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  • Daddy Derek and Momma Cat: why?—it's understandable that for budget reasons Derek Savage needed to have a main role and they couldn't afford extra cat costumes, but there were many ways that they could have avoided the implications of Interspecies Romance and had Daddy Derek and a notional human Mrs. Savage be Cool Cat's parents. Cool Cat could be their Talking Animal pet, or an adopted child, or even their cat-child that just happened to have been born to them.
    • It wasn't even that: Momma Cat is the Cool Cat costume with feminine clothes, eyelashes, and big lips.
    • In the books, Cool Cat did have a real cat dad with him.
    • You know, it would be less creepy if Momma Cat wasn't there and Cool Cat was adopted by Derek (similar to Dave and the chipmunks). At first, I thought Derek was just a family friend until I noticed how "friendly" he was being to Momma Cat.
  • How old is Cool Cat? He has an obviously adult voice and is shown driving, yet hangs out with children and is implied to be in Elementary School.
    • Maybe he was held back multiple times for being an abomination of nature.
      • Makes sense.
    • He's developmentally stunted. Mind of a child, body/voice of an adult. Though who would let him drive is still up for debate.
  • Why would Cool Cat encourage his friend Maria to read a text from a number she doesn't recognize? Bobsheaux and Yourmoviesucks DO Torg both point out that it's not a good idea for her to open it because it could be potentially dangerous.
    • Because he loves her.
    • It seems like this and a couple other scenes were attempts to depict Cool Cat as an Anti-Role Model, which doesn't work at all since it clashes with the rest of the film's aggressive promotion of him as The Paragon.
  • What exactly is wrong with Derek? I'm not talking about the controversy with IHE, I've noticed Derek seems to act like Cool Cat is a real person. He's credited as a producer, listed separately from his actor in the end credits, refers to him as a beloved celebrity, defends him like a son and in a PSA, Vivica says movies are "sometimes not real". Keyword: "sometimes". He also has the odd habit of renaming his works, like changing "Circus Buddies" to "Best Buddies" (even though the page still calls the book Circus Buddies), and changing "The Second Coming" to "Final Conflict", and also clearly makes up reviews such as the Adam West one, and the abandoned Rainbow Room. In addition, Derek also makes up fake sponsors for his programs.
    • Maybe he believes that he is Cool Cat. He manages a bunch of Cool Cat accounts and posts comments under the usernames. Maybe Cool Cat is everything that he wanted to be as a child: popular at school, a great writer, a great musician, and protector of all kids. Just taking a stab in the dark here.
    • That's just Hollywood. A lot of people go there shooting for fame, or were born there and are convinced it's destiny. Plenty of them, like Derek, are not very bright and lack the self awareness to realize they just don't have the level of talent, charm, beauty, or charisma that they think they do. And if they get even the slightest bit of notoriety, they stretch it to build themselves up as a bigger deal than they really are. As for thinking Cool Cat is a real person, it's very unlikely Derek actually believes it. He probably just keeps it up in case kids that think he's a real person are watching videos and/or it's a misguided attempt to add humor to his vlogs (especially concerning the supposed "copyright infringement" cases.)
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    • Going through IHE's videos on the conflict between him and Derek, he's oddly similar to Chris-chan. Not just in being overprotective about his creation, but his general immature and faux-nice attitude.
    • It could be a combination of the above. Derek's website confirms Cool Cat was created as his imaginary friend during his childhood, and Derek himself seems to take criticism of the Cool Cat brand WAY too personally for everything to just be an act for the intended audience. So it's possible Derek believes the Cool Cat character is sentient to some degree. And these problems were only compounded by Derek's desire for Hollywood fame and his lack of talent.
  • On a similar vein; Why was Derek seemingly perfectly fine with the negative reviews at first, only to go ballistic later? What changed his mind?
    • IHE speculates that, since a Cool Cat parody account on Twitter made Derek ballistic, IHE's review made Derek go off the deep end.
  • The opening credits list Cool Cat as the associate producer. The opening credits also list Cool Cat as Derek Savage's creation. Was Cool Cat's actor, whose name was unlisted on the credits, also the associate producer?
    • Actually, his real actor WAS listed in the end credits. Here is his IMDB page If we assume it to be 100% accurate, then yes, he was also a producer.
  • Bobsheaux points this one out, but why would Cool Cat be invited to be in the Hollywood parade? Disregarding the fact that not many people are likely to even know who the character is out of universe, they’re even less likely to know him in-universe. The fact that he’s a giant anthropomorphic cat doesn’t really seem to raise any eyebrows, and he’s generally treated as a regular child (even if he’s held to a paragon standard), and he appears to go to a regular school. What reason would the parade’s organizers have to invite, in-context, some random elementary school child who hasn’t really done anything noteworthy?
  • Why is a 6-ft-tall cat afraid of a little kid?
    • He's not a smart cat.
  • Why does Butch the Bully have Maria's number if he's not her friend? I find it pretty hard to believe that he'd be her "Text door neighbor"note , and considering that Maria doesn't mention using any social networks, I doubt she put it online.
    • They go to the same school and are implied to be in the same class. If they had to do a group project or something, then it would make sense for them to have each other's numbers
    • Alternatively, someone else in their class could have given it to him
  • What's Butch's motivation to bully again?
    • He loses the union benefits of being a Card-Carrying Villain if he doesn't bully at least 1 person a week.
  • Does Butch have a crush on Maria? He says her hair is pretty. Plus there are many real life scenarios of Loving Bully.

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