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Trivia / The Return of the Pink Panther

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  • Deleted Role:
    • Julie Andrews filmed a cameo role as a maid removing the unconscious Clouseau from Claudine's room, but her part was edited out.
    • Milton Reid is credited as Japanese Restaurant Owner, but he is nowhere to be seen in the film.
  • Missing Episode: Until June 2017, no boxset of the film series included this film, due to Universal owning the distribution rights at the time. They were all available, but Shout! Factory's release of all the Sellers films marks the first time they've been together, as apparently MGM was able to get the full US distribution rights to the film back from Universal within the past couple years, whereas before, they only held digital distribution rights. Universal still holds UK distribution rights, however, with a UK Blu-ray licensed to and released by British label Fabulous Films.
  • The Other Darrin: David Niven was unavailable to reprise his role as Sir Charles Lytton, so Christopher Plummer took over.
  • Studio Hop: United Artists were keen on another Pink Panther film, but not with Peter Sellers, or Blake Edwards, as their careers had declined. As a result, Lew Grade's company produced the film.
  • Throw It In!: Catherine Schell kept ruining takes because she was laughing so hard at Peter Sellers' antics. In the end, a few of them were left in the final cut.