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    Wall of Flesh 

  • You summon the Wall of Flesh by chucking a voodoo doll of the guide into a pool of lava, and beating it releases the spirits of Light and Darkness. Just what IS the Wall of Flesh?
    • Perhaps more to the point, what does that imply for the Guide that his death releases it?
    • Taken from the WMG page: He is the Wall. He's an Elder God who at first tried to help you. But you, being the terrible person you are, had to destroy his essence.
    • Alternatively, since he suggests summoning the wall, and shows back up as polite as ever afterwards; the Guide/Wall of Flesh was just testing you to see if you were ready for hard mode. With him holding back the spirits until you were.
    • According to 8th Anniversary lore, it is the guardian of the world which serves as its master and core. When it is killed, the ancient spirits of light and dark will be released to expedite the process of finding a new guardian.
    • Also, in the lore, there is an "Order of The Guides". The "Guide = Wall of Flesh" theory would explain why our guide is seemingly omniscient.


    Minishark ammo 

  • How does the Minishark not consume ammo on occasion? Does the Minishark occasionally replicate bullets or something like that?
    • Possibly the gun takes fragments torn off from the inside of the gun? But then the gun would need constant maintenance...
    • Considering this game has more magic than a Harry Potter book, it probably uses a small, not enough to use mana amount of magic.


  • There are less than two dozen friendly people in all of Terraria, but each night you have to fend off countless zombies. Where do they all come from? Where do they find more bodies? What, exactly, happened in this world before the player showed up?
    • Considering that there is pretty much danger in every nook and cranny, and horrible, unearthly things waiting in the shadows, that might be a clue as to what happened before the events of the game began.
    • Confirmed by the 8th Anniversary Lore: the world was ravaged by Cthulhu, and while the Dryads succeeded in driving him off after a massive war, his influence is still present in the world as he recuperates and waits for another chance.
  • Why is it impossible for the player character to craft coins from Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Bars? I know the real reason is that this would completely break the game's money system (yes, there are sources of practically infinite money anyway), but is there an in-universe explanation?
    • Possibly the coins are magic. There's a ton of magical stuff in the game, so it's not too far off. Either that, or the real coins have textures that are near impossible for the player to replicate.
    • I always assumed that, for whatever reason, monsters carry the same legal tender that Non Player Characters accept and buy things with, but your character doesn't have the ability to make counterfeit money. Basically these aren't just lumps of metal, they actually have printed designs, so you can't just "make more" without whatever mold they are cast from.
    • Further question: The mold might be why you can't craft coins, but why is it that an entire bar of a material is worth less than the coin? One gold bar is worth less than a single gold coin, and the same applies to platinum. I understand that it's to make money not stupidly easy to get, but how does it make any sense In-Universe?