruka and Rin are Deep One hybrids.
And one day they will complete their metamorphosis and swim down to Y'ha-nthlei, where they will dwell in wonder and glory forever. And weird all the locals out because all of them just take swimming for granted.
The boy with shark teeth in the photo that Rin took from the old swimming club is his father
In "High Speed", there are pictures at the swim club dating back 23 years. Rin is the only character shown to have shark-like teeth, and as shown in official material, his father is absent.
  • Confirmed

Makoto is related to Yuuta Togashi and Oreki Houtarou
  • They all have brown hair, green eyes, similar hairstyles, and pretty boy features. Their animes are all produced by the same company as well. Coincidence? I think not.

Rin will go back to being his happy self
By the end of the series, once everything has been resolved, Rin will revert back to his warm ,cheery personality. He has been shown smiling in a couple of official magazine pictures as well as appearing quite happy in the ED.
  • Confirmed.

The five guys are genderbends of the girls from K-On
Haruka is Mio, Makoto is Yui, Nagisa is Mugi, Rin is Ritsu and Rei is Azusa.

Something's going to happen that will directly reference the light novel, thus leading to a childhood flashback.
It's still unknown how much continuity the anime and the light novel share, especially since the anime has a different version of how Rin met the group and such. But from what's been seen so far in both the anime and the light novel, at least something will match up, and we'll get a flashback based on the light novel. This Troper's guess? She think we might get a reference to Haru's near death drowning incident from chapter 2.
  • It's Rei who has the near-drowning incident, but in episode 12 when Rin and his friends finally reconcile, Nagisa happily calls him "Rin Rin", his nickname from the novel.

The season or series as a whole will end with Rin winning against Haru, but it will be implied that Haru still threw the race.

Rin and Gou are twins
  • Rin was born first, then Gou shortly after.
    • That doesn't really add up since Rin is a second year and Gou a first year.
    • But maybe Gou missed too many classes one year (due to illness, or some other reason) and had to retake her first year whilst Rin went ahead.
    • Unlikely since she isn't an Ill Girl like at all
      • She got better.
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    • She spent six months in a correctional facility!!!

Rin's father knew the fisherman Makoto befriended.
  • Or for extra drama, they were related.
    • Or for even more drama, they are the same person.
  • In any case, it's likely they died in the same storm.

Haruka is from the same planet as Haru and Coco from Tsuritama.
  • It's a popular name on their planet, evidently.

Harukas trouble relating to people is more than a mere quirk or shyness.
  • Most of his relationships revolve around water; telling him you want to swim with him means friendship, a "Without you it's meaningless" equals a love confession, Rin telling him he will never again swim against him has the same effect on him as getting dumped has on other people. ... and this is not only how it is presented to us. Considering Haruka's reaction to each of these it's clear that he perceives these the same the audience does. We never see him interacting with people outside the swim club or anyone swimming-related. Since I am not familiar with the symptoms of Aspergers or the graduations of Aspergers and other conditions I am shy to yell "HARU HAS ASPERGERS!" ... but I surely am wondering what the producers had in mind with him.
    • Also notice how his behaviour got much less erratic (stripping down and trying to swim in a fish tank f. e.) when the club actually started, he could swim in a pool (that he got more friends than just Makoto who accepted his quirks might have helped too, but again, I'm not familiar with Aspergers, so I'm just shooting in the dark here.)
  • I would hesitate to call Haruka 'shy'. He definitely is not. Haruka just seems extremely introverted, which has lead to a lack of social experience and low ability to relate to people. Letting Makoto speak for him probably hasn't helped him either.
  • As a person who has both majored in psychology and has Aspergers myself, I would say it is extremely likely that Haru as Aspergers at very least. His swimming and water obession is most likely sensory related, and he seems to take certain things one would not think much of very seriously. Then again, it all depends. I could go in depth, but I don't want to make assumptions, as some people have criteria of one condition, that could easily fill out another. Hard to tell without a real test.

Nagisa is secretly a crime lord.
  • The 'Nagisa does drugs' meme, anyone? And then there's the version of him from 50% Off...

One for 50% Off -
Nitori is secretly Easta Dave.

Eternal Summer is going to be Darker and Edgier or even more of a Tearjerker than the first season.
There are some 'Blink and You'll Miss It' shots in the new opening of Nagisa sitting alone, a very angry Haruka, Rei walking away from the main cast, what everyone's guessing to be Haruka and Makoto's hands letting go of each other, Rin crying on someone, and Haru crying as you can see someone's silhouette in his eyes. Foreshadowing at it's finest.

Ama-chan and Makoto are related.
She might be an aunt or cousin of some degree but the relation is not that close, so they don't know each other at all. Not to mention that the family utterly refused to talk to or about her due to her past job, so how would Makoto know about her? (I'm basing my theory on the fact that Ama-chan and kid!Makoto share the same voice actress - as do Gou and kid!Rin.)

The Mikoshiba brothers has another brother.
Mikoto "Mikorin" Mikoshiba, who is the Black Sheep of the family. All of them are red-headed, CasanovaWannabes, and Adorkable to a degree. But unlike the other two, Mikorin is terrible at sports.
  • According to the Drama CD they have a sister in high school.

The end credits sequence of "Eternal Summer" contains mild foreshadowing.
Haruka will do some intense cooking, Makoto will have to put out a fire, Rei might make something explode, Ai and Momo will probably get into trouble doing something illegal and Rin and Sousuke will have to stop them. ...And I have no idea what's going to happen with Nagisa. Maybe he's from the same planet Coco and Haru are from in Tsuritama (see above). Or maybe he'll get really obsessed with UFO catchers.
  • Haruka is depicted as a cook in the ending sequence, and in Episode 4, he offers to come up with a menu for the team containing Rei's optimal balance of nutrients.
  • The stinger for Episode 4 shows Nagisa playing with fire. Maybe Makoto will have to put it out?

"Swim with me" is this show's Unusual Euphemism for something sexual.
It's just always used to sound really romantic and personal.

Sousuke permanently injured his left shoulder after being scouted.
He has more than once been shown rolling his left shoulder, or even holding it, and when shown lifting weights he is only lifting with his right arm. Further evidence includes Sousuke's not participating in the butterfly race in episode six, and then lagging in the relay in episode seven. He is also shown to be less than pleased to find out that Rin was scouted by the same university that scouted him, and why he left Tokyo so suddenly to transfer to Samazuka. Maybe this is his last chance to swim with Rin before he physically can't anymore.
  • Confirmed as of Season 2 episodes 8, 9 and 10, but the "being scouted" part has been jossed; he was lying about being scouted.

Haruka will attempt to commit sucide in ep09s02
The preview of 09 shows Haru running outdoors looking angry and determined and hit by car lights, and another part of the preview shows him covering his eyes, being directly hit by a strong light. WMG, and he will jump in front of a car on purpose.
  • Why not? Season 1 had one of the protagonists nearly drown, why not have another one almost get hit by a car? Then again, we don't really know much about Haru to think he would have a motive to do something as drastic as jumping in front of a moving vehicle, or attempting suicide at all.
  • Jossed, thank god. They're actually two different scenes - one is Haru jogging at night, and the other is in Haru's nightmare.

Makoto will be the one to confront Haru about what he wants, which will put a significant strain on their relationship and lead to their first ever serious argument.
In the opening of Eternal Summer, you can see a shot of a very angry Haru slamming his fist into a locker. In the previews for episode 9, you can see Haru in the same environment as the above shot, along with someone else I'm assuming to be Makoto. In earlier episodes, Makoto has shown some frustration whenever Haru avoids talking about the future, which is significant in that Makoto has never been shown to be anything but supportive of Haru. He'll confront him again, Haru will try to avoid it as usual, and Makoto will finally call him out on it leading to the argument.
  • It seems we've gotten the context of this scene, and it's Rin, not Makoto, who drives Haru to locker-punching anger.
  • Confirmed as of episode 10.

Sousuke lied about being scouted.
He seemed very upset to hear that Rin has been scouted by the same university. Maybe because he knew that because of that, he couldn't keep his shoulder injury and subsequent inability to swim professionally from Rin much longer. He was probably planning on fessing up at the end of the school year so that he could avoid everyone worrying about him and enjoy his last year.
  • Confirmed.

Sousuke has hypermobility.
Rin states that Sousuke's talent is due in part to his extremely flexible shoulders. Hypermobility is a joint condition that results in overly-flexible, injury-prone tendons and ligaments. Muscle can help to support the joints, but swimming butterfly at the level he did could easily have caused a rotator cuff tear.

Rei is THE protagonist.
Think about it. He's one of the main five with the most unnatural hair color. He's a freshman and a newcomer in the club with the least ability, but are determined and catch up with no time. He's doing Heroic Sacrifice.

The OVA takes place soon after nationals.
The OVA is set during the Time Skip that follows the national tournament in the season finale. Even though Kisumi shows up again in the OVA, it wouldn't fit for the OVA to be set just after his first appearance in episode 8: by the beginning of episode 9 clearly not much time has passed, Sousuke's shoulder is still injured, and Haru evidently hasn't seen Sousuke since he learned about his injury from Kisumi. Plus, by the end of the OVA everyone gets along too well (especially Haru and Sousuke) for things to resume as they are prior to nationals. So, the OVA must take place some time after nationals, but early enough that the weather's still warm.

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