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  • SOON. Explanation 
  • Makoto's shovel.
  • Rin's shark teeth.
  • The show called "the fastest growing tumblr fandom".
  • In addition to the nickname "Swimming Anime", there's also "Swimming Yaoi" due to the presumed homoeroticism the show will have.
    • Other nicknames include "Swimbros" and "Boku no Swimbros", the latter being a reference to the infamous (not to mention Memetic) Shotacon hentai series Boku no Pico.
  • Don't call her Gou/Her name is Kou. Explanation 
  • It's becoming popular for the Attack on Titan fandom to make references to the series, especially cosplayers commenting on how to get the fangirls' attention after the Free! cast took it away from them.
    • Another overlap with the Attack on Titan memes includes Shingeki no Shitstorm, a video meant to serve as a Take That! to the anti-fujoshi Hatedom that appeared in response to Free! and its growing fandom of yaoi fangirls.
    • Then the parodies of the ending with Attack on Titan characters.
    • Also the similarities between Eren and Haruka- what with the former being obsessed with killing Titans and the latter with swimming.
  • Some people predicting it to have a sudden shift into psychological horror by episode three have taken to calling it "Drowning Anime".
    • ...which became hilarious after episode 3 when this happened
    • ...and then horrifying after episode five.
    • Related to the 'drowning anime' predictions, many also started guessing that the anime would turn into Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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  • Nagisa dies. Explanation with HUGE spoilers for CLANNAD ~After Story~ 
  • Nagisa does drugs. note 
  • Haruka's obsession with water and stripping whenever he sees a pool/Haruka is H2Osexual Explanation 
  • "When you're ten, they call you a prodigy. When you're fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty, you're just an ordinary person." (Repeated on Tumblr ad infinitum)
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  • Megane Makoto!!! note 
  • Depicting Rin as being secretly protective of Kou and being angry about her being around a bunch of topless bachelors all the time is quite common amongst fan artists.
  • Why the FUCK do you relate this show to ours? note 
  • Rin's Australian Accent note 
  • It's a popular joke amongst the fandom to wonder how Haruka would respond to The Little Mermaid (1989). Specifically, how everyone knows he'd be outraged at how Ariel is willing to give up a life of swimming forever in exchange for human legs.
  • Depicting Rei as being dead after the end of episode 5 happened became quite popular on tumblr.
  • Rin's "boyfriend senses" in regards to him sensing Haru's actions has become quite a thing on Tumblr.
  • Nagisa isn't just a shota. He's a seme, too.
    • He's also a little shit. note 
  • Some fans noticed a resemblance between minor character Coach Sasabe and rap artist Macklemore. As a result it's common to refer to the character as "swimming Macklemore".
  • Growth Spurt! Nagisa.
  • Third Year! Nitori
  • Seijuro Mikoshiba? You mean Captain Abs. Also, his and Gou's "future beautiful red-head babies".
  • Cop!Rin in the second season ending gyrating his hips. It's everywhere!
  • The end of episode 7 introduces Kisumi AKA "the Strawberry Cotton Candy Kid".
    • Kiss Me
  • "DON'T YOU 'FUTURE FISH' ME!!" and the like became popular after the heartbreaking ending of episode eleven being quickly offset by the inappropriately happy ending song.
  • "Saba Down!" Started popping up around Christmas time when fans flooded the Kyoto Animation's shop site, trying to get preorders of the Haruka and Makoto mook, causing the server to crash. Explanation 
  • Ever since the OVA Lost Sousuke has become a popular joke. Especially on Tumblr.
  • As of the Eternal Summer English dub, there are now jokes making fun of how the characters refer to each other with "dude", "man" and "bro", as well as this line:
    Makoto: I've got backstroke for days!
    • Rin's name being pronounced as "Reen"
  • "I want to be a sandwich" Explanation 
  • Hyori, Ikuya there are other versions of your favorite book ‘The Little Mermaid’ to enjoy. Now go into this room and watch the Disney movie(s)!

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