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Cool Cat and Mama Cat are Extreme Furry Roleplay enthusiasts.
Cool Cat is secretly a twenty-nine year old unemployed computer technician that just really likes to pretend he's a child, and also a cat. And Mrs. Cat is likely a man who likes to pretend he's a cat lady who is also a mom. Daddy Derek entertains their fantasies while maintaining an intimate relationship with Mrs. Cat. He's always wanted children, so he's just as happy to have a grown man pretend to be his child, and also a cat. Occasionally, Cool Cat takes powerful psychedelic drugs to help put him in a state where he more easily believes he is his animal fursona. They're so committed to acting out their crazy fantasies that they never take off or wash their costumes. You can tell they're fursuits because they have to wear clothes over them. I mean, it's only logical that this is how their family unit functions. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure Daddy Derek's breaking California state law.

Cool Cat's real father
If Cool Cat's father is a human and his mother is a cat-lady, then naturally, he would be some kind of hybrid between the two, but he's simply a cat-man like his mother with no traits from his father. Cool Cat is an orange anthropomorphic cat that speaks with a Totally Radical vocabulary in an annoying way with No Indoor Voice, much like his father. Then again, if his real father was known to the public, then what could possibly go wrong?
  • Cool Cat had a biological father in the books, but Daddy Derek replaced him, raising some Unfortunate Implications. Does Cool Cat have to reaffirm that Derek's his new father whenever they meet?
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  • Cool Cat's dad, another anthropomorphic orange cat, is also named Daddy Derek. Chances are that in between the books and the film, Daddy Derek got a species change.

Cool Cat is Satan
Cool Cat has 7 letters. 7 is a prime number. 3 is also a prime number. There are 3 sides in a triangle. The Illuminati is a triangle. Satan rules the Illuminati. Therefore, Cool Cat is Satan. But that's not all! Cool Cat is orange. Lava is orange. Lava is in hell. Satan lives in hell. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! This is a joke, as you might have already figured out.

Contradicting the above theory, Cool Cat is a Jesus allegory a la Aslan
This was proposed on the YMMV page under Alternative Character Interpretation. It certainly explains why mockery of Cool Cat is so much of a Berserk Button for Savage. Additionally, Derek has referred to criticism of Cool Cat as "blasphemous" in at least two emails to I Hate Everything and sometimes talks about Cool Cat as though he were a real person.

Derek is Cool Cat's stepfather
Most kids call their parents some variation of "mom" and "dad," but Cool Cat always calls Derek "Daddy Derek", which implies that Mrs. Cat had a previous marriage and that was the source of Cool Cat's progenitor. Did Cool Cat Sr. die? Are he and Mom Cat divorced?
  • Cool Cat's true father is an ancient primordial being from the darkest depths of space who sired Cool Cat with the intent of having him infect the earth with his dark presence and delving the earth into screaming madness! We must drive the ceremonial bone dagger of Meggido into his putrid heart at the strike of midnight on the night of All Hallows Eve so he cannot complete his insidious plan!

Related to the above, Daddy Derek is abusive to Cool Cat and his mother.
He is Cool Cat's stepfather because Cool Cat's real father died or left. If Cool Cat calls him "Daddy Derek", he'll keep his belt on more often.

Butch is a Jerkass Woobie
He's a fat, pasty loner with a lisp. The only kids he can dominate are depicted as total wimps. He comments on how he thinks Maria has pretty hair, which no actual bully would say out loud, but a kid with a hopeless crush definitely would. He also has to deal with Cool Cat's egomania on a daily basis. Then there's the scene where he runs off crying after Cool Cat and Maria taunt him, as well as how despite his claim that "he loves ALL kids!", Cool Cat never bothers to reach out to him, nor is there any attempt to establish the underlying reasons of why Butch does what he does and potentially help him from there.

Derek thinks IHE, Bobsheaux, ect. are his childhood bullies
Hear me out. Derek, for seemingly no reason, is extremely sensitive to any form of hate. At first, he said it was just because of "copyright", but based on how he impersonated a law firm and threatened to send ISIS after someone, it's possible there's a different reason for this behavior. The childhood bullies picked on Derek for having Cool Cat as his imaginary friend, and his mother called the main one "Boy". Yes, IHE lives in the UK but remember this is Derek we're talking about.

The Cool Cat MEGA Theory.
Okay, so to understand this, we need to look at time from a Homestuck perspective. There are multiple ways events can play out, but only one way is considered the right path. Every other choice results in a doomed timeline. So, we need to see Cool Cat Stops Bullying as part of a doomed timeline, and Cool Cat Saves The Kids as the correct timeline. In the doomed timeline, Daddy Derek is indeed a cat, and he is Cool Cat's biological father. In the CCSTK timeline, things play out a little differently. See, in this timeline, Daddy Derek is a human, and Cool Cat's biological father is still a cat, but he's not Daddy Derek. The town Cool Cat's family used to live in in this timeline had a bit of anti-furry sentiment, and despite the fact that Poppa Cat (we'll call him that for now) was a well-respected member of the community for how much of a hard worker he is, Poppa Cat was, sadly, lynched by a paranoid group of anti-furries a la Town of Salem. The same thing might have happened to Cool Cat and his mother had Momma Cat not met Derek, a (sensible) furry who loved Momma Cat for more than just her tail. In this timeline, Derek is also a successful Hollywood producer (which is why he knows Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada), and he moved them away from that town and closer to Hollywood. He also has substantial knowledge in self-defense, which he uses to ensure that what happened to Cool Cat's father won't happen to the rest of them (which is why there was a gun in their backyard.) People also don't directly threaten or insult Cool Cat anymore, as if they did, they would incur the wrath of Derek Savage (which, from what I've seen, isn't that bad.) Despite this, a few bullies did indeed find out what happened to Cool Cat's father, and they do indeed relentlessly bully him about it, calling Derek a cat-f***er and making jabs at Cool Cat. This has resulted in Cool Cat developing an inferiority complex, which is why he plasters images of himself all over his room. He also has painful flashbacks of the day his father died, which causes him to associate anyone who criticizes or insults him as a friendless bully. This black and white view on things will later cause him problems in the future. But still though. If he's in elementary school, then why is he allowed to drive? Simple: as a half-human half-cat hybrid, he ages faster than the average human, but slower than the average cat. This allowed Derek to use a loophole to get Cool Cat driving lessons before he even enters 6th grade, and it's why no one bats an eye at Cool Cat playing with Maria, who also respects Cool Cat for who he is. And then there's Butch. In both this timeline and the doomed timeline, he has a situation that is both similar and different to the Cool Cat from the movie timeline. His father disappeared when Butch was still young, and he hasn't been seen since. However, unlike Daddy Derek, Butch's stepfather is an alcoholic, and he's too busy drinking to care what trouble his son gets into (hence why he seemed rather uncaring when Daddy Derek told him about the gun.) This has caused Butch to develop anger management issues, and he takes it out by being a bully. But whereas most other bullies in this town hate Cool Cat for being an orange furry mammal walking on two legs, Butch hates Cool Cat because of his situation. Despite the fact that Cool Cat has never directly wronged him, he still hates the orange feline for having a better life despite the similar circumstances. The reason Cool Cat never tries to befriend Butch is because he considers Butch to be a bully when in reality, Butch is just jealous of Cool Cat's situation. He never questions if what he's doing is wrong because he is subject to peer pressure, with other bullies telling him that it's perfectly normal behavior, and that unsure feeling is just excitement from doing something against the rules. All Butch needs is a little guidance in the right direction (oh, and child protection services to take care of his father), and Cool Cat needs to abandon his black and white morality (he also needs to overcome his inferiority complex) if their conflict is to ever end. But now you're thinking, "what about the book timeline?" In that timeline, Cool Cat never had any problems, and this timeline is a lot happier for him. However, it's not any happier for Butch, who still has this problem, only it might actually be worse, if his dress code is any clue. This Cool Cat is also more of a jerk, having no valid reason for hating bullies as much as he does, and actually comes off as a biased asshole due to his treatment of Butch, with most others in this town sympathizing for the kid instead of calling him a bully.

Butch the Bully will grow up to become Coil-Man of The Impossibles.
Maybe Cool Cat and Daddy Derek can be villains or something.

Bully's Diner from the opening belongs to Butch's family.
Consider this: Butch is a bully, and this restaurant is called Bully's Diner. Coincidence? Nope—his family owns it. And if Butch's clothes in the book are to go by, the once-popular restaurant has fallen on hard times, seemingly due to fast-food chains arriving in the area, causing the cash flow to stop, and soon became a place where bullies and other delinquents hang out and beat up unsuspecting victims.

This was done as a joke.
Why else would this trash exist!?

Cool Cat and his group are the real bullies, but they think they aren't
Butch has anger issues, and is pretty lonely (he loses all of his friends), he's poor, and he's fat, so he takes it out by doing bad stuff for attention. But the main reason why he acts this way is he's being bullied himself. And just who might the bullies be? Cool Cat and his friends. Think about it. Cool Cat plasters pictures of himself all over the place, always wins everything, everybody loves him, he gets the best things, and he always gets to be the hero. And he rubs it in Butch's face. Cool Cat believes that he is the coolest and Butch is a bully and thats it. Cool Cat is so blinded by his coolness that he doesn't even know if he's being mean. He says he loves all kids to make himself more popular, but he has this intense hatred for Butch that he never bothers to reach out to him or reason with him. There is more evidence to support that Cool Cat is the real bully. At the start of the movie, when Butch accidentally sprays himself, Cool Cat and Maria laugh at him and say that he deserves it. Cool Cat also makes fun of him for having no friends. When Butch is cyberbullying Cool Cat, Cool Cat purposefully feeds the troll and says that Butch has no friends. Cool Cat also thinks about saying something mean back. Also, at Vivica A. Fox's house, after Butch asks for lunch money, Cool Cat yells at him and says mean things, which makes Butch cry, and Cool Cat and Maria just laugh at him and believe that Cool Cat stopped all bullying when in reality he was being the bully himself.
  • This theory is supported in the recut Cool Cat The Kids Superhero where Maria taunts Butch over the fact he isn't in the Hollywood Parade and that she and Cool Cat will be hanging out with Hollywood celebrities.

Cool Cat molested Butch
Cool Cat, Daddy Derek and Momma Cat are serial child rapists who lure kids in with the facade of friendliness and, in the case of Cool Cat and Momma Cat, dressing like cats. Butch was the first to fall victim to Cool Cat, which is why he's a bully. All of the other kids are still in the process of being seduced by Cool Cat, and Butch the Bully is trying to save them.

This movie takes place in a universe where anthropomorphic, bipedal cat people are commonplace
In short, Cool Cat and Mama Cat are not the only anthropomorphic cats in this film's universe; they're just the only ones that appear in the movie. In universe, cat people are considered equals in society, because despite not technically being human, they're sentient enough to be accepted as such, and interspecies romances between humans and cat people are considered just about as commonplace and acceptable as interracial marriages (albeit they may be considered a controversial subject in some groups or ideologies), and somehow there are enough biological similarities between humans and cat people to enable procreation, hence Cool Cat's existence.

Butch will be the titular school shooter in Cool Cat Stops A School Shooting
  • Very possible. He did bring a gun to school in Saves the Kids, and Savage confirmed in a recent update on the movie that the actor who plays Butch will be returning.

Cool Cat Stops A School Shooting will actually take the subject matter seriously
The stakes will be higher, the tone will be more intense and the climax is apparently going to involve Cool Cat confronting the shooter directly.

Daddy Derek is a powerful figure in a crime syndicate.
There's a gun just lying around in his back yard. He has a fairly nice house and a lot of expensive frivolities such as his autographed guitar. His son gets to participate in the Hollywood parade and wins contests despite having little in the way of creativity or talent. When Butch (who messed with his family) commits a crime, the same police officer just happens to be nearby to see it and put Butch away. Clearly, Daddy Derek is a feared and respected crime lord who has cops on his payroll to stalk his enemies and much of the local media and authorities at his command to do whatever he wants.

Daddy Derek is a human because of costuming constraints.
While it's possible Savage just wanted face time in his own production, it's likely he's only there because the father role is incredibly prominent, yet as evidenced by Mama and Cool Cat obviously being the same costume, either there wasn't enough room in the budget for more than one cat suit or they could only find more than one that looked like the picture book Cool Cat. This would also explain why Savage wrote his dialogue with Mama Cat with such tongue-in-cheek sexual undertones- because he knew the character would have to be human but understood how weird the idea of a normal man being Happily Married to a cat would seem, so he went big instead of home with the concept.

Daddy Derek is a family friend who sleep with kids' mothers.
"Daddy Derek" is a pet name given by one of the moms during a sexual encounter. He is not Cool Cat's real dad. He is just a family friend who occasionally sleep with Momma Cat and other moms in the neighborhood. He even sleeps with Butch's mom. That's why the kid is so angry and bitter.

The cop is a fake
Derek hired an ex-porn star/stripper to dress up as a cop just to screw with Butch. Why? The guy playing the cop is Steve Crest, who had previously appeared in at least a hundred pornos.

Cool Cat is really an ex-convict who is secretly in love with Maria
In reality, he is a 30 year old pedophile who is on multiple sex offender sites. Because of his dark past, he is forbidden to talk to children. The Cool Cat identity is a way for him to be with Maria without getting caught. Momma Cat and Daddy Derek are two guys he met in prison. Due to their criminal history, they too decide to start a new life.

Cool Cat is a parody of cheesy kiddie PSA shows.
This is akin to the theory that The Christmas Tree might actually be a parody of cheesy Yuletide specials. Cool Cat has over-the-top "cutesy" acting, cheesy costumes and special effects, unintentionally "porny" or "sexual"-sounding elements note  and tone-deaf lessons. No one except a space alien, in this day and age, would take it seriously.

Daddy Derek had Cool Cat's real father murdered.
Derek and Mama Cat were sleeping together while she was still married to Mr. Cat. Derek is not the type to share, so he paid his cop buddy (Steve Crest) to follow Mr Cat, pull him over, and kill him for "resisting arrest". After his death, Derek married Mama Cat, becoming Cool Cat's new dad.

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