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Terraria is filled with amazing chiptune like soundtracks and Scott Lloyd Shelly has three volumes worth of it up for purchase. The Terraria Soundtrack covers tracks from release up to 1.1. Terraria Soundtrack Volume 2 contains tracks released in the 1.2 update while Terraria Soundtrack Volume 3 includes tracks from 1.2.1 to

  • The Overworld theme is very calming and gives the sense of a new adventure, while the Night theme is slightly more foreboding and capitalizes more on the dangers that lurk in the darkness.
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  • The theme of the Corruption definitely screams "evil wasteland".
  • Every boss theme qualifies.
    • Boss 1, the theme of the pre 1.1 bosses, Skeletron Prime, and Duke Fishron, is extremely fast-paced and is very fitting of the confrontation that is your first boss fight.
    • Boss 2, the them of the Wall of Flesh and The Twins, is incredibly intense and outright frightening, fitting for the resident Disc-One Final Boss and Dual Boss respectively.
    • Boss 3, the soundtrack for The Destroyer and the Brain of Cthulhu is rather slow for a fast paced boss fight, but it's pretty damn menacing and even oppressive with its heavy emphasis on percussion and foreboding nature.
    • Boss 4 (console version) / 5 (PC version). Rather than exciting, it's sinister and terrifying, and is used while fighting the Eye of Cthulhu and Ocram (in the console version) or Queen Bee (in the PC version).
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  • The theme of the Blood Moon and Meteorite, appropriately titled "Eerie". It gives a sense of danger and a feeling that you really shouldn't be here.
  • Both the underground hallow and corruption tracks are essentially a combination of the corresponding biomes theme with the cave theme.
  • The Jungle theme, which was used to showcase the Alchemy in the 1.0.5 trailer and the new home design options in the 1.1 trailer.
  • The (overground) Hallow theme, rather calm while you're being slaughtered by Pixies and Unicorns.
  • The Overworld Day theme is rather calm and upbeat. Alternate Day is just as upbeat, if a little longer.
  • Both the Underground and Alternate Underground themes are fun to listen to, the alternate track in particular sounds more mysterious.
  • 1.2's Ocean theme is so quaint and beautiful while you're getting killed by pre-Hardmode's strongest non-boss enemy.
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  • The Plantera boss music has guitar riffs in it. Considering most of the music in the game is chiptune, this makes it instantly epic. Bonus points because Redigit's girlfriend loves the Groove Metal band Pantera and the song itself sounds like metal.
  • The mushroom theme is insanely psychedelic and catchy.
  • The Pumpkin Moon theme is filled with xylophone-sounding chiptune and appropriately spooky effects to make it great to listen to while being slaughtered by giant floating pumpkins.
  • The Frost Moon theme combines rock with typical Christmas music, creating an awesome package of epicness that plays while you try and beat the insanely difficult enemies that spawn during the event.
  • The Underground Snow theme (Surface Snow in console/mobile versions) is a nice and calm tune to listen to while mining through pretty caves of snow and ice.
  • The surface Ice track that plays in the PC version is appropriately slow and crystalline.
  • The theme that plays for Golem and the Lunatic Cultist is extremely fast-paced and intense, even though the volume could use a boost.
  • The Solar Eclipse theme is an intense, eerie piece and gives out a creepy undertone to the Solar Eclipse event. (Which contains many horror related enemies already.)
  • The Martian Madness event music is an eerie and alien-sounding tune that fits the army of Martians and their machines invading the world.
  • The Lunar Event theme plays against the Celestial Towers and it's a really terrifying and fitting event theme.
  • The Moon Lord theme which plays against the Final Boss. It really captures the essence, terror and urgency of the epic fight.
  • In 1.3, both the Goblin Army and the Pirate Invasion get their very own tracks, with the Goblins having a fittingly quirky (and surprisingly oppressive) theme and the Pirates having an appropriately nautical-sounding track.
  • The Underworld theme in 1.3 is scary and sinister, and fits the sudden appearance.
  • In contrast to the Corruption theme which is evil sounding, the Crimson is just straight up dark and brutal. The Underground Crimson is even more creepy and demented although it gets slightly more upbeat throughout.
  • Some of the Console/Mobile exclusive tracks need some attention such as the Tutorial or the unique variations of the Ocean and Space theme. What probably stands out in particular is a more orchestral reprise of the Title theme extended with a sinister undertone.
  • 1.3.3 introduces the Sandstorm theme. It's noisier and faster than the regular desert theme and represents the shifting wind and low vision along with the unique enemies that spawn in those conditions.
  • In 1.3.4, the Old One's Army provides us with a Terraria styled remix of the Dungeon Defenders II theme, it's easily one of the most climactic themes in the game and a little more upbeat than other themes of bosses or events. In kind, the "Forest Biome" map in Dungeon Defenders II gets its own Terraria inspired themes by Afshin Cohen, the build phase music is a very slow and orchestrated version of Overworld Day, perfect as you're exploring the map for the first time and taking in how they've translated the content into a 3D world. Once you (and the other players) are ready, the combat phase brings in a very sinister version of the Lunar Towers theme, inter-spaced with a bit of the Dungeon Defenders II combat theme here and there.


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