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The developers of Terraria have put a considerable amount of nods to other works and pop culture. Here, we list all of those Shout Outs we have managed to discover in the game:

Title bar references



  • The Zapinator, a debugging weapon on PC and a 3DS-version exclusive, is quite blatantly the orange NES Zapper that is famously used for Duck Hunt. It was Dummied Out for a time on the PC version, until it was re-introduced in 1.4 as an obtainable weapon, alongside the initial-release gray version found pre-Hardmode.
  • The Ancient Cobalt Armor (the original 1.0 Cobalt Armor) and the current 1.1 Cobalt Armor bears a resemblance to Mega Man's armor.
  • Related to above, 1.3 added the Charged Blaster Cannon which, just like Mega Man's, can be used to fire quick shots or charged up for a stronger attack.
  • The Phaseblade, a mid-tier sword, and its higher-tier upgrade the Phasesaber, are very reminiscent of lightsabers.
  • The 1.0.5 update introduced Vanity slots, allowing players to wear decorative outfits over their armor. The items included with its introduction includes...
  • Speaking of Quote, the Xenopopper ranged weapon from the Martian Madness event behaves almost exactly like the Bubbler gun at level 3.
  • 1.2.1 added a Guy Fawkes Mask.
  • The Pirate Captain sells a rather interesting set of pirate clothes.
  • Depending on the fan you're talking to, the Bunny Hood is either Frank's mask or Link's.
  • The description of the Grappling Hook says "Get over here!"
  • The Breaker Blade looks identical to Clouds's Buster sword, complete with Materia embedded in the handle. It's even more hilariously huge than Cloud's one too.
  • The True Excalibur, introduced in the Big 1.2 Update, shoots sword beams when swung, rather like another incarnation of the legendary sword.
  • The four weapons used to create the Night's Edge (Muramasa, Light's Bane, Fiery Greatsword, and Blade of Grass) are blue, purple, red, and green respectively. Just like the tunics of a certain split-up hero.
  • The Flower of Fire allows the players to shoot bouncing fireballs like a certain famous plumber. Ditto for the Flower of Frost.
  • Sniff around in the Jungle, and you might find MY BOOMSTICK!!!
  • One of the newest and best grappling hooks in the game is the Web Slinger. It lets you shoot lines of sticky web out of your hand.
  • 1.2 provides us with a Hammush.
  • The Heat Ray's description simply reads "Oolaa!"
  • The paladins in the hardmode dungeon constantly throw ethereal hammers at you and you can use it as well if it drops it. This may be a reference to Diablo II where one of the skills a paladin can learn is the Blessed Hammer that summons similar, spinning hammers. Combined with the Concentration offensive aura, this spawned a popular character build known as the hammerdin.
  • The Stardust wings bear resemblance to the wings of various Archangels.
  • One of the weapons that can be dropped in the Dungeon in Hard Mode is a Keyblade- Ahem, sorry Keybrand. It's baically the Kingdom Key without the chain.
  • The Pwnhammer is a reference to Redigit's previous game, Super Mario Bros. X in which the Pwnhammer was a series of levels based on Super Metroid.
  • The Magnet Sphere fires a large ball of energy that travels slowly forward, zapping any nearby enemies with energy rays, in a manner reminiscent of Quake II's BFG, sans the explosion when the orb hits a wall. It could also reference the Shocking Orbs skill used by the Embermage in which they cast a large ball of electricity that slowly travels along, zapping nearby enemies.
  • If you open the Crimson Chest in the Dungeon, you get Vampire Knives, a reference to knife-throwing, vampire-serving maid Sakuya of Touhou (the knifes are even fired in a pattern that resembles Sakuya's danmaku pattern!)
    • Doubles as a reference to a certain other vampire infamous for throwing knives (the obvious reason being that Sakuya herself is a JoJo reference).
  • Terrarian homes can now be constructed of Rich Mahogany.
  • Of the many in-game paintings that can be placed. One called "Jacking Skeletron" resembles a scene from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
    • Another painting is similar looking to the famous Edvard Munch painting The Scream.
    • Another painting found is a portrait of the Mechanic and Goblin Tinkerer called Terrarian Gothic.
  • The game introduced two new weapons with the Halloween Update. The Bladed Glove and the Bloody Machete.
  • The costumes in the Halloween Update include:
  • One of the daily fish the Angler will send you to catch is a Clownfish. He says that it was frantically looking for a lost relative.
    • The Angler claims to have heard of the Dirt Fish from a "funny-talking zombie" who said the fish could "suffocate ten blokes his size". Making this shout-out even darker is the fact that the Dirt Fish is similar to a Stingray, the species of fish that killed Irwin.
  • 1.2.4 seems to be an update themed around Pixel Piracy from weapons like the Falcon Blade from crates and more pirate themed items up to and including the pirate staff that summons tiny pirates to fight for you... which crap on the floor like the game they reference...
    • 1.3 made it that even the Pirate NPC will crap on the floor as well.
  • Re-Logic/505 Games seems to like Worms as the land mine bought from the Demolitionist after defeating Plantera have a similar look to the mines from Worms 2 and onward with its green camo and Big Red Button on top.
    • In the mobile and 3DS version, players can craft the Holy Hand Grenade which, predictably, produces a massive explosion and damage to go with it.
    • Also in the mobile and 3DS version, players can find the suspicious looking apple which summons a pet worm that follows you. It even utters random context sensitive quotes straight from the games. Dying with the pet following you even causes the Instant Gravestone to be a stone worm. Another pet, bought from the Clothier, is the Old Woman which, thankfully, doesn't explode.
  • As of version 1.3, one of the endgame armors you can craft is the Stardust Armor. Wearing the full set allows you to summon a guardian that has more than a passing resemblance to Jotaro Kujo's Stand, Star Platinum. The Journey's End update to it made it even more obvious.
    Loki: "Stardust Guardian now has a more much vigorous and aggressive attack, and he will attack automatically without prompting. All resemblance to a certain anime is purely coincidental."
  • The Meowmere fires out cats with rainbow trails, ala Nyan Cat. The Journey's End update adds the Meowmere Minecart, which basically allows you to ride the Nyan Cat.
  • The Arkhalis, a very rare sword that can be found in enchanted sword shrines, is the Valmanway in all but the name. Its tooltip, 'I didn't get this off of a Schmoo', pushes the shout out even farther by referencing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Explanation 
  • In version 1.3, the Traveling Merchant started selling paintings, including one of the Moon Lord. The title of that painting? Not a Kid, nor a Squid
    • Another reference could be the Paint Gun that the Painter uses when defending himself, it can shoot all of the possible team colors in Splatoon (along with red, which doesn't show up in Splatoon for good reason).
  • A number of the Yoyo-class weapons in 1.3 are named after the ones manufactured by the company One Drop, and even possess the company's insignia in their tooltip.
  • The description for the buff granted by piloting an UFO says "It's a good thing you had a Mac"
  • The Moon Lord will drop the Portal Gun. If beaten on Expert, he'll also drop an accessory which allows the player to reverse gravity but only when touching a platform, akin to VVVVVV.
    • The fact that the Moon Lord drops the Portal Gun may be a reference to Portal 2 Spoilers 
    • The 1.3.1 update adds the Portal Gun Station (Similar to the rotating pedestals from the first game that held the two portal guns) and the Companion Cube Pet.
      • There is an easter egg involving said Companion Cube. If the cube happens to fall into lava, it will emit the Lunatic Cultist's death sound. If it is submerged long enough in the lava, It will also play the Moon Lord's death sound. Both of those reference the fact it was tossed into the incinerator in the first game. If you are in a dark enough area, It will damage you, A reference to GLaDOS' reassuring message about how it will never threaten to stab you.
  • The Brain Suckler's banner is called "Nebula Headcrab Banner". Considering what they do, it's a pretty apt comparison.
  • Finding a jar of Tartar Sauce in a crate lets you summon a mini minotaur as a pet.
  • There is a lot of discussion on Last Prism's origin, as it could be either from:
  • The descriptions for the the Wedding Veil and Wedding Dress, dropped from The Bride, have the descriptions "Mawwiage..." and "Wuv... twue wuv..." respectively, from the priest's speech in The Princess Bride.
  • The helmet-and-goggles vanity hat that the Mechanic sells looks very similar to those worn by the Engineer from Team Fortress 2.
  • Introduced in 1.4 are all of the following:
    • The Traveling Merchant will sometimes sell you the Sergeant United Shield, a weapon similar to the Light Disc. Its tooltip? "I can do this all day."
    • Water Chests found in the Ocean can sometimed contain the Shark Bait item, which is used to summon the Shark Pup pet, which has a very close resemblance to the viral Baby Shark music video. The flavor text also reads "Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo", which is some of the lyrics of the song.
    • The Chum Bucket item drops from several Blood Moon enemies you encountered while fishing, and its tooltip is simply "Plankton!"
    • A Magic Conch, although it teleports the user to one of the Oceans rather than telling them to do nothing.
    • The Stellar Tune, a rare drop from the Empress of Light in a similar vein to Plantera's The Axe, might be a reference to the Stellartone brand of tone controls for electric guitars and bass.
    • Another Expert and Master mode exclusive item is added to the Moon Lord's treasure bag: the Celestial Starboard, a wing item that looks like a giant star shaped board that you ride on, and has a glowing trail behind it. Its tooltip simply reads "The more you know", referencing the meme.
    • The Travelling Merchant now has a chance to sell a Pretty Pink set of vanity items, which are a complete replication of Kaname Madoka's magical girl outfit.
  • Chippy's Couch is one to the Terraria-centric content creator ChippysCouch, whose channel name provided the item's namesake. The flavor text "Heeellllllo Terraria enthusiasts!" was even his old Catch Phrase for a time.
  • Since Spike Chunsoft handled the Japanese console ports of the game, they inserted a few exclusive costumes in place of the Nintendo-referencing ones due to copyright reasons. In their place, they added...
    • A Monokuma costume.
    • A Monomi costume.
    • A Shiren costume.
    • A Toro costume, based off of the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan mascot.


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