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Nightmare Fuel / Free!

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The ending of Episode 5 can be unsettling for beginners who swam in the ocean once.
  • Rin's overall design and appearance, particularly his face in the first season is a lot sharper and menacing in contrast to the later seasons which smooth and round his face out more. As if his scowling expressions and shark-like fangs didn't make him look threatening enough, the first episode goes out of its way to make him look almost demonic in several scenes. His irritable and grumpy personality at the time really made the situation worse, which ultimately leads to..
  • Haruka's nightmare in Episode 9 of Eternal Summer. Sleep tight.
    • The mannequin scouts. Dear God, the mannequin scouts.
    "Show us your freestyle!"
  • The ending scene of that same episode, where the intense stress that Haru is under makes him lose his temper and scream at Rin. You thought Rin's own anger from the first season was scary? Take a look at Haru. Even Rin himself is shocked by it.
    • It's the look in his eyes - he looks wild. All the more unnerving from someone who is so very controlled and quiet.
  • Haru unexpectedly passes out in Starting Days while foot racing with his team due to low blood sugar levels brought on by exclusively eating mackerel while he was depressed. The sudden drop alone is chilling and the others, especially Makoto all look terrified.
  • Ikuya being revealed to have nearly drowned in a flashback in Dive to the Future after pushing himself too hard as a result of oxygen deprivation. It's later revealed that this happened again while he was over in America and got to a near fatal point where had to be hospitalized for several days.