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The Judiciatrix is either Stella or Claire.
Not entirely sure how that would work, but the mask could be building up to a reveal, and at the moment they're pretty much the only character's not accounted for.
  • Jossed. According to Wolf, she is no one of importance.

The Judiciatrix is Sixx's mother.
Ok, the above theory seems pretty implausible, but if we're going to have a reveal we need to be able to recognize the face behind the mask. The most plausible way of doing that would be if it looks like an older version of a character we already know.
  • Jossed. See above.

Michelle's stunt will blow up in her face
She clearly expects to be able to swap back into her position as Mistress Sixx after the spanking, but her blatant display of bad faith will embarrass the Association. As hated as Mistress Butterfly seems to be, Michelle's shell-game makes the leadership look word-twisting and untrustworthy - not good for a BDSM society. Even if they permit her to become a Mistress afterward, they won't let her become a Headmistress again.
  • Do they really have that option? I mean, if she could turn over power to Laura, it seems like Laura should be able to turn power back over to her...unless Laura decides to have a little fun with the situation first.
    • No telling, but if there's a mechanism to become a Headmistress and only a few of them exist, then they probably have some way of restricting that.
  • Jossed as of strip 175, wherein she goes right back to being Mistress Sixx.

There are at least 4 Associations.

Ok, as far as we can tell the Association is exclusive to women dominating other women. It seems likely there would be Associations for men dominating men, women dominating men, and men dominating women.

  • Word of God says the Association is cross-gender. He just hasn't shown any males yet.
    • And now they have appeared.
    • Is that Gary, on the left?
  • Confirmed, in a way — the Association is short for the Global Dominance Association, aka the North American government. There are at least four other major world governments and quite a few small independent states.

Everyone's in heaven.

Or rather, in a very specific heaven. This is where lesbians kinksters goes when they die. The few guys we saw early on can be explained by saying that some of them had male friends, and as part of their perfect world wanted them to be able to visit.

  • If so, then why are most of the guys perverts?

Everyone is in Hell.

This is a sado-masochistic version of Hell. It's just that God didn't count on some of the damned being Too Kinky to Torture.

Everyone is in Purgatory.

They had to work off their sins. Its just that some (the Doms) preferred to stay in Purgatory forever "helping others" to work off their sins. It's possible that Trina decided she finally wants to go to heaven, and couldn't imagine a faster way to endure the necessary suffering than to give herself to Butterfly (and if Sixx is collared, the pain of knowing she's responsible will almost certainly pay for any sins she may have left, sending her over the top, and through the pearly gates).

Butterfly is planning to release Trina after the spanking contest.

In strip 84 ( ) she clearly says "Don't worry. You'll get what you want out of this. But until then, you're my toy." The "until" implies that she won't be Butterfly's toy afterwards.

Laura is the mole, and Michelle is in big trouble.

While it would be a very dark turn, it would also be a brilliant plan. We already know that it's difficult to get slaves from Sixx being surprised Butterfly was able to collar ANYONE even BEFORE realizing it was Trina ( ), so clearly it would take time and resources to break in as a Mistress. But, in only THREE WEEKS Laura has been able to ascend to the Sixth most powerful position in the Association...and she's technically not under any obligation to turn it back over to Michelle. What's more, she now has an entire army of slaves. As for Butterfly, even if Michelle wins, Laura could simply choose to give her as a present to Butterfly (with or without the title, I have no doubt Butterfly would love the possibility). Not sure what Trina wanted, its possible that she might be the one to actually take the title, while Laura takes the slaves and estate.

Stella and Claire are aliens on a quest for world domination

Stella and Claire can do things that are not humanly possible. ( ) Therefore they are not human. Robotics is not sufficiently advanced yet, so they must be aliens. Aliens, of course, only crave one thing: world domination. But what reason would aliens on a quest for world domination have for working as rubber maids? Obviously they were a bit confused about what domination actually meant after looking it up on Earth's most reliable source of information: the internet. Now they are studying domination from one of the 9 most highly placed practitioners from the most powerful nation on earth: Mistress Sixx. This, of course, is the only plausible reason why they would want to work as uncollared free agents.

  • Jossed. While we don't know their full backstory, Stella and Claire are Super Soldiers from a program similar to the one that produced Gunther.

Sixx has used Butterfly's stupidity to maneuver into a position where she literally CANNOT lose.

The goal of the contest is the make the slave cry out the "safety word" ( ). However, no one ever set a safety word for the contest. Therefore, there is no safety word. Butterfly can tan her hide all day, but it makes no difference, because Sixx couldn't give in if she wanted to.

  • If the Association registers D/S relationships, it probably registers safewords as well.

The whole thing is a trick so that Trina can get Michelle back
That is what Trina wants and was willing to be Butterfly's temporary slave for. The plan is for Butterfly to win the bet, take Michelle as her slave, and give said slave back to a freed Trina, her former mistress - after a modicum of abuse.

This plan is not surviving contact with Michelle's trickery.

  • Apparently, I Knew It!.
    • Not quite. It was actually the opposite. Trina wanted to be Sixx's slave, and would rather be co-slaves with her, than two unassociated dominants.

Laura will help Sixx win by manifesting her own dominant spirit.
While strictly speaking she can't participate, it might still be within the rules if she had the power to give an order that couldn't be disobeyed (like "don't cry out").

Linda Knight is now Sixx's (Sixx being Laura at the moment).
Ok, they were able to capture, restrain, and torture this girl all by themselves. Two possibilities here: 1) The Association has some rule making you the property of anyone who catches you committing espionage against them, or 2) She agreed to be collared rather than go to prison.
  • Seems to be confirmed, if only because Linda is staying with the Sixx household as a semi-willing prisoner and housecat.

Linda Knight is the Judicatrix.
Intelligence Agents and Judicatrixes are both shadowy functionaries of the Association. They are both probably very lethal. They both wear masks. Linda Knight is a FORMER Intelligence Agent and very talented at her job, so maybe she was promoted to Judicatrix.
  • Based on what we know, she'd have to be in two places at once. Furthermore, someone known to be on Butterfly's payroll would create a serious conflict of interests.
    • Obviously she was turned by Sixx and promoted to the position of Judicatrix by Sixx as an ace in the hole for the competition. Also, we only think she is in the dungeon because Sixx said so. We can hardly expect Sixx to tell the truth about her devious plan to her enemy in full sight of the entire association.
  • Jossed. See above.

Butterfly's power level is OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!
'nuff said.

Everyone's normal dominant (or possibly submissive) spirit has an element.
Ok, clearly Sixx and Trina are both fire (flame crop and hot seat). Butterfly has learned to use fire, but that probably isn't her primary element. I'm going to guess the images of the blades were foreshadowing that its either metal or ice (if crops are associated with fire, I could definitely see knives being ice), Ginger is Earth (she's Sixx's rock, that everything is built upon, who has served her for years...and she has green hair), and Laura is Light or air (she's a little bit of the ditz, but also very loving).

Butterfly is Sixx's sister.
This would make the whole wanting to enslave her thing creepy, but long-lost siblings tend to go well with revenge.
  • Jossed. Butterfly is Evita Kappel, grew up in Italy, and has a backstory that doesn't leave much room for surprise parentage.

Laura will spend most of the next arc as Mstress Sixx.
Now that Michelle has used a Submissive Spirit technique, it seems that, as much as she hates Butterfly, her submissive side is being reawakened. By the end of the contest she will have decided that she's tired of being in control and approach Laura on her knees, and beg her to take over, before collapsing from the exhaustion of the contest.
  • Jossed as of strip 175.

The next arc will involve a contest requiring Dominants and Submissives to use their Spirits in unison.
(a follow-up on the above theory) Initially, Laura will have to serve as the Dominant, and will indeed discover a Dominant Spirit. Michelle and Ginger (and possibly Stella and Claire) will be under her. For a while they'll do ok, but Laura will clearly not be up to the task of taking them all the way. Then, Michelle will get hit, and have a moment of clarity in which she realizes that her True Companions need her, and reassume dominance. This will be a Moment of Awesome, in which she will take off her collar, put it on Laura (who immediately bows to her), and then in mere moments use her Dominant Spirit to take out whatever enemy had been kicking their ass under Laura. Laura will then promptly discover her own Submissive Spirit. Laura's Submissive Spirit will not be more powerful than her Dominant Spirit, but will be easier to use in some way that makes it more immediately useful (so that we don't have to write-off the possibility of Laura eventually growing into a Dom, but she can resume her sub role for the moment).
  • This one seems unlikely. Laura doesn't seem to have any dominant energy.

Butterfly doesn't want to actually hurt Michelle, only to defeat her
Which is why she has loudly proclaimed her intent to burn out Michelle's brains: she is actually scared she'd have to (she originally planned destroying her slave, which she had no qualms about). Michelle, however, is gonna deduce this, too, and use it to force Butterfly to back off.
  • Clearly not the case.
  • Jossed now that the arc is over and everything's come to light. Not all of Butterfly's hostility was natural, but she really did have a good reason to want to see Michelle suffer.

Trina will become a slave of Michelle, but not a Personal Slave until much later in the story.
After this arc is over, if Sixx manages to elude Butterfly's collar, Trina will go free. But, she doesn't want to go free, and she's definitely going to want Sixx's forgiveness, which won't be easy to come by. So, Sixx will make her an offer: she can be a slave in Sixx's household, just so that she can watch Laura and Ginger enjoying what she can't have, as punishment for helping Butterfly. Later in the story, though, she'll do something to re-earn Sixx's respect, and become a personal slave.
  • Confirmed... ish. Sixx made Trina suffer a bit to earn her happy ending, but it was always her intention to bring her in as a third personal slave.

Butterfly will lose the bet but still get Sixx's headmistress job
It is uncertain what Butterfly's grudge was with Sixx. Maybe they were rivals competing for the job of headmistress and Butterfly lost out. It is widely assumed Butterfly won't win the competition, but maybe the Association will take away Sixx's title of headmistress due to her shenanigans and give it to Butterfly since she was the other main prospect for the job.
  • There isn't really any evidence that she was ever in the running for the job. Of course, if the Association wanted to give the ultimate punishment to both of them they could give Butterfly the title, but give Sixx the task of giving her sub-training (Word of God says a full year is required before becoming a head mistress).
  • Jossed by the fact that Butterfly lost the contest, both de jure and de facto.

Sixx is currently in a state of fluxx.
In the latest strip she seems to have a Butterfly on her collar instead of a 6. This indicates that her will is wavering.

Michelle, Laura, and Ginger are the Apocalypse Maidens
Think about it: there are three girls, each wearing a collar marked with "6". 666, anyone?

Michelle's new maids are spies for the Ruskies
That explains their apparent "step down" in rank.

Laura's sub-spirit has healing powers.
That's why she was able to save Michelle, and the sigil disappeared.
  • Would really like to see this confirmed, but nothing yet

Laura and Butterfly are separated twins.
Both are blonde, both have blue eyes. Their abilities run counter to one another, with Laura's supposedly impossible ability to block Butterfly's supposedly impossible attack, both without really trying. Butterfly is also highly interested in where Laura was born, and so may know she was separated from a sibling at birth. With Laura's ablities, she may have found her.
  • Jossed. The blonde hair is a wig Butterfly uses to disguise her appearance, and now that we know both of their backstories, secret sisterhood is unlikely.

Michelle is Irish
Green eyes? Check. Red hair? Check. O'Surname? Check!

Laura is from Earth.
No knowledge of the world at large, looks out of place (humanly possible hair) in the setting? No official history, and a mythical superpower?

Butterfly used the Paixo Raz on Trina
In order to create a link between mistress and slave, and mess with her mind.
  • Jossed, though frankly the Paixo Raz is less horrific than the reality.

The story will end with Laura becoming Mistress Sixx for real.
We've seen how much power she can have over Michelle, we've seen what happened to Trina as a result of her training Michelle, it makes perfect sense.

Butterfly is not the villain, but merely The Dragon / Wake-Up Call Boss / part of a Quirky Miniboss Squad
She escaped from a Barrier Warrior slave girl and a defense squad. If she was the villain, she wouldn't have done that. She was just reporting to her superiors.
  • Confirmed. She unwittingly served the strip's largest Big Bad (and no, it wasn't Michael Kappel)

Laura is a Living MacGuffin
Butterfly was after her for that reason. Either Sixx was a lucky shot unrelated to any of that, either she wanted to confirm a positive ID on Laura.
  • Could be confirmed. She has enormous magical potential, with no word on what she could do once it's unleashed. But her power is not the reason Butterfly wanted her.

A Xanatos Speed Chess is played between two factions, with Laura as both the goal and the Spanner in the Works
This combines several WMG into a big one. Laura is a Living MacGuffin, who run away to protect herself. She erased her memory during the trip, to be harder to track down. She then met Sixx. Meanwhile, one of the faction dispatched agents to Association controlled erritories to find her. One of these special agents, codenamed Buterfly, found some info. She couldn't ID, so she started investigating. When it became clear that no matter how long she would be spying, she wouldn't get any confirmed ID, she took actions. Even if she did confirmed a negative ID, she would have infiltrated the head mistresses. During this time, the other group tried to prevent them from finding Laura, and kept their two most talented spy home, until they find a big opportunity, or a major trouble would happen. Ginger, not knowing her cousins were those two spies, unknowingly send major info back to HQ through Stella and Claire: they might have a positive ID, and worse, one of the best ennemy agent, special agent Butterfly, was on the case. So they dispatched them: luckily, with Ginger promotion to personnal slave, an opening for maids at Sixx's manor was found, and reported to the special agents. They were in a really good spot to snoop around looking for bugs, and sabotaged one of them in hope to attract Butterfly's hireling. It worked, and the contest gave them a positive ID on Laura, but also to Butterfly, so they reported back and awaited orders. New orders were quickly recieved: they will have to guard the position against Butterfly's group. Some backup would be appreciated, so they started training Ginger.

Soon Sixx and Laura will have to go undercover in the Puritan territories to learn Laura's history.
It makes sense. Also, it will be a complete switch from their status-quo, with Sixx being the clueless one, and Laura having to teach her how to avoid being burnt at the stake.
  • Jossed, Laura just told her, saving much time and trouble.

Butterfly and Trina will both do Heel Face Turns.
Ok, Butterfly is basically the first villain in a Shonen, so this makes sense. She'll return, and they'll need her help, and pair her up with Trina as her slave again. She'll definitely be an example of Good Is Not Nice.
  • Seems likely, she did rescue a bunch of people being re-programmed (aka Mind Raped) on a puritan territory.

Butterfly is from Sybion.
The fact that Sybion is a no woman land gave her the will to dominate and/or manipulate everyone she comes across.

Butterfly is a man from Sybion, trying to get Laura back.
With a really convincing disguise, and he was trying to sneak into higher power places to make searching easier. But he stumbled on Laura by pure luck.

Butterfly is a mercenary hired by Sybion to get Laura back. She needed the job to fund a world domination plan.
And since Laura is Sixx's slave, she could hit two birds with one stone: getting her prize, and sneak into association top ranks.
  • Jossed. Butterfly's motivations have nothing to do with Laura except incidentally.

at some point Gary will save the day, possibly by accident.
Sure, he will try to oogle ladies, and so he will find Sixx when she will be in trouble because of some really cute chick he watched (who would turn out to be one of Butterfly's mooks), and his training in resisting pain will be put to good use.

Laura will manage to induce Lima Syndrome on Evita Kappel subs, resulting in her talking her way out, and maybe even make them do an Heel–Face Turn.
After all, they seem to like Laura. And, she is nice and understanding with them. It's hard not to root for her. Good setup for Lima Syndrome.

The Association is the real Big Bad of the comic.
True, what Evita Kappel did to Michelle, Trina, Laura, and Ginger stepped on the line of morality. However, there have been hints that there is a larger conspiracy involved that Evita, her husband, and their slaves have been combating that incorporates The Association and Sybion at the very least. It could very well be that Sixx and co are accidentally helping to continue to support a mass system of inequality and that The Association is one of the groups pulling the strings of everyone involved. They may even be helping to fund the Order of Denial for their own use. Evita Kappel and her group may just be the Hero of Another Story that are hitting their Moral Event Horizon limit.
  • The unnamed Order of Denial priest has now stated that the Association has been one of the Order's "very exclusive" clients.
  • This one could well be true. The Association and the other world governments are up to things which really aren't good, and we don't know if Michelle's actions at the end of the first major story arc have made everything better.

The comic is actually a stealth critique of the BDSM lifestyle.
Objectively, the only thing that stops a Dom-Sub relationship from being genuine chattel slavery is the fact that it's consensual on the part of the Sub, and the Sub can technically put a stop to it at any time. You can be ordered around, beaten, or otherwise degraded, but you can always say the Safe Word and end it if it becomes uncomfortable. If the Dom doesn't obey, however, you're no longer in a relationship but are now the victim of a depraved sadist. It's a fine line, dependent on a mere handful of factors, and it doesn't take much to push the relationship over the cliff. Nearly every Dominant character in the comic has already gone over that cliff. It could be argued that the entire BDSM-centered society as a whole has already become an abusive Dom that wants to impose its will on its Subs, Safe Word be damned.

One's sexual preferences dictate the kind of magic one has access to
BSDM is simply the most well-documented; doms get elemental superpowers and subs get Barrier Maiden ones. But what about asexuals? Probably Anti-Magic (sex is meh) or necromancy (sex is unnatural, disgusting, and/or terrifying, like a moving corpse). Non-BDSM sexuals might get different powers based off their fetishes.
  • Vorephilia would obviously be a Cannibalism Superpower. Guro would be a super dark version of normal dom powers. Blood play, obviously, would be vampirism.

Michael's plan would have resulted in the Apocalypse
  • Black obviously never read the The Angel in the Computer trilogy. The "angels" feed by separating someone from their souls and slowly devouring it over the course of eternity. The Empty Shell left over becomes a psychopath. His plan would have resulted in an "All You Can Eat!" buffet for them, and a world populated entirely by Complete Monsters.


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