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  • Colbert Bump: Terraria was an obscure indie game until the Minecraft devs mentioned it on their blog. Sales shot up to the point that it was higher on Steam's bestseller list than Portal 2 for several days.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • In the fallout of the cancellation announcement in 2012, Redigit outright admitted that he never saw Terraria as anything more than "a testing ground" and that his heart was never truly into it. When the fans naturally got pissed by this, he retaliated by refusing to let the new content of the console port be added to the original platform in any way, shape or form.
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    • Elements of the community are angry that there is still not any official mod support but have found various ways to make mods for the game anyway.
    • The dev team seems to hate it when people cook up ways to AFK bosses and events. Whenever someone figures out a way to do such, expect it to be patched out the very next update, and bosses and events have steadily been getting more and more insane in an attempt to prevent AFK farms. Not that it stops people.
    • As a rather positive example, when HERO was streaming 1.3 early, the stream was an utter failure, with HERO prioritizing the creation of a Let's Play over the stream... in the middle of the stream, among other things. After his subsequent meltdowns (including his infamous hour-long rant), Redigit retaliated and forced him to stop streaming 1.3 immediately. While it didn't stop HERO from continuing to rampage across Twitch and Reddit, the official subreddit took care of that for the devs.
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  • Creator's Pest: Re-Logic isn't terribly fond of Ocram as a boss, believing that he's neither a good fit for the game nor a particularly interesting boss fight. As such, they removed him from the console version when it was updated to 1.3 and plan to do the same for the mobile version, establishing the Moon Lord as the real True Final Boss.
  • Defictionalization: The Yoyos introduced in 1.3 are based on real yoyos by One Drop, except the Terrarian... until One Drop made an actual yoyo based on it. One year later, the in-game yoyo Kraken received the same treatment.
  • Development Gag: The different backgrounds of the Celestial Towers' fights, when ordered in a certain waynote , reveal that the moon is getting dangerously close to the world surface. The moon was initially going to be a boss that used the theme of the Celestial Towers.
  • Dueling Games:
    • Subverted. A lot of people look on this game as "Minecraft In 2-D", but the only actual similarities are the block built worlds and the randomly generated open worlds. After that the game is basically a love letter to the 2-D era of gaming, using simple but bright and fantastic aesthetics, silly and over the top weaponry, and mythical enemies that drop magical items, where Minecraft has a focus on building and working.
    • There's also traces of this with Starbound and in this manner there is a bit more, due to them sharing similar mechanics leading some to proclaim Starbound is just Terraria In Space.
  • Easter Egg:
    • Instead of quacking, ducks have an extremely low chance to instead play the sound of Redigit saying "quack."
    • The Last Prism's lasers change to different colors depending on your character's name. Most of these names are beta testers for 1.3 who worked in secret before its release. This is how the official subreddit busted moderator Aeroblop's secret - he was part of the testing team, and so characters with his name shoot blue lasers with the Last Prism.
  • Fandom Nod: In Steam's card collection, the Wyvern card has this note: "The reason your floating city is a ghost town". This is a nod to the fact that many players have wanted to build a city near space, but due to the Wyvern's habit of killing almost everything up there and being near impossible to prevent spawning, it would end up killing everything up there.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Commieblocks" or "noobcoobs" are player-built houses that just look like a pile of boxes.
    • "NPC Dungeon" is used in reference to a series of noobcubes away from the main base used specifically to get a lot of NPCs to move in quickly without causing a massive eyesore at where your main base is.
  • He Also Did: Yes, believe it or not, this game was made by the same guy who made Super Mario Bros. X.
  • Jossed: Some fans believe the guide to be the Wall of Flesh. If the Steam trading cards are to be believed, then it's a different entity all together.
  • Nerf:
    • Each new patch seems to do this to at least one item. So far, the Aqua Scepter, Molten Armor, Phoenix Blaster, Muramasa, Rocket Boots, Spectre Armor, Rod of Discord, Star Cannon and Vampire Knives have all been brought down to size. A few of these proved so unpopular they were subsequently reversed or replaced — the Star Cannon had its high fire rate restored, while the Wings, when worn along with the Rocket Boots, allow for much higher vertical flight combined with negation of fall damage. The Spectre Armor and the Vampire Knives were notably nerfed because of their Life Drain properties.
    • One that is actually a blessing in disguise is the Hamdrax being reduced to the Drax, removing its hammer capabilities. This makes it much more useful for removing indoor bricks without also removing the back wall.
    • Interestingly, nerfs the spread of Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow in Hardmode.
    • As of the devs attempted to nerf the Dungeon Guardian by lowering its attack from 9000 to 1000. The first time it didn't work, but the second time (1.2.3) they fixed it. The reason for this was because of the Turtle Armor, which damages the Dungeon Guardian for exactly the same amount of damage dealt.
  • Teasing Creator: Redigit loves posting teasers of bigger updates, it seems.
    • Redigit was really teasing when he uploaded this video on April 1st, leaving people wondering if it's true or an elaborate April Fools Joke (it turned out to be true).
  • What Could Have Been: The theme used for the Celestial Towers was initially going to be for a singular fight against something only known as a "Lunar Boss." Said Lunar Boss used to be the moon itself descending on the world, but was eventually changed at least twice (once to another boss, and then again to the Celestial Towers.) The backgrounds of the different Towers reflect this stage in development - see Development Gag above.
    • Two Soul Eater weapons and what was supposed to be a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo of the Frostmourne, the Icemourne, were implemented in 1.1, but gutted at the last minute due to copyright concerns. An update during 1.2 turned them into normal items, but during that time using them tended to result in unwanted Angel Statues.
    • Granite Elementals used to spawn in numbers, but have since been reduced to one per world at a time. Why so is not known, though Conservation of Ninjutsu could be a possibility.
    • Terraria: Otherworld itself was cancelled as the team considered that its development was excessively time and resource-consuming without much progress.
  • The Wiki Rule: This way.


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