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Planetbase is a Space-Management Game from Madruga Works, released for PC in 2014. It was later ported to Xbox One in 2017 and to Playstation 4 in 2018.

In it, you build bases on several different worlds, from a desert planet to a storm planet. You're given five different types of colonists, each with their own roles in the base:

  • Worker- Work in the mines and refines raw materials into basic materials. Basically, heavy labor.
  • Engineer- Constructs the domes and other structures of the base, and refines materials into goods.
  • Biologist- Performs maintenance on plants and other food-producing tools in the base.
  • Medic- Treats other colonists for illnesses, injuries, and other maladies. Also creates more healing-kits from materials.
  • Guards- Monitors the base and kills intruders looking to sabotage your base.

Your base can also build (or purchase) bots who perform specific duties, taking some of the workload off your colonists so they can focus on jobs only a human can do


  • Carrier Bot- Lifts and transports materials to where they are needed. Moves faster than having a colonist transport it.
  • Constructor Bot- Constructs and maintains structures for Engineers. Faster at building.
  • Driller Bot- Works in the mines. Extracts ore faster and does not risk injury like workers will.

With these and the materials you arrive at the planet with, you are tasked with building a base that will sustain itself and all the colonists living in it.


Planetbase provides examples of:

  • Deadly Dust Storm: One of the most frequent hazards.
  • Death from Above: A hazard found on most planets is meteor strikes. And the storm planet has lightning, which can be even worse.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The colonists each have certain colors on their space suits so you can tell what someone is from looking at them.
    • Worker- Blue
    • Engineer- Orange
    • Biologist- Green
    • Medic- Red
    • Guard- Black
    • Visitor/Intruder- Purple (They look alike until guards either identify them or they open fire)
  • Improvised Lightning Rod: The storm planet allows you to construct lightning rods. It's definitely advisable to do so, as lightning occurs even more frequently than meteor strikes.
  • Interface Spoiler: It's rather easy to tell for yourself if a ship that just landed is dumping intruders on you. A Colony ship dropping off "Visitors"? A Visitor ship where the "visitors" have no needs to fulfil?
  • The Power of the Sun: You'll need to construct solar panels to power your colony.
  • Solar Flare Disaster: A regular event on planets with little or no atmosphere. Best keep your colonists in-doors during one unless you want to give them a radiation bath. It doesn't set the planet towards disaster unlike most examples of this trope, but it certainly can be a disaster for the survival of your base.
  • Wind Turbine Power: Your secondary source of power, next to solar.
  • You Require More Vespene Gas: A core-aspect of the game. Base materials are Bioplastic and Metal, which are made from starch (gotten from certain plants) and mined ore respectively. Water, power, and food also have to be provided continually to keep the base running properly... things will fall apart very fast when any of the three are in short-supply.


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