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  • At the end of "Wake Up Jeff/Wake Up Lachy", the titular Wiggle usually delivers this prime example of someone Comically Missing the Point:
    Jeff/Lachy: Can you keep that noise down? I'm trying to sleep!
    • Speaking of "Wake Up Jeff", a song introduction from the third TV series has Captain Feathersword telling Jeff to fall asleep so that they can sing the song.
  • Most of these bloopers from Series 4, but especially the last one.
    Greg, Murray and Anthony: Mmm, yum cha!
    All 4 Wiggles: laughing uncontrollably
  • Whenever Captain Feathersword does impressions of other artists at a Wiggles concert, it's guaranteed to be full of parental bonuses. Such highlights include CF impersonating Eminem, Metallica, MC Hammer, and many others.
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  • Greg being Hopeless with Tech in the 2017 "Go Santa Go" video. He apparently doesn't even own a cellphone, which is particularly funny when even Captain Feathersword is seen using one.
    Anthony: Not to worry, Greg, there are plenty of places in Wiggle Town to park the old horse and chariot. Oh yes, and we've got the lyrics on the stone tablet!
  • Anthony's impression of Tiny Tim in the band's cover of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips".
  • In Space Dancing, Greg checks his "spaceship identification manual" to see what the spaceship that landed outside Wiggle House is. He concludes that it is, in fact... a spaceship.
    "Yeah, it nearly made me forget we're billions of kilometres away from home, on a strange planet, in a spaceship, which is on autopilot and running out of fuel!"
  • During the reunion concert, Jeff falling asleep just before "Wake up, Jeff!" included some pretty funny banter from the rest of the band.
    • Jeff begins Corpsing which gets this exchange between Greg and Murray.
    Murray: Jeff's fast asleep...but he's laughing in his sleep.
    Greg: They call that "sleep laughing", Murray.
    • When Jeff "sleepwalks" to his mark on the stage.
    Greg: Just as we rehearsed it. Jeff is sleepwalking to the centre of the stage!
    • At the end.
    Jeff: Can you keep that noise down? I'm tryin' to sleep!
    Greg: Yeah, well done, Jeff!
    Jeff: MAH NAME'S JEFF!

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