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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

In game

  • The simple joy of teamwork. Nothing beats starting with fresh characters in a new world with 3 of your best buddies and taking out the Eye of Cthulhu or Skeletron with low-to-mid tier equipment or going on insane mining excavations searching for everything from glowing mushrooms to gold and jewels to Life Crystals all whilst tackling skeletons, bats, worms, fire imps, wasps, and man eaters, and doing it all together.
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  • Fallen Stars have a very rare chance of falling on enemies for around 1000 damage. That's pretty good. Now imagine that happening when battling the Eye of Cthulhu.
  • Screw teamwork. Any time you defeat one of the Hardmode bosses solo, you'll feel like a badass. Especially the first time, when you don't yet have any of the top equipment that require the bosses' souls to craft.
  • Come back to a normal world when you have that top equipment that requires bosses' souls to craft. Now try fighting the Eye of Cthulhu, something that likely gave you a lot of trouble when you first played. The battle will probably be over in less than 10 seconds. That's right. The basic hard-mode mooks are now a little tougher to kill than a body part of Cthulhu. Proving just how ultimately badass you are for conquering the end-game.
  • The three mechanical bosses can sometimes self-spawn at nightfall note . You get some warning and prep-time, but it might not be enough to get all the stuff you need AND get to the area you'd prepared for the fight against that particular boss. However, if you DO manage to fight the boss when they self-spawn, and win, you'll feel like even more of a Crazy-Prepared badass.
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  • The Mecha Mayhem achievement requires you to beat all three mechanical bosses at the same time. While this can be laughably easy depending on when you choose to do it, it's still badass to take on all three hardmode starting bosses and tear them apart before the night ends.
  • With the new 1.3 update the NPCs now all have the ability to fight. This can lead to such awesome scenes as a siege arriving to get positively decimated by even a small town.
    • The Clothier in particular gets a special mention; he performs magic. That's right, the NPC who doesn't sell anything REMOTELY important to game progression can perform magic to fight; and dark magic at that.
    • Gather your NPCs together and have them fight a pre-Hardmode boss. You'll notice they are quite effective.
  • Managing to get the Skeletron pet, which requires you to defeat the single most powerful non-boss mob in the game.
  • A small Moment of Awesome is had if you're a new player and you make it through to either far side of the world. Even better if you built minecart tracks along the way to get back here easier. You'll feel a little like the first people to build a railroad across America.
  • A bug exists in the game when you hammer a slope, called a hoik. On its own it's useful to enter the Temple early on or ignore blowing up Shadow orbs, but when used correctly it's possible to create things like a functioning computer in Terraria.
    • Hoiks also make fighting the Dungeon Guardian very easy, since they propel you faster than even it can fly, allowing you to run circles around it as you hammer it with ranged weapons.
  • The grand finale is one big symbol of just how ridiculously badass Terraria truly is, as it involves destroying the head Cultist, the four Celestial Pillars, and the Moon Lord in that order. Did you just beat the shit out of Cthulhu's brother and steal the ore contained in his body just for the sake of better armor? Yes, yes you did.
  • A good number of bosses are perfectly defeatable with just the damage inflicted by wired traps and fireworks. Find using weapons beneath you? For a challenge, you can legitimately play the role of a combat engineer/trap master, and defeat bosses without swinging a single sword, shooting off any arrows/bullets, or casting spells - With just your wrench/wirecutters, generous amounts of wiring, and some traps, you can indeed kill bosses without ever directly raising a weapon to them.
  • With some proper preparation and setup, you can fight your way up to the 15th wave of the Pumpkin Moon and the Frost Moon solo. It makes you really feel like a One-Man Army badass doing so, especially if done with the latter.


  • Yrimir, the crowning USER of awesome of Terraria. It's a surprise he still doesn't have a page to himself. So far, he has:
    • Beat the Eater of Worlds, Skeletron, and the Eye of Cthulhu at the same time (Mind you, this was way back when those were the only bosses and they were hard as hell);
    • Defeated King Slime with a Copper Pickaxe, which only does 1 damage per hit to the boss, 2 if critical;
    • Has defeated the Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron, the Eye and The Eater on the first day/night;
    • Has then fought all four bosses pre-1.1 during a Blood Moon with Battle Potions, and won;
    • Created an infinite water farm to refill his ocean (He decided it was a good idea to dump all of it in the Underworld)
    • Managed to defeat the Dungeon Guardian, Which is known to take only 1 damage per hit, has 9999 HP, and does over 1000 damage per hit; And he did it TWICE! (True the second time had the unfortunate two at a time Dungeon Guardian kill, but still...)
    • Beat all three 1.1 hardmode bosses at the same time, something he did without tricks (As in, heart statues)
    • He then defeated (He defeats a lot of bosses, doesn't he?) all pre-1.1 bosses in a Room of Death (As in, a room that has nothing but deadly spikes on its walls)
    • And if that wasn't enough, he defeated every pre-1.1 bosses using only explosives;
    • He also did a Night's Edge speedrun, an Excalibur Speedrun, which later became a Hallow Speedrun. Mind you, both of these were on Hardcore;
    • Then, after beating Skeletron on the first night, he entered the Dungeon with no armor, and came out of it with every item inside, with only 100 hp;
    • He also beat the Destroyer in 18 seconds using the Magical Harp, for a total of 4300 damage per second;
    • Then, he beat the Wall of Flesh with no armor, just a Water Bolt;
    • He also beat all 3 1.1 hardmode bosses with the Frost Legion as a bonus at the same time.
    • That's not all, He also beat TWO bosses on the same first night, Eye of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds to be specific, and tried fighting the Wall of Flesh. From the beginning of the video, it made it clear that he just can't do that.
    • He then killed all the hardmode bosses with The Horseman's Blade.
    • He fought and won against eight Duke Fishrons at the same time. And in a later vid, he fights ten enraged Duke Fishrons... in Expert Mode. He won, of course.
    • He killed the Wall of Flesh on the Second Night, that being the earliest you can kill it.
    • He slayed the Dungeon Guardian on Night Two.
    • He killed another two bosses on the same first night, Queen Bee and Eye of Cthulhu this time
  • The player HERO has just slain the Wall of Flesh in about 23 minutes, one of the fastest speed runs as of February 2015.
  • Special mentions go to the user HappyDays who has built methods for being able to farm any boss, Yes that includes the Dungeon Guardian, by creating structures that let the player go AFK and still kill the boss.
  • This guy beat the Moon Lord on Expert... without using any healing potions in the fight.
  • Defeating the Moon Lord on Expert Mode without taking damage, wearing any equipment, or using any buffs here.
  • Twitch streamer Flare2V knows how to properly punch out Cthulhu: he defeated the Moon Lord on Expert Hardcore Mode, the ultimate Death-or-Glory Attack battle where failure meant the bitter end of his entire run. And then Flare did it again, only this time he bitchslapped Moon Lord to death with the Slap Hand weapon, and got the super yo-yo The Terrarian on top of it all. A massive chunk of Twitch's Terraria community crowded into Flare's stream for the event, including Pedguin, one of the aforementioned Yrimir's few equals.
  • It is possible to beat every boss from Skeletron to Moon Lord (except for Duke Fishron) on hardmode completely automated. From the start of the gauntlet to the end, the player only has to click once, to summon the Golem.
  • You got to give the developers and fandom recognition. The game went from a niche seller to having 1 million copies sold by the time 1.1 came out, over 3 million copies by 1.2, and over 12 million copies by the time 1.3 came out. That's right, 1.2 resparked so much interest in the game that the number of copies sold more then TRIPLED in only two years.
  • A youtuber called Ningishu managed to kill the Wall of Flesh by 3:18 AM on the first night, in expert mode. She had an ironskin potion, no armour, 120 HP, and lots of dynamite.
    • If that wasn't enough, the same YouTuber has also done a hardcore expert summoner playthrough using only summon weaponsnote , with one of the first things she does being getting the Imp staff before even getting any armor without dying. If that wasn't enough, she decided to go for the Mecha Mayhem achievement when she entered hardmodenote  but knew that spiders alone wouldn't cut it. How does she deal with this? By fighting Duke Fishron first to get the tempest staff. While at 340 HP. She wins. She then proceeded to go for Mecha Mayhem while still at 340 HP. Once again, she wins! The results really speak for themselves.
    • On May 7, 2018, Ningishu released a video wherein she killed the Moon Lord in Expert Mode in less than 90 minutes on a randomly generated world without using major glitches such as invincibility or item duplication. The world record at the time, which did make extensive use of such exploits on a seeded world, was just over two hours. The insane amount of fortunate happenstance needed to achieve this required about ten months of attempts, regenerating new worlds and trying again from scratch. Highlights include killing the Wall of Flesh on the first night, and killing Skeletron and all of the Mech Bosses one by one on the second.
  • Youtuber HERO takes the "Do it with a copper shortsword" joke seriously and fights the Eater of Worlds with it. No accessories, no buffs, not even any armor. Just a copper shortsword and an arena. He wins.
  • With a few thousand mechanisms, it's possible to create the shadowplay Touhou "Bad Apple!!" animation in its entirety, as seen here.
  • MappyGaming is another one out there, using complicated wiring setups to achieve the fastest possible speedkills against bosses. When he was told that it should be from when the boss is summoned rather than from when it starts taking damage, he didn't ignore the comments or tell them off, he took it as a challenge and killed every single non-event boss within one to three ticks of them spawning or becoming vulnerable. Yes, this includes the Dungeon Guardian on Expert Mode being killed in a single tick.

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