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  • Acting for Two:
    • In the earlier days, it was not uncommon for the secondary cast (Dorothy, Henry, Captain Feathersword and Wags) to be played by one of the four main Wiggles during shows.
  • Actor Allusion: When Barry Williams guest-starred in "Santa's Rockin!", when Anthony came to greet Greg, they both responded, a nod to Williams' role as Greg Brady.
  • Ascended Fangirl: Emma was a fan of the Wiggles as a little girl (saying the Yellow Wiggle was her favorite) before she herself became the new Yellow Wiggle.
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  • Big Name Fan: Many. Among the celebrities the band can list as fans are John Travolta, Robert de Niro, James Hetfield and many more. Most notable however is probably NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal who actually performed on stage with the band.
  • Breakout Character: Dorothy the Dinosaur - to the point where she got her own spinoff.
    • Emma and Lachy (the current Yellow and Purple Wiggles) also count as this, as they have spin-offs, Emma! and Lachy!
  • Career Ending Illness: The main reason for Jeff's retirement was due to a heart condition that prevented him from continuing to tour. Considering he found out about this illness after he ended up driving off the road following a blackout that was the result of his heart literally stopping for a few seconds, absolutely no one can blame him for this decision.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: The Wiggles are basically a kid-friendly version of Kiss when it comes to merchandise.
    • Coincidentally, both bands happen to have recorded albums with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
  • Colbert Bump: The Wiggles' rise to fame in America was, in part, thanks to Barney. Lyrick Studios, who created the purple dinosaur, put song clips as trailers on Barney videos and the band was the intermission act for the "Barney's Musical Castle" live tour.
    • Clips of The Wiggles also appeared on Mister Moose's Fun Time (a spinoff of The All New Captain Kangaroo that aired on what was then Fox Family), providing their first American TV appearance.
    • Averted when the 2020 bushfire relief gigs got a mention from none other than Stephen Colbert himself; by that point, both shows had sold out, and VOD sales were already going strong.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Anthony directed both Hot Poppin' Popcorn and Surfer Jeff. Typically, his brother, Paul Field, who also acts as the group's manager, handles direction for the group's videos.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Emma, who's a natural blonde, dyed her hair red when she officially became a Wiggle.
  • Executive Meddling: Though the group had released VHS tapes, CDs and cassettes through The ABC with no complaint, when the group filmed the pilot for the television show for the ABC in the mid-90s the powers insisted that the group drop their skivvies in favour of caps and shorts, among other things. Naturally, the group dropped the pilot due to "irreconcilable artistic differences" and funded their own TV show through profits made from live shows and The Merch. They eventually sold the show to the Seven Network, but seeing their newfound success, the ABC was all-too-happy to screen their programmes later on.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The band's entire 90s video output (excluding the well-known 1998 versions of Wiggle Time and Yummy Yummy, Wiggly Wiggly Christmas and Toot Toot!'s 1999 re-edit) were given this treatment for a long time. There was even a video that was once released in 1999, but to a hospital rather than in shops. Since 2018, The Wiggles have started to upload all of the Greg-era Wiggles videos onto YouTube in parts, thus averting this.
    • The original version of the Wiggles' first TV series (as shown on the Seven Network) is notable for the "Kaz The Cat" puppet segments (which were replaced with a segment involving Dorothy visiting a playgroup in later airings and DVD releases). Also originally, GMTV in the United Kingdom wanted 18 minutes for TV Series 2 whereas ABC wanted 11 minutes for TV Series 3, 4, 5, and 6. Nowadays, all pre-2013 episodes last 22 minutes because they needed to match the ones from their first TV series.
      • In the original version of The Wiggles' second TV Series (as shown on GMTV in the UK) there might have been deleted scenes used in each episode of The Wiggles' second television series when they were on GMTV in the UK lasting 18 minutes, including The Wiggles Big Show film clips.
      • There might have been over 40 or 50 segments that did not appear in any of the Series 3 episodes, including this one, although they did on ABC in Australia.
    • If, for whatever reason, you want to watch Greg collapse at the first bush fire relief gig, you're going to have to go to unofficial channels. The official VOD version ends the concert before he leaves the stage.
    • All of the albums featuring Sam as the lead singer (albums where he provided backing vocals are obviously still available) are absent from streaming services. As such, if you want to listen to them you'll have to either purchase them online or listen to them on YouTube.
    • None of the Wiggles' television specials that appeared on the Australian Disney Channel, apart from the first one in 1998 (The Wiggles in Disneyland), have surfaced, as of 2020. Also, despite the specials running 60 minutes, the non-pay TV networks such as Seven Network actually wanted 45 minute timeslots for the specials instead, removing some scenes that were deemed unnecessary in the process.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Downplayed: while fans don't generally call You Make Me Feel Like Dancing the Wiggles' best album ever, it is easily the fan favourite of the Sam era. The Wiggles, however, have relegated it to the realm of Old Shame with the rest of Sam's (main) oeuvre.
  • Missing Episode: The band appeared in the Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2001. They were in two episodes but both of these have almost completely vanished, with only a couple of screenshots surviving.
  • No Budget: For a group - and brand - that has become one of Australia's biggest (and richest) exports, it may shock some to see that in 1992, Dorothy the Dinosaur looked like this and in 1995, the Big Red Car looked like this.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Anthony's deep vocals that he'd do onscreen were actually performed by Simon. In reality, Anthony does very little in the way of singing.
  • One Head Shorter: Emma is this to her band mates. The next tallest just happens to be Lachy, her ex-husband.
    • The current Little Wiggles lineup, however, actually has Emma's child actress taller than the rest by at least an inch.
    • Jeff was dwarfed by all of his bandmates, most notably the 6'4" Greg, who's the tallest Wiggle of them all.
  • Old Shame: Due to the negative feedback the Wiggle Puppets received due to them frightening children, the band definitely see them as this.
    • All of their work with Rolf Harris has been officially removed from their discography following his trial and conviction for child sex offences. Needless to say, you'll never see the band acknowledge him again.
    • The omission of the Sam era albums from the digital re-up in 2019 reads as that era being this trope to the brand.
  • The Other Darrin: The Wiggles' sixth TV series, Wiggle & Learn, was produced in 2008, when Sam had replaced Greg. Sam does turn up as a background dancer in some of the earlier series' episodes, though, and even takes on larger non-Wiggle roles (such as Professor Singalottasonga).
    • The Other Marty: Subverted. While the current Wiggles lineup (Emma, Simon, Lachy, and Anthony) have re-done music videos that featured the 2012 lineup to include the current cast, there has been no attempt to hide the original versions, even keeping them alongside the newer versions on their YouTube channel.
  • The Pete Best: Phillip Wilcher, the other original member, who played on their first album in 1991 and was in two early music videos with the band. He left (or was kicked out, depending on whom you ask) the next year, and went on to a successful career in classical music. Phillip was effectively unpersonned from the group, with the first album later re-recorded. He had no color-coding, as he left before the group adopted their trademark shirts.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: In 2012, an article about an supposed 20th anniversary box set dedicated to their 90s output popped up on Wigglepedia. While this could be seen as a Wiggles fan's dream box set nowadays, Wigglepedia's messy state back then lead into people believing it was true.
  • Real-Life Relative: Because many of the performers and crew have families, some of their children or other relatives might appear.
  • Reclusive Artist: Sam, who is on Twitter and Instagram but doesn't post much, and Jeff, who is completely absent from social media. Averted with the new Wiggles, Murray, Greg, and Anthony, who are all active (to varying degrees) on social medianote .
  • Recycled Script: Dorothy and Wags have been married (or at least played in a pretend wedding) a total of three times.
  • Romance on the Set: Of Dorothy the Dinosaur, between Sam (the yellow Wiggle from 2006-2012) and Lyn Stuckey, Dorothy's former suit actress (now his wife).
    • Lachy and Emma, the current Purple and Yellow Wiggles, though they have since split up and become Amicable Exes.
    • Emma and Oliver "Ollie" Brian, one of the Wiggles' guitarists.
    • Simon is married to Lauren Hannaford, who is the current suit actress of Dorothy the Dinosaur.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Jett Fatt said that Anthony was going to be the Wiggle that had the sleeping habit. Jeff later became the one who would fall asleep as he is somewhat shy with kids.
    • According to Greg Page, had Murray and Jeff decided to stay after 2012, Simon would've become the new Yellow Wiggle after Sam. In 2020, we got a taste of what that could have been like.
    • In 2012, had Anthony chose to depart the Wiggles with Greg, Murray, and Jeff when they decided to retire, Nick Hutchinson would've been in line to replace Field as the new Blue Wiggle. Hutchinson was previously associated with the group as a background dancer, acrobat, and occasional actor.
    • Getting Strong! was originally written and recorded with Greg in 2006, as the first part of a three-part video series called Wiggle & Learn. However, after Greg's retirement, it had to be re-recorded and reshot with Sam as the Yellow Wiggle. This also resulted in the planned video series getting cut short at that one, with whatever material written for the following two videos being repurposed for the Wiggle & Learn TV Series.
    • A 2D-animated special called Wiggles in Wonderland was set to be released sometime during the Sam era. However, the project was later abandoned and then completely canceled, with the only known footage of it being an render test from animator Matt Diks.
    • In 1998, The Wiggles used three songs each from the overseas version of their Big Show concert for the Wiggle Time video re-issue, as well as for their television series, but a year later, the complete live recording became a television special of its own, airing on the Australian Disney Channel, as revealed on YouTube in 2020.
  • The Wiki Rule: Wigglepedia.
  • Write What You Know: Dorothy was created by Murray as he found out the kids in the preschool class he was teaching liked dinosaurs. Similarly, Henry, the Captain and Wags were made due to the other Wiggles learning that kids were fascinated with marine life, pirates and dogs.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Simon had played various roles in Wiggles productions before officially taking over as the Red Wiggle, most notably as Ringo the Ringmaster.
    • In one Network Wiggles episode, Alfonso Rinaldi who appeared in a Music with Murray segment was in his street clothing rather than his chef outfit. The same thing also happened in another segment, which although was used only for ABC airings, as well as the Wiggle Time American DVD release.
    • During Sam's first Wiggles video, "Wiggledancing! Live in Concert", there have been some familiar-looking audience members in the first row as listed.
      • Miki Field (Anthony's wife)
      • Lucia Field (Anthony's daughter, who gives a rose to Dorothy)
      • Maria Field (Anthony's baby daughter)
      • Carla Field (Anthony's niece)
      • Jacqueline Field (Carla's mum and Dorothy's 2002-2005 voice actress)


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