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Headscratchers / Cool Runnings

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  • What was Sanka's qualification to be an Olympian, again? He's really not much of an athlete. Derice picks him for the team due to his experience as a pushcart driver (dubious to start with), but then he ends up being the brakeman, not the driver.
    • What do you mean "qualification"? It's not like he had to beat out a ton of people to make it on Jamaica's team.
    • He showed up. That's qualification enough.
    • And watching a pushcart race is what gave the real team's coach the idea for a bobsled team in the first place.
  • Why would Junior's dad tell him to give up this foolishness and come home after they had already qualified?
    • Because he doesn't care. Remember how he dismissed Junior's protests that "the team needs me"?
    • And in the movie version, they were still seen as a joke at the time.

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