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Video Game / Edge (1993)

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Kikumaru vs. the first boss.
Edge is a side-scrolling Beat 'em Up created in 1993 by Technical Group Laboratory (TGL, creators of Advanced V.G. and Sword Dancer) for the PC-98 computer. This game is one of the only true Beat'em up games on this computer, along with Night Slave.

Sometime in the 22nd Century, a giant magnetic wave has devastated most of Asia and Europe, the governments have dissolved, chaos and anarchy reigns...until powerful Megacorporations arise to take control of what's left, by restoring most of the affected zones and building Space Stations...and two Megacorporations stood out among the others: the first one, PHATTY, establishes on Hong Kong; and the second, Tenkai, controls Tokyo. PHATTY and Tenkai were being at odds with each other in a regular basis, but when Tenkai stole something very secret from PHATTY, the two were about to go on a full-scale war. With disastrous consequences for the very few good people that is being oppresed.

Enter Kikumaru Sakakibara, a martial artist with proficiency in the staff, who was relaxing in his house when a Femme Fatale named Rim enters and persuades Kikumaru to join her group so they can find the secret that was stolen from PHATTY. With that secret, they should be able to bring the two Megacorporations down at once. So Kikumaru accepts the offer and enters a partnership with Rim to destroy the two corrupt governments.

If you want to play, be warned that this game contains some mild nudity.

Edge provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Femme Fatale Rim, who fights with two swords as her weapons of choice.
  • Badass in Distress: Rim gets captured after the leader of Tenkai gets killed, and the next level has you infiltrate the headquarters of PHATTY to rescue her. She's not playable until after you rescue her.
  • Bait-and-Switch: After the murder of the Tenkai boss and Rim's kidnapping by Sumomo, you would expect that his bodyguard, Yukikaze, would be playable for the next level (specially after beating him as a boss). But that's not the case here, you have to go through the next level solo.
  • Big Bad: Tenkai, leader of the eponymous Megacorp (until his death at the hands of Sumomo and her henchmen to become the Final Boss).
  • Blocking Stops All Damage: A rarity for a Beat'em up, with a dedicated Block button. You can even dash and block some attacks.
  • Cast from Hit Points: As with all Beat'em ups, pressing Attack+Block at the same time with execute a crowd control move, draining a bit of health.
  • Classic Cheat Code: There's a cheat code to select your starting level (for the curious, press Shift, X, and Z keys while selecting CONFIG in the Title Screen), but your life bar's length will have only the starting amount. And the Final Boss does have all of the maximum life bar. Good luck with that!
  • Continuing is Painful: You only have one life, and if you die you have to retry the stage again, even if you lose a boss battle.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Some bosses can be defeated without losing too much health by blocking at the exact time and then attacking rapidly, but since the special crowd control move also involves those two buttons...
  • Easy Levels, Hard Bosses: Although the levels are not too difficult, the bosses are, because of the mechanics of the Life Meter. There're very few Bottomless Pits in all the whole game.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Sumomo's One-Winged Angel form after absorbing the EDGE.
  • Leg Focus: In the opening cutscene, Rim is dressed in a purple coat while she's teasing Kikumaru, and the camera ''starts'' in her legs. This extends to Rim's sprite, with her Leotard of Power battle outfit.
  • Life Meter: At the start of the game, you only start with a small life bar and the only way to increase it is by finding Health Canisters inside floating machines Contra-style.